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As a "Socialist-Revolutionaries" pensioners "soaked"

March 9 2007

Just Russia, the party who understand that the most active voters are pensioners, have spared no effort or means to persuade older people to vote just for them. But in reality, this turns caring for seniors is absolutely impossible, populist promises.

Since the beginning of consolidation of the three parties under the umbrella of Fair Russia, Federation Council Speaker Sergei Mironov, who headed the new partobrazovanie, constantly talked about fairness. Of course, the first drink to the bottom "cup of justice" should have been retired. Not accidentally, Sergey Mironov, sought the favor of the leader of the Russian Party of Pensioners Igor Zotov. In contrast, a subsidiary of Sergei Mironov's Party of Life, whose electoral appeal did not go beyond one or two percent, "pensioner" is gathering pace, becoming perhaps the only party that managed to circumvent the election in a region of the United Russia . But the promises Mironov sharply divided the case after the merger. As a result, more than a dozen regions of the local offices of the "pensioners" to the scandal resigned from the Just Russia, and rumors of a possible withdrawal from Mironov all regional offices, along with their RPP leader Igor Zotov in this situation did not seem so very fantastic .

It would seem that the leader of Just Russia "should have been able to adequately assess the situation and to control the situation on the ground, but actually turned out quite the contrary.

For example in the Orel region, beating all records in election scandals , "retired" and was kicked out altogether from active politics. So, after the reunification conference revealed that Orel Just Russia did not have any representatives of the Pensioners Party, nor the representatives of the Party of Life. "We agreed that the membership of the governing bodies of the local branch will consist of 7 members from each party. But the association of parity did not happen. None of our council offices at unifying the conference was not invited, - says the former head of the Oryol regional offices of the Russian Party of Life" Tatiana Novikov. - But there were plenty of representatives of the Kursk. As a result, the local "Life" left behind, and Ustinov (leader of the local "seniors." - Note. aut.) behind her elected to the Regional Council. The same approach was also in the preparation party lists. Formally, it turns out that the "homeland" just changed the name. This Registration Department and guided. However, the local branch of Fair Russia, in my opinion and the opinion of the Board of the former regional office PC, has no authority to decipher: Pensioners / Life. "Only the" Homeland. "We have written about the situation in Moscow, the governing bodies of Fair Russia, but received no reply."

By getting rid of "pensioners" Orel "Socialist-Revolutionaries', understanding that without the older generation of MPs did not get, Nava actively courted Olga Cech, chairman OROO" Children of War "- an organization that fights for the rights of war veterans. The formal leader of the Orel Just Russia Marina Ivashina even joined the organizing committee of the organization, which, in theory, gave the leadership a chance to "Children of War" to get a representative in the Regional Legislative Assembly. But no such luck. Reassure people by making them party list before filing lists oblizbirkom party functionaries have made some changes.As a result, Olga Cech and 8 other distinguished people were behind the campaign, and in their places settled strangers from the course, according to rumors, profinasirovavshie propaganda campaign "SR". After the conclusion of "contract" with Kurdish counterparts, Orel Just Russia today has the largest party budget - 18.5 million rubles, which has enabled her to spend quite a powerful campaign.

However, the leader of Just Russia, Sergey Mironov in no way inferior to their colleagues "Fair Russia" in terms of empty promises. At a recent St. Petersburg Congress Sergey Mironov many astonished all the stories that he, as a man, professing socialist ideals, is committed to build socialism in Russia. As it turned out later, to build a new socialism Sovfeda speaker intends methods known Comrade Sharik, that is, take all - and share.

First, Sergey decided to divide the Stabilization Fund. In particular, he explicitly stated the need to use the Stabilization Fund to raise pensions and public sector wages. We must assume that pensioners and state employees should have been glad to such an extent that believe in the victory of "socialism from Mironov and support the" Fair Russia "in the election. But, this faith will last exactly until the party receives their representatives in government.

With slogans Stabilization Fund to liquidate by giving the money to the population, did not speak only laziest opposition. It's one thing to talk about how to revive the industry in the distant future, and quite another - to show his potential supporters of the bird in the hand. But if the marginal structures, specializing in the organization shares the capture of state institutions, trust units, the third man in the state, actually promised to the old woman mountains of gold in exchange for her voice, many may believe. Another thing is that Sergei Mironov will never agree to such a step as the direction of stabilization fund for social needs.

Two years ago, Sergei Mikhailovich assured that if and dispossess the Stabilization Fund, its funds should be directed at building roads, hospitals, schools, and the construction of gas pipelines in remote parts of Russia. But then before Mironov was not the problem in that, at any cost to break through the 7 percent threshold for election. Now the situation is different. And if you do not promise the old bird in the hand, it can be left with nothing, returning to the slogans on the Conservation of muskrat populations in Russia.

Instead of an epilogue

During the by-elections of deputies of the Duma, flared little-known story of the conflict between retirees and a candidate in the University district of Moscow, satirist Viktor Shenderovich accidentally zalivshem their neighbors from the bottom water, but refused to compensate the damage. Normal household conflict, has become one of the factors that led to the defeat of Victor A. election. But it was a single episode of major political destiny of a single individual. Now "Sparvedlivaya Russia and its leaders drowned pensioners trying to get their loyalty to the unfulfilled promises. But in this case, the result is quite different in scale, from which no one shudder pensioner soul.

Capitolina Dokov


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