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Weddings and a Funeral "Other Russia"

July 9 2007

The approaching anniversary of the establishment of "Other Russia" was the first and the last milestone in the history of this so-called opposition coalition. Lush Les Noces, played in July 2006 at the Renaissance Hotel, Moscow, turned the classic family scandals and the subsequent divorce of fatal and appropriate funeral ceremonies.

Last summer, they radiate optimism and pride shown by the attention from the important foreign guests and numerous media outlets, swelled with joy when describing the breadth of his coalition, and said that soon, very soon become the only powerful opposition movement in Russia, capable of nominate a single candidate and fight for power. Yes, and a candidate at that time already was - former Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov. There was also a personal guard of such PPC - National Bolshevik Party of Eduard Limonov, has taken over the most bulky and unattractive job. There was strong support for human rights organizations, who saw in the "Other Russia" is a battering ram for breaking through the gaps in the current Russian government. But the celebratory fanfare died down and the couple stood before the world as an eternal problem - how to allocate responsibilities in the family?

For a start pushed aside human rights section, creating a so-called political meeting of the "Other Russia". Human rights activists especially not resist, we have decided that none of their business to climb into the thick of direct action and were content with the role of free lawyers, the procedure employed solely intellectual - writing a political program the opposition coalition.

Of course, that do no one wants, and to receive gifts from wealthy foreign sponsors, considering "Other Russia" as a tool to destabilize the sociopolitical situation in the country, like everyone. The fact that a broad representation of foreign ambassadors at the conference "Another Russia", almost directly claiming to allocate financial assistance "drugorossam" indicate direct intervention of foreign powers in the internal affairs of Russia, and, given the slogans of the opposition, are an attempt to organize coup, as no one confused.

But the euphoria passed quickly enough. Presence in the coalition marginal Limonov's National Bolshevik with his brand of "Stalin-Beria-Gulag and Stalinist Anpilova pretty embarrassing defenders and most liberal members of the coalition. According to a State Duma deputy Nikolai Leonov, an alliance with Limonov, Kasparov and Kasyanov is more reminiscent of the "marriage with a cockroach Mokrice. "They are inconsistent in their ideologies, and it is already in itself is completely bewildered," - stressed the MP.

But if Anpilov, later realized that was wrong lifeboat, tactfully withdrew, Limonov was configured to use the opportunity presented itself to him at 100%. Humbling the pride and confidence in its full respect and reverence as Mikhail Kasyanov and the actual head of the organization (at least those at the time he considered himself), Garry Kasparov, leader of the National Bolsheviks had become irreplaceable, a key figure in the organization of any and all shares of other Russia. " And if the same Kasyanov extremely uncomfortable feeling on the same platform with a sunken writer, the latter reveled in his new position of equal status to let him and the former, but the second man in the state.

Hyperactivity Limonov led to the fact that the coalition began to leave, many small, predominantly youth organizations, such as, for example, "Defence". The very same leader of the National Bolsheviks took a very good position from the top, biting, then covering with kisses the hands of their masters.On the one hand he accuses Kasparov for his short-sighted act with the nomination of several candidates from the opposition as opposed to Kasyanov, on the other - continues, despite the claims Kasyanov, to participate in "March of Dissent" and moreover, self-organizing a series of actions in the regions. In the end, did not understand the former colleagues are beginning to battle on the pans.

Mikhail Kasyanov, a few days before last 7 and 8 July of the second conference of "Other Russia" stands with the shocking statement, which asserts that "the political coalition the Other Russia has fulfilled its mission, and in the fall, when it is" new and decisive phase of political struggle, "the project" for this phase to reach a consensus failed. " In other words, today announced the closing of the organization. Obviously, that has received carte blanche from the American political circles Kasyanov, who promised, if successful, give foreigners control over energy resources in Russia, no longer needs to extremist Limonov, Kasparov. But Kasparov, who still maintain the illusion of control over the opposition coalition, consisting essentially of some members of the liquidated NBP expects another blow - Lemon announces the creation of a political party with the same name, offering to create a list of 450 candidates from the "Other Russia" in the elections in the State Duma, the basis of which constitute, of course, the National Bolsheviks.

The fact that Kasparov is not the place in the new structure, Limonov has signaled to his partner rather unambiguous way. After the ex-player is tired excuses from accusations of receiving money from a fugitive Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky, the last for the whole world says that he de-funded "Other Russia", but Kasparov, though he asked him for money, does not give a penny. But Eduard Limonov, one of the influential liberal website Grani.Ru makes a statement about ... Rehabilitation Berezovsky, who can be very useful Russian opposition and did not just help with money Limonov. One need not be a genius to understand: "Berezovsky is ready to finance Limonov, but Kasparov. It is also clear that Berezovsky did not need deliciously party intellectuals, and battle a detachment of life caught on the bottom of the marginalized and ill basement romance revolution adolescents, and therefore ready for all sorts of things.

A day before the start of the conference have made their share of tar defenders formally dissociate themselves "The Other Russia." "... We can not take part in the event, which was conceived as a coalition, but became separate. Therefore, we declare that in such event, we will not participate," - said in a statement signed by the chairman of the Moscow Helsinki Group Lyudmila Alekseeva and president of the Indem Georgy Satarov. Human rights activist Lev Ponomarev, like to talk about their willingness to participate in the conference, but only as a mere visitor, not the party's coalition is likely to join colleagues.

But the ignominious end to the "Other Russia" does not mean that the opposition put up with defeat. Not yet fully exhausted their financial and human resources Berezovsky Limonov. Western governments, realizing his mistake, chose a new tactic, counting on the emerging movement of so-called patriotic-minded organization specializing in international conflicts. The first and quite successful attempt to create such a structure became wards political strategists Stanislav Belkovsky DPNI, now at the stage yet another project known spin doctor called the "peoples". It is not excluded that there will be other "nationalist" movement, feeds, and led by an experienced hand Western puppeteers.As long as Russia does not plunge into chaos.

Arseny Trifonov


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