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"Hells Angels" Eduard Limonov

July 8 2008

On a completely unexpected scenario began to develop relations between the National Bolsheviks of Eduard Limonov, and liberal-minded part of the opposition. NBP leader gambled on the cons, and human rights activists demand that Limonov clear explanation.

On the last Saturday in Moscow hosted the first congress of political prisoners . The initiator of this event was Eduard Limonov, and the overwhelming number of delegates were members of the banned National Bolshevik Party. Despite the fact that the Congress first talked about the victims of political repression, very soon about the prefix "polit" forgotten and we are talking about prisoners in general.

"We'll talk about the rights of prisoners in general," - said Eduard Limonov, stressing that the Congress was created by the Union prisoners, "and he personally invited to celebrate" Day of the prisoner. " "The most oppressed, you know, Marx were proletarians, and here in Russia is, of course, the prisoners," - said Limonov, proclaiming the new landmarks in opposition activities. Now, I suppose, National Bolsheviks will not rush to the banks or the factory management, advocating for the rights of pensioners and workers, and take by storm jail and prison. In contrast to the more or less versed in the political scheme of pensioners and workers, prisoners seem more promising Limonov electorate.

As stated at the Congress of Limonov's lawyer Sergei Belyakov, "experiencing hardship, people, even who was serving a sentence for a criminal offense, it becomes our ally, it is opposition." "Practically every family has someone who is sitting. We now sits a million people, to me someone said that in 1938 the USSR was sitting less. Can you imagine? And Office Mr. Kalinin actually conducts over the whole of this living hell . So, these "Hell's Angels," and we get together "- is echoed by his Eduard Limonov, is already anticipating the "night of long knives."

For all these frankly shocking statements ordinary reader, somehow lost the view of colleagues Eduard Limonov of the opposition front. And it is, incidentally, was no less surprising.

Human rights activist Alexander Podrabinek wrote an article "The Bolsheviks, as was said," in which actualized the question of the permissibility of cooperation Democrats with the red ", believing that to place" all points of the i bored already in dispute "has not yet been obtained.

The reason for doubt was a final rally at the National Bolsheviks of the Russian Foreign Ministry. "If the Democrats are calling for a respectful attitude towards the neighboring sovereign states, not in words, as does the Russian government, but in fact, the National Bolsheviks advocated the unceremonious interference in the affairs of these states, and even their very existence is not recognized as legitimate. Laws of of view, only Russia's interests, because "Russia - all the rest - nothing!" as they chanted in unison before receiving the Foreign Ministry. Yes, the old slogan still duginskih times, but still alive, as are the very man-national-Bolshevism, "- Podrabinek wrote. Human rights defender and leads a number of claims made by the National Bolsheviks: Russia from Warsaw to Port Arthur, "they chanted before receiving the Foreign Ministry, with the Bolshevik frivolity believing that one can not ignore such" insignificant "countries such as Poland and China." "As for these views of the National Bolsheviks of the Russian democrats believed NBP his political ally - the mind boggles. Unprecedented pluralism within a political union! Not for nothing that said, it seems, Nahum Korzhavin that pluralism in one head - it's schizophrenia "- says Podrabinek./ P>

Human rights activist sure pedaling limonovtsa topic of political prisoners no more than a game to increase the capitalization of his own party. "A halo of victimhood - the trump card National Bolsheviks. Ready to go to jail for their beliefs is really causing the personal respect and the arbitrariness of the authorities creates empathy for their victims. It seeks to convert the sympathy of the NBP in support of the idea of National Bolshevism. Maybe that's why so often Limonov repeat the action, deliberately and knowingly violate the law condemns them to performers in repression. Thus NBP increases their social capitalization - writes. Podrabinek. - It is not difficult to guess exactly what Russia needs is another national-Bolsheviks. You can imagine how wonderful the police state they had built would be if Democrats no longer need to pretend in their hands would have been the real power. You can shudder at the thought of how much it would cost our country and its neighbors to the embodiment of the Bolshevik dream of Russia from Warsaw to Port Arthur. "

Article Podrabinek caused a storm among advocates of the "Other Russia" and "National Assembly". "I can not keep silent, wrote in a community "on the march," the leader of the Committee of Anti-War Action Michael Krieger. - I understand what can cause a flurry of accusations in the split the coalition, a traitor, a spy in favor of Putin's regime, but can not be silent. So we have allies in the National Bolsheviks. Excellent. What do these desperate, heroic (without irony declare!) boys and girls? "I tried to find them on the forum. They were very inhospitable and talk to me about the goals and objectives have refused." Michael Krieger gives quite a not a rhetorical question: "How can I go to storm the fortress in his column, when I do not know how to behave after the seizure of the fortress tower neighbor?" I do not know why this other column, this storm need. " As explained by Mr. Krieger, he wanted to "deal with more open and understandable to the Allies. From which you can not expect any" pig ".'m Not talking about the knife in the back."

Discussion was more than candid. As a result, it became clear that National Bolsheviks are actually not too fond of "invincible arrogant liberals" and above mentioned publication is targeted provocation, "the Daily Journal, which is nothing more than" pdatsdarm ATP, run-PR-NLP technology Inet public and shareholders who "have given a visual signal to the collapse of the" Other Russia ".

By the way, perhaps charmed by the cult of Eduard Limonov's National Bolsheviks did not know that the "provocateur" Podrabinek in 1978, was arrested on charges of slandering the Soviet system (for the book "Punitive Medicine") and sentenced to 5 years of exile in the north-eastern Siberia. Coordinator of the Public Committee in defense of political prisoner Mikhail Trepashkin, organizer of rallies in support of political prisoners Michael Krieger also experienced firsthand all the charm of a prison cell. But, apparently, "Advocacy" NBP applies only to those who agree with their point of view.

And another thing. Day political prisoner has long been celebrated in Russia. October 30, 1974 political prisoners in Mordovia and Permian camps on hunger strike in protest against political repression in the Soviet Union. Since then this day is considered the victims of political repression, in this day, all political prisoners starved together and lit candles in memory of innocent victims. Since 1991, the Supreme Council of 30 October stated officially.

Why Limonov was necessary to offer its own, a nominal party? However, Lemons said about prisoners in general. And this, as they say in Odessa, two big differences. It is useful to remind that the relations between politzekami and ordinary criminals were not peaceful.Political prisoners in prisons and camps were always a more difficult position compared to the criminals, because they were better informed about life in prison, knew the prison order, had some survival skills, were united by their criminal "laws" included in determining the structure of thieves hierarchy . Political prisoners lost them almost all of these items and therefore have been oppressed, obiraemy, worse fed and dressed, lived and worked in more difficult circumstances. In addition, criminals willingly cooperated with the camp authorities, beating and then killing unwanted political prisoners on the direct orders of KGB officers.

Have there been any since then? Hardly. Is it that many political prisoners, "Limonov's" very quickly adapted to the thieves' law a prison cell, showing a sympathy for thieves and murderers than to ideologically alien to them liberals.

Arina Semenova

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