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NBP: The desire to express themselves and persecution

March 10 2005

Saturday's events around the basement Limonov, which they proudly call the bunker, sparked new discussions among them about how the government is trying to paralyze their activity. As well as statements about the "appropriate responses" and the like. And also that "the draft NBP was so successful that now he is fighting against all of Putin's Russia: spin doctors, prosecutors, judges, Kremlin sages-forgers and hired ruffians."

Worth noting that the attack of certain persons in plainclothes took place after the promulgation of National Bolshevik leader Eduard Limonov quite remarkable "Lay Leader (yes, capitalized)", subtitled "An Invitation to the Civil War." Not surprisingly, therefore, that in the on-line diaries NBP under their accounts of what happened on Saturday the attack on the party cellar appeared remarks like "you are yourself like civil war, so get to know her real mug" ... landmark observations.

Sign that Limonov, who call themselves the party, in fact, still live in "patsanskim" concepts. Ie, despite the fact that they themselves are actively using the methods of provocation of extremist attacks against them are the same methods can be used. Well, if they really occurred, then it's illegal, it is necessarily the Kremlin, it is necessary power against which they fought selflessly. And if the attack on the "bin", then necessarily the operator of Channel One (the first Saturday of the message contained the NBP and this detail), which came on direct orders from the Kremlin.

Of course, one can try to follow is not at one of dozens of Russian politicians to exploit the find Yeltsin late eighties, is "firmly and mercilessly" offended the Communist Party. You can pretend to be offended power, and therefore in need of pity for the Russian citizens who sympathize with the tradition over the humiliated and insulted.

Just do not get: the glory of God, of the Russians are not yet fully knocked on the symbolism of historical memory. Well, on lies, too.

In his statement of Saturday's basement NBP blamed "Pravdu.Ru" of the contract nature of news reports that we published. As an example, argues that the information was there was "20 minutes before the attack itself." Most likely, the propensity for striking images of the advanced literary NBP was called upon in this part to replace the information about the operator of Channel One, shamefacedly erased from the corporate site of nationalists.

However, it would be nice (and this advice Limonov) plant next to writers and mathematicians, yet, at least basic knowledge of arithmetic, since a simple calculation, which my son can easily produce in the first year of high school shows: from 11.49 to 12.00 by no means beyond twenty minutes. Corresponding "Pravdy.Ru" present at the opening natsbolovskogo basement, argues that the use of grinders began somewhere in 11.40. I believe a lot more to our correspondent.

"Pravda.Ru" first reported on "the assault and capture of" the basement NBP , although, perhaps, this event is not in order of rank, so you can write about it with some pride. On the impending action, we learned in advance - in general, and written in the first message. Apparently, this confused and NBP. Namely - that first reported on the event is not someone from the pool of their media sponsors of the "Kommersant", "Echo of Moscow, Interfax and RIA Novosti news agency. Yes, even "Pravda.Ru" reported on another point of view, not natsbolovskoy! ..

Yes, sometimes (to my regret - only sometimes now) we are informed about the events first, and our publication informs them of our readers. What we must do.

about, unlike some publications above pool our correspondents are not satisfied and will not fulfill the role of political spies, only under the guise of working at the office. Whose politshpionov clear even when you try to superficial analysis.

Discussions in the online diaries NBP (at least those that I've seen) has shown their strong ties, it would seem alien to them on the views of young people's "politics" of other opposition movements. Say, one of the first reported public diary about our note a "leader of the youth" Yabloko ". Somewhere there, on the side, picked up this theme and lonely, "Walking Without Putin." What do you think that connects them?

Do not have long to reflect on this theme: all on the surface. Of course, the eerie "ideological" and "uncompromising" struggle against the Putin regime. Well, who can "cooperate" on this issue - is not the issue. About a year ago in an interview with Eduard Limonov, "Pravde.Ru to question whether he is ready to cooperate with the National Bolsheviks London sideltsem Boris Berezovsky , said: "So far we have no one suggested it. But we would cooperate, I believe, because it is necessary for everyone. We need political freedom, to participate in solving the country's fate. " I note a similar question on cooperation with Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Limonov said that the fact ... "There is no political organization" ... So what is the source of the "uncompromising" struggle and what have the impoverishment of the Russian citizens, is also understandable ...

Two years, probably back out of the English version of "Pravdy.Ru was sacked its editor, an American citizen. Fired for that picture has changed, "Worker and Collective Farm" in the translated into English article on natsbolovskuyu swastika. It seemed to him after talking with the National Bolsheviks, that is - the same thing. Ie equally represents Russia in the eyes of western readers.

It is a pity that several hundred members of the NBP in Russia, a similar view. And this they differ from the overwhelming number of citizens of the country in which they live. And if earlier, prior to this public conversation with the National Bolsheviks "Pravda.Ru" still trying to somehow cover their activities, following accusations of custom-made nature of the publications I have close access any information from the sources of the NBP in our publication. Readers will learn about what is happening in their environment in the publications that have natsbolov already long "the wings". In a sense, this is censorship. But we have a free country. "Pravda.Ru" - a private publication. And we will pursue that information policy, which seems true to us, and not Boris Abramovich with National Bolsheviks. Point.


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