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Zyugan-TV. The Communists went into parallel worlds

July 10 2008

From 5000 claimed the march of the Communists and supporters of the Communist Party on Thursday to Ostankino pond reached a maximum of 400 sufferers of the bright idea of Zyuganov's companions. Where are the other thousands, remained a mystery for the column of demonstrators who accompanied the journalists. Maybe they were hiding from persecution treacherous regime in nearby bushes, or maybe just decided to learn the details of the action "against the information blockade, and silencing the opposition on TV," from the release of the evening news.

Actually in this story about the campaign can be completed. Whether people have once again showed unconsciousness, or simply has not been configured to trust the leaders of the Communist Party. Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov, complained to state television, which in his opinion, "does not carry any items related to implementation of the requirements of election laws, the basic guarantees of electoral rights, political parties. There is no honest exposition of the Communist Party positions, the entire opposition in television" - Gennady Zyuganov says. One of his deputies Vladimir Kashin refers to "data Communist Party faction," according to which in 24 regions of Russia Communist deputies' denied receipt of legal age in television. "

Hard to say what exactly is meant Comrade. Kashin under "the laws of time." During the election campaign in the State Duma, the Communists along with the other parties used air time, free of charge provided by participating in elections for political parties. The same thing happened during the presidential elections in Russia. If the Communists are counting on the fact that the state would force TV companies and the editorial board on a mandatory basis to provide for the use of the Communist Party of television airwaves or printed area on a permanent basis, it can only sympathize with the manners of the proletarian Communist Party leaders.

To finally understand what it is dissatisfied with the representatives of the Communist Party, we turn to the monitoring data is monitoring the entire federal political party broadcast, provided by the Centre for Studies of political culture in Russia. These data are regularly published on the website the Communist Party, so that the possibility of any fraud is excluded.

So, for the period, for example, from 16 to 22 June 2008 , United Russia received 1 hour 18 minutes of airtime, and the Communist Party - 18 minutes 3 seconds total party broadcast. The difference seems to be colossal. However, as explained analyst Communist Party, the share of the Liberal Democratic Party had 0.05% of the airtime, "Fair Russia" shows 5% of the total duration of political television.

For the purity of the experiment, we take data from 2.8 in June . During this time period in the six federal TV channels to four parliamentary parties was devoted to 1 hour 17 minutes 2 seconds broadcast news of the party. Of these, the United Russia got 33 minutes of ether, and the Communist Party got 35 minutes. The share of the LDPR and A Just Russia had 5 and 4 minutes respectively.

So if anyone and had to go to the "Ostankino", so it is "zhirinovtsam" and, especially, "Mironov. Leaders of the Liberal Democratic Party and Just Russia, incidentally, share the concern of the Communists in the policy of the federal TV channels. "Poor media coverage of the party - it's important for us," - "Zhirinovsky said. "We can not say that representatives of opposition parties completely denied access to television screens, the radio and newspapers. However, a very modest presence of the opposition on federal TV channels, in fact, can not go to any comparison with a powerful publicity the party a parliamentary majority," - emphasizes Mironov .

p align = "justify"> Even though both Mironov, and Zhirinovsky stressed that "absolutely no reason to hold loud protests, and equal access to media parties must ensure that the Russian legislation, are they all the same Bolshevik methods, assuming that the state and the media something they should be. But today's independent media in covering the activities of one or another party is not guided by any order of his superiors, and on the relevance, significance and interestingness of shares held by the parties. And for some reason the media should cover the current aktsiyu Communists in Ostankino, if, first, statements by the Communist Party's "information blockade" to say the least untrue, and secondly, the Communists could not even interested in his supporters, whom, as has been said, with great accumulated about 400 people including journalists. Due to what Zyuganov comrades gather interest in their ideas millions of Russian citizens - to answer this question, I'm afraid we will never have.

More recently, the Communists, unlike many other competitors, were famous for just the ability to campaign "in the field." But technological advances and the emphasis on public relations techniques with the Communist Party played a cruel joke. Cause of their injuries they see are not in the weakness of ideas, not the ability to work with voters, and in the frequency of appearance on TV. And the people, admittedly, is responsible to them the same: support only sitting at the TV screen.

Sergei Makarov


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