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"Orange" Fascism or Revolution by SMS

April 10 2009

0/5/2/12052.jpeg April events in Moldova were not like other attempts of the color revolutions in former Soviet republics. As strange as it sounds, but before the "customers of chaos" were not the task of overthrowing the current president, Vladimir Voronin. Otherwise, everything went according to hours worked is the scenario of non-violent seizure of power.

Blaming all the wrongs of suffering Natalia Morar certainly not worth it. In Chisinau, the girl played the same role as in his Moscow epic with "The New Times - I mean screen.

"Six people (including Elena Zgardan Natalia Morar, Arthur Hur, Ion Tarna, Gennady Brega. - Comm. Author).. 10 minutes on creativity and decision making. A few hours of the dissemination of information on networks, facebook, blogs SMS to friends and e-mail listservs. All of the organization - through the Internet. took to the streets 15,000 youth! Watch the video yourself. And this is just a few hours of information dissemination, without television or any other media. Our initiative group called " I am not a Communist. "It includes several non-governmental organizations - our association and organization ThinkMoldova HydePark. Only the youth and any parties," - says Natalia Morar in his blog on the night of 6 / 7 April.

On the afternoon of April 7 there is another entry: "We, the youth initiative, organized yesterday a 15-thousandth of a rally in Chisinau, we begin to fear that the political parties in parliament, will use the youth protest in their own political purposes." On the following day by a "Statement of the initiative group to organize a flash mob April 6, 2009 -" I'm anti-communist, "in which the entire responsibility for what happened on April 7 pogroms they laid on PLDM. And soon Natalia Morar says Amnesty International, that they were expecting "not More than 300 young people, and were shocked when they came to 10 000 people. "

Also on the topic: "Orange" terror Natasha Morari "

Natalia Morar understand, after what happened 6-7.04.09 in Chisinau, you can. Moreover, there is no 0/5/1/12051.jpeg doubt and that she and her comrades really hoped for 300 people. But where they took a rest, thousands of young people, many of whom were members of radical nationalist movements of Moldova and Romania?

According to the Chisinau police in protests April 6 and 7 was attended by about 150 members of the organization of Romanian "Iron Guard" , the heirs of the very fascist organization operating in Romania in 1931-44, GG Reporters Moldovan media drew attention to the columns of another radical organization of the Romanian "Noua dreapta" ("New Right") - a movement has been active in advocating fascism, and its activists remind Russian skinheads.

organization of the coup is also actively expressed themselves and staff Romanian Embassy in Chisinau, the coordinated action of political leaders, including chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party (PLDM) Filat. And it is no accident that the crowd of protesters were Romanian flags in their hands - the organizers handed out white leaflets with the text of the anthem of Romania and a variety of anti-Communist posters. They were prepared not hurry: two weeks before the demonstrations in several Romanian electronic media were hung posters, banners, which encourages young people to arrive in Kishinev to participate in the overthrow of "cannibalistic regime." Described in great detail, where you can buy a ticket for "fun" visit to Chisinau, what to print posters up to what flights are organized buses and at what time they go to Moldova.

Not be superfluous to note that funding for student Moldovan non-governmental associations are like the Romanian Government and non-governmental organizations that stand higher in the hierarchy, as well as local authorities in Romania. Center of most student NGOs are the cities: Bucharest, where the headquarters of the NGO "Grupul de Atitudine Civica" (Panel Opinion) under the leadership of Moldova-born Nicholas Tudorasha, and one of the most popular organizations, which also directs a student from Moldova Gennady Brega "Hyde Park "(as stated above, one of the organizers of the peace rally).

However, shift the blame solely on the machinations of the Romanian side will also be an exaggeration.

Moldovan newspaper "Timpul", which during the election campaign in Moldova supported the formation of political Filat, Ghimpu and Serafim Urechean, with an enviable uniformity to publish materials that call in the truest sense to go to the barricades. "If one of us will die in battle, then thousands rise up" - wrote an opposition newspaper. And in the article "Tomorrow will be too late," the author urges readers not to recognize the legitimacy of the election results: "At this time, our patience has come to an end. The time has come for us all to realize that it is better to die beautifully, than to live as if in delirium. If one of us will die in battle, then thousands rise up. "

0/5/0/12050.jpeg Among the most active protesters were seen well-known in Moldova Anatol and Gabriel Stati. They, according to the leader of the Christian Democratic Popular Party Yuri Rosca, involved in organizing the protests. "I'm sure Gabi Stati involved, as the company" Ascom Grup "funded by several parties including the Liberal Party, which introduced its own man - Anatoly Salaru, vice president and deputy chairman of the party. By Filat he introduced George Lyanka, which Is that not a deputy, though, and speaks 17 languages "- Rosca said.

Gabriel Stati, is the son of billionaire Anatol Stati, living in Romania, supporting the opposition media and political parties in Moldova. Condition Anatoly articles related business in the field of oil and gas in Kazakhstan and some African countries, according to some sources, is estimated at 2.5 billion euros.

By the way, Gabriel Stati previously prosecuted for hooliganism during football matches, which explains the presence among the most active participants in the pogroms of persons in habits resembling futbolnh fans. Himself Gabi article via a couple of days after the Kishinev pogrom, was detained in Ukraine by law enforcement agencies in the country.As published in the Ukrainian mass media information is expected soon extradition Gabriel Media in Moldova, as chairman of the parliamentary commission on law, former Minister of Internal Affairs of Moldova, Vladimir Turcan, has said that "verified ownership Gabriel Stati, to finance the events of 7 April.

"The participants of the crop had been harvested valves, they were beaten by police shields. In his office the next morning on the floor, I found two knives thrown by those who have been there. I do not think that a man walking on the peaceful demonstration, will be take bits, fittings, plastic, pre-harvest crop pipe filled with gunpowder "- said the deputy. All this, according to Vladimir Turcan, is proof that "it is pre-planned action."

"Go to any district of the republic and make sure that the Alliance" Our Moldova ", the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova, the Liberal Party, the party Braghis, party Dzyakava and parteyka Tarlev incited citizens to enter the metropolitan area, have organized their participation in a rally through the local public administration, through the departments of education, provided transportation, and mobilized the people, "- says Rosca.

The leader of the Christian Democrats also said that Gabriel and Anatoly articles constituted "major part" in the business of the former Moldovan President Petru Lucinschi. And that all fell into place, remember that Peter is the son of Cyril Lucinschi, a leading joint projects with Natalya Morar. Shortly before the above events Cyril and Natalie presented a documentary "Tara povestilor" (Country of tales): "The film is about us, Moldovans, why 18 years of independence we have not come close to this Europe, of which so many dreams," - says Natalya Morar.

Did N. Morar's true plans or stayed in the holy ignorance? Likely to know. But much more important than others. Whatever the purpose of the Moldovan and Romanian politicians, based on the fact that participants in the riots eventually broke, and leaders of political parties made no attempt to declare the refusal to recognize the election results, we can assume that this action was a warning, as well as a rehearsal for the new forms of protest with the involvement of nationalist groups.

Not be ruled out that something similar can be done in Moscow, when the call to take part in next march or the bottom of Dissent respond activists of radical nationalist groups. Not by chance, observers report convergence NBP and DPNI - both at the level of heads of organizations, and regional activists . Cause fear and announced NBP leader Eduard Limonov at the beginning of May Day dissent. At the same time among the Nationalist Party, on behalf of the "Russian will" spread the calls to come to the day of vengeance "to kill, explode, destroy, destroy, beat, mutilate, write on the walls of the calls, do anything, including fire Building the Interior Ministry, FSB, government agencies, offices of United Russia.

Arseniy Stepanov

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