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Parties are allowed to make a voter more money

July 8 2008

The Russian political parties will be an additional incentive to enthrall under its banner as many supporters. Before leaving on vacation the State Duma in three readings passed a law uvelivayuschy state funding of parties who have received a federal election for more than 3% of the vote. The latter, however, as no harm will know that voting for a particular party, they help her not only morally but also financially.

Henceforth, for every vote, the party will get 20 rubles per year instead of the earlier 5. So that we can easily calculate how much richer would the party at the expense of us.

United Russia, won the election with support of 44 million 712 thousand 241 voters, and receive appropriate financial gain in the amount of 900 million rubles. Slightly more than 8 million supporters of his party the Communist Party helped earn about 160 million rubles. "Fair Russia" led to believe in themselves 5 million 383 thousand 639 voters and get rich at 107 million rubles a year. Approximately the same number will receive from the state budget and the LDPR.

Thus, the parties can not only be more than offset their costs in the campaign, but still make good money.

Thus, United Russia had spent on the election campaign one billion 551 million 182 thousand 690.85 rubles. In the second place of the four parliamentary parties for the costs of the campaign in the State Duma - the party "Fair Russia" that spent 720 million 385 thousand 342.16 rubles. Expenditures LDPR Duma campaign was 622 million 235 thousand 455.45 rubles. The Communists have cost a modest 234 million 023 thousand 731.86 rubles.

Other participants of the campaign battles have not reached the promised three-percent barrier, and they can only speculate about the injustice of fate and hope for a better future.

Some, however, decided not to swim against the tide, and to join one of the parties-the lucky ones. Thus, their desire to join the cast of "Fair Russia" said the Social Justice Party. Similar sentiments overwhelmed and leaders of the Agrarian Party of Russia. As for the above mentioned parties, voters, their opinions, it seems, no one asked. But this is trivia.

State support for political parties to exist in many countries around the world. In world practice, distinguished two types of financing of political parties by state: direct and indirect financing. Under indirect funding means free (for games) performance in the state media, giving the party factions free special facilities, tax incentives or exemption from taxation of the party of property (in Portugal, for example, such benefits associated with mandatory participation of the party in general elections and getting it not less than 100 thousand votes in the whole country), free email forwarding, etc. Indirect financing of political parties to date, approximately 50 countries.

53 countries in the world use the practice of direct funding by the state political parties, ie transfer to the party funds from a special fund to be created on the basis of budget allocations. Formally, the state funding was originally introduced for the purpose of reimbursement of parties to participate in the elections, it is considered as significant for the state event.

In Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Sweden and Czech parties receive funds from the state, based on the results of the elections. For example, in Germany, parties receive money from the state based on the results of elections to the European Parliament, the Bundestag and the Diet of land. For every vote, which party won, the state pays her 1 euro.In that case, of course, if the party went half-point barrier (0,5%). But in Britain the party can expect to receive from the state of so-called indirect financing of certain expenses associated with election campaigning.

Alexander Sidorenko


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