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April 10 2009

Contender for the Sochi mayor Boris Nemtsov called in Sochi gorizbirkom with the requirement to withdraw from the election of another candidate - Acting Mayor Anatoly Pakhomov. According to an opposition politician, he does so solely in the interests of the residents of Sochi, which is allegedly sick at the sight of Acting Mayor. However, recent follow pryamoprotivopolozhnogo opinion.

His claim , Mr. Nemtsov argues that the media "is illegal campaigning for the candidate of Kuban power" in the city to develop information bulimia "(original spelling retained. - Auth.)" at the sight of Pakhomov zomboyaschiku a feeling of nausea " and "Sochi inhabitants do not want their rules a coward." In addition, the opposition candidate, Pakhomov accused of defaming him. As noted by Boris Nemtsov, a force established in the province and the city of Sochi total censorship he does not even have the right to reply.

If ever the world's candidate will be withdrawn from the race due to the fact that his rival claims, as if voters do not want to vote for the candidate, then such an election undoubtedly go down in history as the most curious. In the end, in order and give citizens the right choice, so they expressed their attitude towards this or that candidate. A main task of the presidential candidates to show their strengths and point out the shortcomings of opponents.

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Nemtsov is focused solely on criticism of the authorities - both local and federal, predicting a rise to power "to protect Sochi residents from arbitrary brazen officials." How exactly he will do it a candidate chooses not to apply a focus on two key points: the fact of being born in Sochi and the explanation of why not should be held in Sochi Olympics. Say, only fools fight for the holding in your city the Olympics, and Sochi residents it will only hurt. With regard to other issues, Nemtsov sends voters to the Internet, where they can gather all the needed information.

With the Internet in Sochi, by the way, according to the faithful squire Nemtsov Vladimir Milov bad, because of which the latter is unable to make regular entries in his blog. And so to assume that residents of nearby farms can not imagine their life without the Internet, it would be even more naive.

So at a meeting with Nemtsov voter goes very reluctantly. A few days ago, Germans even psihanul because of the fact that a meeting with him came only 7 people and pulled in Moscow, where a hastily convened news conference, spoke about "total lawlessness in the election." Then an anonymous representative of the electoral headquarters Nemtsov explained that the meeting did not come at 7, but as usually 10-12 people. According to the reports the head of the electoral headquarters of Nemtsov's meeting with the candidate actually comes to about 10-15 people (unless, of course, the Germans were not satisfied with the meeting in the market or do not come uninvited guest at any party), so it's entirely possible that the above mentioned 7 people could bring the former vice-premier of the self.

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On the low chance of Nemtsov's victory is confirmed by data from a recent pollaccording to which the electoral rating Nemtsov did not live up to 7 percent and antireyting, by contrast, is growing by leaps and bounds - 18,7 percent. For comparison, during Anatoly Pakhomov ready to vote 56.1 of the respondents, and the port of his candidacy are the only 3,2 percent of the respondents. And for the remaining time before the voting day can hardly speak of any radical changes.

As for cowardice, it is unlikely that any of the registered candidates will be able to make to compete on the quality of the co-chairman of Solidarity.

April 9 in Moscow held a preliminary hearing on the suit movement Nashi, to Boris Nemtsov. The reason for the proceedings has the words of Mr. Nemtsov of the involvement of activists for the incident with the dousing him a smelly liquid . Initially, Boris Nemtsov, bravely declared readiness to plead with Nashi. "That's good - we will sue," - he said. But it soon went back down, explaining that he had made his statement based on the fact that "these people have seen in Moscow, and in grades youth movement does not understand. And then does not appear in court, instead of sending a lawyer, who said: "I can not confirm the involvement of Boris Nemtsov in charge of the Movement" Nashi "in the attack on March 23, 2009.." In other words, Nemtsov, the court is not and does not confirm his words.

"This defendant's position is clear, as Mr. Nemtsov, not being in the courtroom and otkreschivayas their statements, trying to escape responsibility for the dissemination of false information," - commented the lawyer movement "Nashi" Sergei I. Jorin.

Can in this regard to recall the position of Boris Nemtsov to hold the Sochi Winter Olympic Games. "I grew up in Sochi - that there would come the Olympics, this is our advantage, that Putin went to Guatemala to punch Sochi. If they give us this right, it would merit Putin," - he said in 2007. But in his campaign Nemtsov had to take pryamoprotivopolozhnuyu position, apparently forgetting about the benefits touted his own information technology, allowing for a few minutes to lift all human utterances on specific topics and to monitor its position in recent years. And hide the hare's ears in this case can only be through fast running. At least in the direction of Moscow. On the southern borders of our country to the cowards and liars is another, less tolerant attitude.

Arina Semenova

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