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Sergei Mironov, again changes the orientation

August 9 2007

Federation Council Speaker Sergei Mironov lashed out at the concept of "sovereign democracy." According to him, amid arguments about the special way of Russia, Kremlin ideologues are doing - no more, no less - whitewash the image of Stalin.

In correspondence with the author of controversial concepts, the deputy head of presidential administration, Vladislav Surkov, Sergei Mironov came on the eve of his working visit to Voronezh. In remarks to reporters, the leader of the current leftist suddenly revealed himself in the role of true democrats early 90's.

"Democracy does not need some epithets - he said - definitions or adjectives." The term "sovereign democracy" main "Socialist-Revolutionaries" believes completely far-fetched: "It seems that the term" sovereign democracy "can be understood as much sovereignty as you can and less democracy." Not quite clear on what basis Sergei Mironov contrasted democracy sovereignty. Reacted with bewilderment to his statements and policy experts. Dmitry Orlov, director of the Agency for Political and Economic Communications, said: "Democracy in Russia can be effective only in conditions of full sovereignty. Speaking of" democracy without adjectives, "Mironov thus acts against the sovereignty, which is now so important for Russia."

However, to determine the terms, the leader of Just Russia turned to questions of history. Fortunately, there were no appeals to immediately blank out of the textbooks noxious epithet "ancient", "Novgorod" or "Western" in the annex to self-sufficiency "democracy." But here, the Kremlin's ideologues got the full program.

Sergey Mironov is sure that Russia is attempting to "fit the story of a certain state of flux concepts, terminology and definitions, in particular such as a sovereign democracy." "Building a new history textbooks based on this very controversial thesis is clearly premature, and even more so to draw the image of Stalin, some white paint," - he said. But such attempts are being made, for example, on federal TV channels.

Speaker of the Federation Council, told journalists as he became acquainted with the materials of the Stalinist repression: "Before reading these documents I also felt that reprisals were mainly Red Army commanders and directors of enterprises, and when the pages you see that written anywhere in front of the repressed" farmer "," worker "," railroad "- it was the mass extermination of the best parts of our nation."

In Voronezh, Sergei Mironov attended the groundbreaking ceremony of the monument on the spot landing of the first air assault. Wearing the end of the ceremony blue beret, he shouted: "Glory to Airborne. I have the honor!" It seems that pre-holiday mood (2 August in Russia traditionally celebrates the Day of Airborne Forces) played with the leader of Just Russia, a cruel joke. Otherwise it is difficult to understand where the speaker of the Federation Council has found attempts to whitewash the image of Stalin, but still under the banner of "sovereign democracy".

It seems that Russia's new Socialist decided in his opposition to outdo all the known opposition. But the tactic has chosen a country - for the leader of the leftist party of his statement was too reminiscent of Soviet democracy categorically judgments of the first wave. Who is it this extraordinary move, easy to understand. And if it is not in a celebratory mood, I do not whether Yavlinsky and the Memorial Society, he was going to recruit these words?

And that rhetoric is entirely in their spirit. Here and Kremlin critic, and mandatory Stalinist repression there."Fair Russia" change orientation?

Evgeniy Kochetkov


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