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Kasparov has killed faith in justice

November 10 2008

Coordinator of the United Civil Front in Nakhodka Tatiana Korchevnaya written statement of withdrawal from the organization, explaining his decision "a total disappointment in the project, its leaders, all who are with them the number of right hands. I'm tired of lies," she said.

In response to a subsequent charge of "inflicting political damage" of the organization by publishing a story about the secret methods of psychological treatment of members of the UCF and some other opposition movements, Tatiana Korchevnaya writes that she and tea, not the FSB all the time worked, not even in the morgue and participated in the democratic movement. "The movement, which argues that including discordantly with the government because of the total lies, secrecy, lack of feedback, deprivation of freedom of speech, etc.," - she writes. "Do not bring me what I have no. I repeat, a very good girl. I just have the good with his fists and a heightened sense of justice," - she said.

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"... When Kasparov wrote that" we should be moral and antitsinichnoy opposition "and its resources are banned by his team-mates, then somehow it turns out that he wrote while he does not follow this" - says T. Korchevnaya .

Most blog readers T. Korchevnoy supported her decision. "Unable to inflict political damage politically flawed organization. It is impossible to chop leg legless. The political damage can cause EdRu or spravedlivorossam or LDPR, not UCF. Che means in Russia is UCF? Which political force like? What impact has the FMG on Russia policy and how to reduce this effect after Tatina post? not diminished because it was nulevym.Poetomu and political damage to the FMG will always be zero. Even if the entire leadership of UCF in a porno movie comes off - one hell zero damage will be, "- says anticiklon.

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Tatiana, so if you left the UCF! Even unbelievable that during the first flights, it seemed that the real opposition, which is something that can make a positive, can do something concrete to offer Russia. For me, this "moment of truth" has become - when I started to ban people in the community namarsh_ru "- wrote antimissionary.

Tatiana Korchevnaya also accused the authors of "300 Steps to Freedom" UAD "Solidarity" of double standards and the genocide of their own people. In particular, it cites a paragraph on "the need to stimulate the birth rate primarily in the active part of society, the middle class" as "miserable" mother's capital "- a bad measure that can only stimulate the birth rate in the underclass segments of society," thus "can contribute to solving the housing problem for families wishing to have children, as well as stimulate the birth rate especially among affluent citizens. "

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"I understand that people are divided into classes, right? - T. asks Korchevnaya. - Underclass layers? That is, when this authority, the people were herded into these strata, the people underclass, and now in a separate class, right? A dysfunctional sterilized ?Or we can even kill, not to be in this new "good" government of "bad" sectors as well? As there have Chubais, 30 million does not fit into the market? ". Is this, too shy to ask, not fascism? "- Says she is.

Most likely, after the release of FMG Tatiana Korchevnoy, followed her example and her mother - Hope Korchevnaya, who heads the regional branch of OGF in Vladivostok. Thus, out of control Kasparov leaves at least a Primorsky Krai. It is not excluded that the revolt and other regions where the announcer is also not satisfied, there is little relevant to democratic values advocated by the manners of Garry Kasparov.

Arina Semenova

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