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Putin told what will be Russia in the XXI century

February 8 2008

Speaking Friday at an expanded meeting of the State Council of Russia, President Vladimir Putin summed up his board and outlined the features of the country's development over the long term. In fact, the president announced a program of nation-building until 2020 and the vector for the future.

Speaking in St. George's Hall in the Kremlin, the president touched on a wide range of issues. "Finishing second round as President of the Russian Federation consider it necessary to say that it was done in recent years" - he said, beginning his statement.

Vladimir Putin noted that over the past 8 years, Russia has overcome economic and political crisis, decided issues of regional separatism, and the inefficiency of government. Were overcome by growth trends of mortality and fertility decline. "And, finally, Russia has returned to the world stage as a strong nation. The state, which are considered and which can stand up for themselves - the president said. - We have accumulated serious foreign policy capital and he is working on the development of the country in protecting the interests of citizens and their national business. "

"Our children will not have to pay our old debts. The state foreign debt has shrunk to 3% of GDP, which is considered one of the lowest ratios in the world ", - Vladimir Putin, speaking at the State Council.

"We really have something to be proud of for the last 8 years. But we can not stop and rest on what has been done on what is achieved ", - said the president. The most important task for the future Russia, Vladimir Putin sees the transition to an innovative path of development, care of "inertia, energy and raw materials scenario.

"I want to emphasize, I want it all to understand. The pace of innovative development must be substantially higher than those we have today. Yes, this is much more complicated. He is more ambitious and requires maximum effort from government, business and society. But in reality we have no choice not "- said the president.

"What might be a choice between the opportunity to become a leader in economic and social development, to ensure the security of the country and the loss of economic position in the field of security and ultimately a loss of sovereignty. Russia should become the most attractive country for life. And, sure we can do it without sacrificing the present for some radiant future. On the contrary, day after day to improve people "- he stressed.

Russia's future, according to Putin, depends on education and health, and their desire to excel and use their talents. Therefore, the development rights - is the main goal and essential condition for progress in modern society

The major areas of activity, according to the president, should be for the state education ("In the coming years to ensure the transition to the education standards of the new generation), health, family, housing and security of citizens. Russia must become the best of opportunities for career growth in Russia should be provided with high standards of living, the president said.

The country's economy must be competitive. "Ultimately, Russia must become one of the world's financial centers. And it is natural in such a volume of international reserves ", - said Russian President.

Turning to issues of foreign policy Vladimir Putin said a disappointing development of international relations: "It is obvious that the world has entered a new arms race - said the president. - Unfortunately, not from us, it depends, is not we who began it. "

p align = "justify"> «We are trying to convince them that these actions are not directed against Russia. In this case, our concerns are legitimate, there is a constructive response. Conversations on this topic a lot, but it is all our partners use, unfortunately, and with an aching heart is forced to admit no more than an information and diplomatic cover for carrying out their own plans "- summed up the president.

"I stress that the world is not easy, - said Putin - and harder and harder. We have seen how under the guise of high slogans of freedom and open society, and sometimes destroyed the sovereignty of countries and entire regions. How about the loud rhetoric about free trade and investment in most developed economies and countries around the world intensified protectionism. "

"In such circumstances it is important to stay firm and shutter speed to avoid being drawn into costly confrontation, including destructive for our economy and draining our economy, a new arms race - said the head of state. - We are self-sufficient country and we are not going to shut down, isolated from the outside world. I am confident that an independent, pragmatic and responsible policy will enable Russia to strengthen its international authority as a reliable and trustworthy partner. "

Yevgeny Mikhailov


Vladimir Putin's speech to comment on «» Chairman of the Board of directors "Pravda.Ru" Vadim Gorshenin and political scientist, Director of the Institute of Political Studies Sergei Markov.

Vadim Gorshenin:

- The president has set fairly ambitious targets for further development of the country. Such problems have not been for a long time - the former heads of state did not pay them enough attention. All the forces rushed to implement some kind of tactical, short-term goals - like the notorious Food Program since the late Soviet Union ...

Now talking about strategic program - to take at least the president's words about the technological breakthrough, or that Russia should become a world financial center.

However, it should be noted that Vladimir Putin has set feasible (if it were not so, then he would not have it, perhaps, to speak). That is, the head of state assured that there is a team that can realize the goals outlined in the statement today.

Sergey Markov:

- I think the problem are ambitious and at the same time practicable. Putin is well aware that it is possible to combine. Recall that if all men were told 8 years ago that the Chechen problem is completely resolved, that the economy will double the standard of living will double, which will create immense reserves and given all the debt - no one would have believed it! And we have it all done and it is possible to do what he said. For this to work, work and work to create modern structures, etc.


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