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Nikita White messed up trenches and jumped into a stranger

August 8 2008

On the night of 7 to 8 th August, the armed forces of Georgia attacked the capital of South Ossetia - the breakaway republic fighting for its independence, and so gravitating toward Russia that 90% of south Ossetians have Russian citizenship. In the attack on Tskhinvali, the Georgian air force were involved, tanks, rocket launchers "Grad" and infantry. The result - the ruins, more than a thousand victims, among whom were soldiers from the peacekeeping forces of Russia. However, amid the tragedy, some Russian "opposition" for whatever reason, actually justify foreign aggression. Among them was SPS leader Nikita White.

According to the military, Russian peacekeepers, even wounded, Georgian militants were finished at the location. As a result, Georgia's attack Tskhinvali in ruins. The expense of victims among innocent Ossetians exceeded a thousand. "Shelled a Russian convoy. Panic among the population rises, a growing number of refugees who are trying to save their lives. And there are reports of ethnic cleansing in some villages ... Looming humanitarian disaster "- so described it, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

Georgian troops began to retreat back only after the decision of the Russian leadership in the war zone to rescue our peacekeepers and the victims of aggression to take a regular part of Russia - about 150 tanks and other military forces. Massacre of civilians and the positions of minor CCM has been stopped.

However, neither the massacre, nor the threat of a humanitarian catastrophe, no information about the ethnic cleansing in South Ossetia could not influence the position of SPS leader Nikita White, who, at least three times during that terrible day, spoke out against emergency stop genocide in South Ossetia by Russian Armed Forces, operating under a peacekeeping mission.

At 12:16, when Georgian tanks were still shot the population of South Ossetia, and peacekeepers from Russia, the site of ATP appeared statement Bureau FPS ATP on the situation in South Ossetia. " But instead of condemning the aggressor to Saakashvili, the blame placed the PCA with Russia! "Until recently it seemed that the wisdom and prudence of politicians in Russia and Georgia will be enough to prevent the outbreak of a brutal massacre ... ATP claims that the war between Russia and Georgia - is a crime, the responsibility borne by the governments of both countries", - the document says. Next - a call for "a diplomatic way to resolve conflict," that during the clashes in fact meant to deprive the residents of South Ossetia chance for salvation (at this point they just killed).

More - more: evening at 18:07, in his LiveJournal blog Nikita White wrote is exactly in the spirit of Saakashvili. "Well, the Rubicon is passed. The war began. The war between Georgia and Russia ... We have today issued a statement ... I do not want to justify Saakashvili. In the situation with South Ossetia, he distinguished himself as a politician, not with the best hand ... but, nonetheless, convinced that Russia in the conflict over South Ossetia should not be the aggressor. Yes, humanitarian assistance, aid to the wounded and refugees. But do not bring troops! "

Thus, White has publicly voiced the opinion that if Saakashvili - just "not the best policy" that Russia - perhaps not the aggressor! And of course, White was quick to declare that "If we're talking about recognition of international law, then we should not refuse to recognize: South Ossetia - a part of another state, that is, in fact, acknowledged ideology of Saakashvili and the West that are inconsistent not only with Russia policy of maintaining stability in the region, but also with the desire of residents of South Ossetia. That is, in fact, played in the information war against Russia.

"The most stupid thing that can happen in these conditions - this is the power response of Russia, the introduction of troops, because such an escalation of the conflict will lead to loss of human life" - sums up White in 18:43 on the tape Interfax.These words sounded when it was already well known that the beating of the residents of Tskhinvali and Russian peacekeepers had been stopped only the appearance of Russian troops in the region.

The position of the White cause, at least, puzzling. Especially against the backdrop of conduct at least the same of the Georgian opposition, which calls for the "war" in South Ossetia to renounce confrontation with the Georgian authorities. "The country has now created a rather complicated situation, is not a time of internal political squabbles, so I, on behalf of his party's" New Right "want to urge all opposition forces in Georgia to observe a moratorium in opposition to the authorities", - said one of its leaders - David Gamkrelidze, a Friday at a briefing in Tbilisi.

It is interesting that while White was trying to present Russia as the "aggressor", not only the "system" the Communist Party or CP, but even these Russian "nesistemschiki, such as" Civil Force ", is also fully guided by public-spirited to 90 % of people with Russian passports in South Ossetia. In particular, the leader of the Civil Power "Michael Barshevsky welcomed the announcement by the Russian leadership on the inadmissibility of the death of compatriots to go unpunished in the Caucasus. "If it is ... a position which will entail a specific effective action, then I think it's right - said Barshevsky. - The government of Georgia makes a huge provocation. Many South Ossetians hold Russian passports. " In his view, the fact that Georgia's aggression unleashed on the day of the Olympic Games said that "President Saakashvili simply mocks the world community."

Apparently, a little later Nikita White will have to explain patriotic party members in the ATP why he, the leader of the Russian "right", the very definition of which includes support for a strong state in the international arena, has joined those who actually makes fun not only of the international community, but and the victims among Russian citizens and military. Likely to explain this White could not even bringing the power of "liberal ideology".

Alexander Tumanov


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