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Kashcheeva kingdom Sergei Mironov

March 8 2007

In a dispute between political gain and personal responsibility for the fate of Russia leader of "Fair Russia" chose the second option. Sergei Mironov, it seems, chose to forgo a loss of interest in regional elections than lose his honor and conscience.

As previously reported, the choice before Sergei Mikhailovich was not easy. On the one hand, to exclude from the party man, one of the leaders of the electoral list, just before the election - the equivalent of suicide. On the other - to leave the party convinced fringe anti-Semite, too, was impossible. Priyantha right decision, oddly enough, helped to Sergey Mironov, the young Communist Krasnoyarsk Roman Burlak, appealed to the leaders "SR" an open letter in which, and outlined his view backed up by facts on the future while still acting deputy regional Sachs, a member of A Just Russia Oleg Pashchenko.

"Sergey, I ask you to publicly express their views on the man who puts the leader of Just Russia" in one company with the leader of the movement of the skin. "With regard to human, obscure, even bahvalyaschegosya his anti-Semitic views. On a person who is clearly in your launched back in the Legislative Assembly of Krasnoyarsk Territory, not realizing that this most irreparable harm to the image "A Just Russia. Dear Sergey, there is still time, still not too late to cast shame Oleg Pashchenko from the ranks of political party" Fair Russia: Homeland / Pensioners / Life ". In doing so, you give clear understanding that you are strongly against making" Fair Russia "party in the anti-Semites," - says Roman Burlak Sergei Mironov .

And so, he receives a response: "Dear Roman Ivanovich, Thank you for contacting me. I have already made a policy decision to exclude from a political party" Fair Russia: Motherland / Pensioners / Life "O. Pashchenko. A few days ago held the Politburo of the Political Party Fair Russia: Homeland / Pensioners / Life ", and we will issue the decision in accordance with the statute. The President of the Federation Council, Chairman of the Political Party" Fair Russia: Homeland / Pensioners / Life "Sergei Mironov"

Roman Burlak agreed specifically for comment on the situation:

- The latest information: the answer came from Sergei Mikhailovich Mironov - from his e-reception "Mironov.Ru. The essence of the text that's what - that should be thanked for reporting information and further stated that Mironov agreed in principle to exclude Pashchenko of their political party. And in accordance with the Charter of the political party at the next Political Bureau, they exclude it.

In principle, I believe that this is the right thing, because about a man who admits such comments about their fellow citizens, in principle, other solutions can not be. Other solutions I did not expect. Had no idea that other things can be. I am heartened by the fact that he answered the way in this situation was to answer any sane person.

- The fact that he has already declared in the list as a candidate in Krasnoyarsk deputies? But more clearly continuous room?

- I believe that this situation should resolve Valery Zubov - the first person in their party list. This situation is entirely left to his conscience. I doubt that he initially did not know about the activities Oleg Pashchenko, when he took it to the list.Now, in connection with the recent decision Mironova, I think that this will be his responsibility. Since they launched it, when he was still a member of A Just Russia, despite the fact that Zubov all know now it will be on his conscience. Everything will depend on his position. Although, in principle, the outcome of the case can be resolved and the voters.

- But how? Voters also voted for the list, the party takes place - and all ...

- Well, then it will be purely a gift from Krasnoyarsk voters Valery Zubov - they had four years will be like this MP. His last term of the deputy, who he was with us, he published remarks that are close to those around which the scandal. For example, at the top, it publishes about the Congress of "Fair Russia", and below information about the Movement Against Illegal Immigration and interviews with the leader of one of the branches Skinhead movement in Krasnoyarsk. They've got a correspondent Oleg Emelianenko, who regularly pulls out of there characters. Finds these figures and publish them in Krasnoyarsk newspaper.

In this paper such publications are leaking since 1993. They were at one time they had there was a "Solntsevorot" - well, this is such a swastika. And all these characters, ranging from the RNU, all such public in them there with surprising regularity published.

- All too olgo for such a scandalous case of Sergei Mikhailovich you answered ...

- In my opinion it is best understood this situation Boris Kagarlitsky Yul'evich. Perhaps, indeed, Mironov something in itself not a bad person. Maybe he really wanted to create a left-wing party. But the problem is that when it was set up, dial it it was from different people. But, as abstractly put Kagarlitsky, former Waffen SS veterans always from time to time to pull on the old.

And if Mironov will expel them, then, on the one hand, it will be good. Other figures who are with him, somehow otsekutsya - maybe. Maybe someone decides to withdraw himself from the party. On the other hand, generally all, this situation could impact negatively on the "Just Russia" in general. Apparently, Mironov feared for the whole party as a whole. Maybe that's why for so long has made a decision. But I am glad that he made the right decision and saved his party and Krasnoyarsk as a whole from such a deputy.

- Why did the press office of Fair Russia, Mironov did not report on the scandal over the Krasnoyarsk candidate? They're the monitored media, watching the situation around the party?

- I was tormented by this question, too. After all, Mironov even got himself online reception! It is logical to assume that this is done to speed up responses to the treatment of citizens. Especially on such a serious topic for the party.

My message was read in the Internet-reception on February 27. And that, ten days to think over it? They could have at least an interim answer to give. Mol, understand the situation. Sorry, ten days to think over a simple question: "Is every Russian man is by nature an anti-Semite or not - is, say, a long time.

- In your opinion, retarded assistants Mironov?

- It is possible that option. When I managed to get Mironov through their own channels - through their friends, the process went. I started to receive sms-ki that "Mironov already thinks and decides how best to do everything." Such feedback is provided through my personal friends, and not through the apparatus Mironov.

- So you had to go Mironov workarounds?

- Indeed yes. I understand that the official way - through the official website - everything would be different. This letter is lying there still would be years.Originally my idea was simply a human being write a letter to Mironov. But I realized that if you write a letter through the Federation Council, it it may just never see. Then he decided to use Internet-reception.

But finally decided to post a letter to the media - that it went public reaction and assistants Mironov quickly brought to him the situation. However, when no response, I was forced to connect their friends. I tried to use all the friends who could help me in this matter. I have done everything possible information to reach Mironov, and not "lost" in its environment.

- Many friends had to intervene?

- About ten people. I had somehow or other informal channels to communicate - in touch, ring up - with many people. The first sms-ka came to me earlier in the week. I was informed that Mironov knows everything and decide. That's so informal, so to say, I solved the problem. Through his personal acquaintance. And then one day it's another similar message - already from another friend.

- It's strange that you had in this way to break through to Mironov. He, like, open person. At least, that's right positions itself ... Moreover, there was not an ordinary situation.

- Chairman of the Federation Council - this is not the last person in the state. And to determine whether this was a newspaper with such speech Pashchenko, for it is not difficult. He could have instructed his assistants to check the information received. And then, seeing that this is not a provocation, to take prompt action.

Could all this be done quickly - find, watch, sure. Make sure that this newspaper was, and it was precisely such speech Pashchenko. This is not difficult. Especially for the party it must be really important. I even consulted with your friends - Do not send me a copy of this shameful Mironov newspaper mail. All too long been considered the situation. Just a ridiculous one. He that is not informed at all? How is this to understand?

Do not rule out that the important post of "Fair Russia", which is entrusted with informing the party leader, came to people like Pashchenko. Apparently, the way it is. As I was later told the party environment associated with the Krasnoyarsk newspaper, shares his rhetoric. I know that in other regional offices of Fair Russia have such figures. In Samara, Tyumen is they have there are "interesting" characters, including deputies of the Legislative Assembly. And their antics akin to the tricks Pashchenko.

- Thank you.


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