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By gender to calculate!

June 10 2006

The woman - man's best friend. Men love this aphorism, showing tayaschiysya in the depths of the subconscious gender chauvinism. Some of them are arrogant and do extended utterance to blatant vulgarity, adding a comparison with horse and dog.

Hardly anyone would deny that in Russia women live much harder than those other sex. Employers prefer to actually for the same job to pay more than men. Strong floor with a much more likely to take in the heads and advance up the career ladder, which is also expressed in the material. Men a lot and even very much forgiven.

Women are forced to work in the sweat of almost two to three shifts - the official work of the household and raising children. Hearing such statements about the "overload" the weaker sex, strong sex frequently with hubris declares that "the man just has to make good money." But in fact this idea is not only not a panacea, but a frank and humiliation of women.

Stand at the stove and scrubbing the floors, you see, is not the most pleasant experience. And it thus "ensuring" the husband will also be emphasized its importance. As for the "doomed Housewives", then sitting at home, sooner or later it otupeet and vzvoet from the household routine. And in this state, it is unlikely to already be interested in her husband. The more that ever new generations grow up "young girls".

Do not forget about the women deceived by men. By some estimates, about thirty percent of the children appear in single-parent families, which makes the life of single mothers in a continuous battle for survival. Some daddies escape, others help in the amount of "crocodile tears", and the third and did arrange hopeless hassle with false promises ...

In general, the heavy proportion of women in Russia. Yet we should not forget that the person in nature and society is presented as a strong and weaker sex. And the names of those associated only with physical strength, but not with an intellectual or social abilities. Those who think otherwise, suffer the most in this chauvinism - male chauvinism.

Given the "tacit discrimination", "gender issue" certainly must be addressed. Including at the political level. In the struggle for the electorate, many parties were actively exploiting the female subject. But here is complete without a male chauvinist. For example, the party of Grigory Yavlinsky within itself has created ... a gender faction.

Generally quite difficult to understand why the "Apple" there were various factions - the Greens, the Young Democrats, "Gender", "Soldiers' Mothers. After fraction - a "group within the political party that has its own ideological and organizational platform and fighting against the majority in the party." At least, this is the true meaning of the word. But Yavlinsky decided otherwise.

So, it turns out some nonsense: the party of the Yabloko is the very "Apple" (apparently, "Apple-classical") and those who do not agree with his platform. Judging by the names of factions, with the party "in the Counter" environmentalists, youth, women and soldiers' mothers. They just do not agree with the policy Yavlinsky. Otherwise, why should they have been forming factions - have joined the party and created a profile commissions!

Understand the situation and to express their attitude to gender faction Yabloko and the feasibility of establishing similar structures in other parties «Yoki.Ru» asked well-known politicians Irina Khakamada and Ivan Starikov, members of the political council of the Public Movement "People's Democratic Union.

Ivan Starikov:

Create political structures of gender - is not true in the bud. They are created by an ideology of intelligence.And to make policy on sex - it's a PR, which, moreover, also gives some chauvinistic, discriminatory gamy. Do not think that I am a misogynist. I love and respect women. But to create a gender policy framework, but still within the party - this is too much. This is just some kind of exotic.

Even the title of "gender RPP faction Yabloko somehow absurd it sounds. On this occasion I can only shrug and say the words of Shakespeare: "There are many, Horatio, in the light that never dreamed of in your philosophy."

In the "People's Democratic Union" there are women and they all have been in office only because of personal qualities. We are in no way put forward the fairer sex just because they are women. It's demeaning to women themselves, and politically incorrect. For example, an activist VAT Julia Malysheva. She is responsible for coordinating activities with youth. We took her to work purely on business, intellectual and life qualities. Not because it is - a girl. Would have been a teenager - and would take it to work.

In the political council of the VAT is a bright politician Irina Hakamada. And this is the best and irrefutable proof of the absence of sex discrimination in the ranks of our social movement. As regards "gender faction" in the "Apple", it turns out ... somehow incoherent. Kind of like the main parties have Yavlinsky and Mitrokhin, and somewhere nearby, but obviously not together - the structure an uncertain woman.

What will they do? Probably require Grigory Alekseevich some quota of the governing bodies and deal with "major Yabloko over the place. If they want to create a gender faction, so in "Apple" to do with this situation is tight. The party Grigory Yavlinsky is likely to have problems with women's rights, and this was the cause of such a structure. Oppressed women Yabloko faction decided to create to oppose universal patriarchy Democratic Party.

Irina Hakamada:

This is not new. Gender politics is already a hundred years there. Regarding People's Democratic Union, he does not need any special women's faction, because there are Hakamada, there is a young and energetic activist Julia Malysheva. And we involve real work a lot of girls and women. We normally work, women, and so protect. We do not need special fractions.

Elena Leonkova

Oleg Artyukov

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