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Solidarity: We are not gay, gays are not we

June 10 2009

For lack of other topics for discussion, the Moscow branch of the democratic movement "Solidarity" was focused on discussing issues of ideology, organization and party-building. The result of many days of debate was the split in the Democrats' supporters and opponents of unconventional sexual relationship.

It all started with LJ community, "Solidarity", which sparked controversy about whether a move to publicly condemn the crackdown in Moscow demonstrations for civil rights for gays and lesbians. However, during the Democratic debate moderator intervened Sergei Lark, the ban on any new texts in the community, dedicated to the "gay parade". A former activist of the ATP, he says, has for the flag of the LGBT movement, "a furious idiosyncrasy," but because torzhestenno promised to "those who do not like, I will fight to the fullest extent of the law and illegally" (spelling preserved. - Comm. Aut. ).

Generally word for word - discussion moved beyond ordinary how expressed users "LiveJournal" "muhosracha". Activist Artem Chapaev even sent an open letter to the chairman of the Federal Information Commission "Solidarity" Vladimir Milov, President of the Moscow Information Commission Malyavskomu Anton, a spokesman for the Solidarity Olga Shorin, as well as all members of the Moscow branch of "Solidarity" with the proposal in- First, to understand the behavior of the moderator Learn komyuniti Solidarity Zhavoronkova similar "threats of physical harm to his opponents', and secondly, to make a statement or bureau of political council on this (regarding the rights of sexual minorities. - Comm. aut.) about."

I must admit that one of the first in defense of "solidarity" gay men was Vladimir Milov. "You know I to Human gays or some others with another sexual orientation or some other ideas treat normally '- he said at press conference in Chelyabinsk explaining that in Russia violated gay rights on demonstrations exactly the same extent as the right to public actions of other social groups and social organizations. He also noted that the "Solidarity" is neither a "party of gays, nor a human rights organization. "We are not human rights organization. Our goal protection of the rights is not included. Go into the human rights organizations," - he said. - We do not just talkers and demagogues, and fighters for civil rights and liberties, "- said one of the leaders of the movement.

However, the number of activists of the Solidarity does not agree with the "integrated into the global elite," the former economist.

"The conflict arose at all on the other hand, most basic and fundamental reason - because of the fact that some of our friends are either not aware or does not wish to acknowledge the basic democratic values, for the sake of upholding that our movement was established. ... In the place of gays could prove negros, Chechens single mothers or any otherwise minority - inadequate attitude to whom uncovered Had this abscess "- writes Ivan Simochkin. According to him, the potential supporters of the "party of the" Solidarity "is not because we" love "or" do not like gays, but because some of us can afford to divide people by class. " "Normal" they are ready to defend, and people second-class disgust they recommend "shut up and shine." "Some of those" geeks "think gays (and now have a reason for the scandal), while others consider such" Muslimov "or" Jews "or even what category of citizens. Clearly, the support of such views can not be Democrats, liberals - this is nonsense. And encountering such acts, outside observers at this point: "What the fuck are you Democrats? You are corny Nazis ...", - justifies his opinion the author of fasting.

ezhdu fact, as the results of surveys in the community of "Solidarity", 82,7% of members and supporters of the Solidarity movement supports the struggle of sexual minorities for their rights. "One thing is clear: in the" Solidarity "there is fairly strong libertarian core of ordinary activists. They will have a long and serious political struggle against reactionaries, conservatives and conformists within the movement and among its current guidance for ensuring that these values and these claims were eventually made the political agenda of "Solidarity." I hope that surprised many of the results of our survey will give this group of political momentum needed to realize ourselves, to organize itself and start methodical struggle and, eventually, to win "- summed up the discussion well-known social activist Nikolai Temples.

Arina Semenova

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