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British homosexuals ask Putin to protect them from the "thugs" Kadyrov

May 8 2007

British gays written to Vladimir Putin. About a hundred British subjects appealed to Russian President with persistent request to restore "peace and justice in Chechnya. "We can no longer remain silent in the face of continued human rights violations and war crimes in Chechnya - said in a letter published yesterday in" The Independent ". - Despite the devastating evidence of human rights organizations about the ongoing war crimes in Chechnya and stopping the mouths of human rights defenders and independent journalists, the international community remains silent. "

Among the initiators of the letter are familiar with the situation in Chechnya, Lord Judd and the famous campaigner for gay rights, Peter Tatchell. "It's brutal war on the threshold of Europe, against which barely raises his voice the U.S. and Britain or the European Union," said Peter Tatchell, adding that President Putin and his chosen pro-Russian Chechen president, do nothing to solve the underlying problems that gave rise to conflict, then While the Russian president "was directly responsible for the bloodshed." According to the authors of the letter, Putin clearly hopes that the election of his protege - "scumbags," Ramzan Kadyrov will silence critics of his policy of "appeasement" in Chechnya, devastated by two wars of independence against the Russian.

This is not the first claim of British gays to President Putin. Previously, the order of 20 leading UK organizations to protect the rights of sexual minorities has performed in front of the Russian embassy in London rally against the ban a gay pride parade in Moscow. Speaking at the rally, the leader of the British movement for the rights of sexual minorities in organizations "OutRage!" Peter Tatchell said: "The Mayor says he supports democracy. Democracy - is respect for minority rights. The right to sexual self-determination and the right to protest - is the fundamental human rights that every democratic country must be respected," - said Tatchell.

Obviously, for the British gay human rights violations in Chechnya and in Russia - the links in a chain. In this case, homosexuals should not be taken as a puny weakling, who is ready to lord it over anyone. Piece of modern gay - physically strong and intellectually developed person. For example, the same Peter Tatchell is known for his research on homosexual Jesus Christ. "We do not know what was Jesus: straight, gay, bisexual or even celibate. The Church is no evidence that he was straight. Nothing in the Bible does not speak of the desire of Jesus' relationship with a woman. The possibility of a gay Christ can not be excluded. So there is no evidence of heterosexuality of Jesus, the theological basis of Church homophobia is all the more precarious and insecure, "says a British human rights activist.

With regard to Ramzan Kadyrov, then he really should be wary of Peter Tatchell, who not only can stand up for themselves, but also put to rout any enemy. For example, how it happened Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe. When President Mugabe passed through the lobby of London Hotel "Hilton", Tatchell toward him, shouting: "I arrest you for torture ...". Fortunately for the president, his bodyguards pushed Tatchell in a corner and gave the president quietly pass. However, the brave defender kept his head and rushed to catch up with his opponent. Mugabe has already sat in the car when Tatchell ran across the path of the car. And again, only thanks to the vigilance of the guard, who beat the brave gay president managed to avoid punishment.

ak became known, Mr. Tatchell is determined, in case of refusal to take on Putin, Ramzan Kadyrov, the appropriate measures - personally go to Russia to drop Kadyrov to the presidency. The obvious questions about who should be the head of Chechnya, the British had already stashed a response. As the site says "Russian Line" , they can become politbezhenets, former deputy prime minister of Maskhadov's government emissary who was assassinated in March 2005, "the president of Ichkeria Aslan Maskhadov, Akhmed Zakayev, condemning the" inhuman methods of Russian aggressors. "

Most likely, the visit of Peter Tatchell will coincide with the holding in Moscow gay pride parade, after which the delegation will travel to Chechnya peacekeepers. The English Democrats are hoping that a healthy political forces in Russia would support their initiative. "Our intention is to draw public attention to the horrific situation in Chechnya and to convince President Putin to do everything in his power to restore peace and order in Chechnya," the statement says the British.

Dmitry Nosov


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