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"Nibbler" Mitrokhin was a victim of psychotronic terrorists

May 8 2007

Psychotronic Mafia kills people of Russia! Russians every day behind the scenes are horrific torture. Armed with torsion mafia is hand and machine radars that emit high-frequency currents, which irradiate people, burning or damaging their internal organs.

Radars put in a car in front of the radiator grille to outside so that it could not be seen and chasing people. Lie in wait at pedestrian crossings across the road, on the bend in the road, near the parking machines and is exposed at close range. There are armed with psychotronic mafia and ultrasound machines, with the killing of former Mayor Questionnaire Petersburg, Anatoly Sobchak. These findings are contained in the report of an activist of the party "Yabloko" Nikolai Borovkov of Sayanogorsk , calling the Russian president, and all sensible political forces to draw attention to this disorder and to take immediate action.

Of course, that the Yabloko party, pay maximum attention to the social and environmental problems, immediately responded to the signal from the field. Already on April 15 ecologists from the Yabloko party, publicly declared the existing problem at the rally "For Moscow, the green!" , conducted jointly with the Charter "DRUGG" famous magician and charlatan Grigory Grabovoi. Two weeks later, on May Day rally in the fight against the mafia involved more torque and Moscow Committee of Ecology home " . "The protesters came up with the slogans:" The ruling psychotronic Mafia kills people of Russia "," Closing the safe houses psychotronic terrorists, "" We - the target wave psi-weapons, we zombiruyut, torment, kill, "" Down with the apartment psychotronic gulags "and others", website writes "

According to the chairman of the Moscow Committee of Ecology home Alla Petukhova, there are now neurocomputers by which any person can connect through his aura. "The program in neurocomputer man gives some thoughts. He takes other people's ideas as their own. And this is the worst thing" - she says. Unfortunately, Ally Yakovlevna assumption seems justified.

As it became known "Elektorat.Info" , the Yabloko faction in the Moscow City Duma, headed by Sergei Mitrokhin decided to raise the issue of the Moscow City Council in the purposeful use of psychotronic weapons against members of the Yabloko faction - the United Democrats. "He (Sergei Mitrokhin. - Comm. aut.) suspects that the torsion feeds and neyrokompyutery installed in located in the alley in front of a gay magazine "Indigo," and was created solely to serve as their cover, "- writes the Internet edition.

After learning about this initiative, psychotronic terrorists to escape retribution, and inflicted a surgical strike at the heart of the democratic movement - Sergei Mitrokhin. At least, nothing else except zombie consciousness, to explain the subsequent actions of the Moscow Yabloko not. For no reason at all, Sergei Mitrokhin decided to ask the prosecutor to initiate criminal proceedings under Part 1 of Article 129, Article 207 and Article 319 of the Criminal Code against the authors of materials on the atrocities psychotronic mafia.

"May 4, 2007 in Internet, with reference to my name, the Yabloko party, Grigory Yavlinsky and other party activists were reports that security forces and other government agencies used against the citizens' psychological and physical weapons," - says Sergei Mitrokhin.- This information is not only untrue, defamed my honor and dignity, undermining my reputation in the eyes of colleagues and constituents. Using the authority of the Yabloko party, the authors of articles cast a shadow on the authorities of the Russian Federation. "Frankly, this is the first time that opposition Mitrokhin so close to the heart perceive attempts to criticize the authorities. At the same time, Sergei Mitrokhin, for some reason believes that the allegations thrown to the side of power, are "an act of revenge for the faithful performance by me of my parliamentary duties."

However, it is possible that the democratic movement has lost one of their leaders in September last year when Sergei Sergeyevich (not otherwise under the influence of torsion irradiators), rushed to Moscow Police Major Yuri Terletski and bit his finger. More precisely, even with two fingers. The certificate issued by a police officer ambulance doctor, "was recorded" causing bites third and fourth fingers. " Given that the harmful rays can be irradiated not only citizens but also law enforcement officials, Sergei Mitrokhin, an elementary could get from his victim, which subsequently facilitated the zombie Mitrokhin.

Certainly, prosecutors should conduct the most thorough investigation of the incident, but first of all necessary emergency medical care to the applicant himself. Nobody knows in what state is now the deputy of Moscow City Council and which irreversible processes are taking place in his body. So, you must first save the person, and then a broad democratic front to oppose the torque Mafia ejected from our ranks the best people.

Arina Semenova

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