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GQ about Putin: "duck" is not the first freshness

September 7 2009

The blog and the media sphere is discussed "scandal" associated with the absence of a Russian version of the September issue of "GQ" article on Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Supporters of the opposition is pressing the thesis of "bloody censorship," experts in the field of advertising and PR technologies admire resourcefulness of his colleagues from glamorous political publications.

To return the day before yesterday soup or fresh meat is not too original appeal, some catering staff is charged with the product all kinds of spices, in order to neutralize the unpleasant smell. A similar device was used in journalism, when around one or another of the material creates an aura of mystery.

This past weekend in the Russian blogosphere has started to spread, "forbidden and confiscated" article by American journalist Scott Anderson, "Vladimir Putin: an ominous rise to power," in which he performs with the assumption that the explosions in Moscow in 1999, houses were organized by the Russian authorities.

Publication is based on the story of former FSB officer Mikhail Trepashkin and, as experts say, contains nothing new or sensational. However, the cause of the scandal was not even this circumstance and the fact that the article not only has not been translated for publication in the Russian version of the magazine, but, as noted in the memo, signed by the owners of the lawyer Jerry Birentsa edition, is forbidden to publish an article on the Web magazine website, send a copy of GQ in Russia or show it off to Russian officials or journalists, as well as reproduce it in any publications media holding company abroad, or in any way advertise the material.

Of course, that some analysts immediately linked with the violation of this prohibition in Russia of democratic rights and freedoms. This is, in particular, in an interview with Ekho Moskvy, said the head of the Civil Liberties Foundation Alexander Goldfarb: ... and this is due to pressure, which in the publisher Conde Nast, a tremendous journal-newspaper publisher, seems to have had in Moscow. " Mikhail Khodorkovsky's lawyer Robert Amsterdam, in turn, expressed confidence that "the fact that GQ had buried the article indicates how extensive the Kremlin's control." "On the one hand, they try not to invite the wrath of Russian authorities and continue to do business in the country could understand, - the lawyer and professor at the University of Minnesota mediaetiki Jane Kirtley - but on the other hand, it is clear that this story in Russia will still receive and read "- quoted expert referring to National Public Radio (NPR) .

The latter thesis was replicated by Russian bloggers.

in the U.S. GQ published an article that did not dare to publish a Russian-language version of the publication

"I do not read GQ, and not going, I'm fairly internet. And I for whatever reason, acute political article published in the American journal is not held in its Russian version.

Article may, ordinary, but if we ban something to read - we are half tresnem, a blueprint of the hand we rewrite in the stomach in the capsule will carry through the Bolivian border - but read. But all what? Because what we most read nation in the world, here's why.

Of course, there is not anything special, but after all this we have some reason no one knows.

In a word, no matter what supporters say about Putin's lack of novelty, if the authorities hide, then in the investigation of an American journalist is something still there.

p style = "text-align: justify;"> It must be admitted that the information provocation failed. The speed with which the above mentioned article appeared first in one of the most popular American blogs in Russian , "Hey, you can read an article about Putin banned here" and then spread to the Russian blogosphere, can not fail to impress.

A little later, it became clear that no prohibited article. "To be withdrawn, the article should be published - says on Radio Ekho Moskvy editor in chief of GQ Russia Nikolai Uskov. - I have not received any prohibition on publication of an article by Mr. Anderson. I was not going to publish it, because in this article there is absolutely nothing new. It's a rehash of stories that were discussed at the beginning of zero. sensational revelations about the Kennedy assassination, the landing Americans on the moon, of explosions on Sept. 11 or the involvement of Putin's terrorist attacks in Moscow did not interest me more than the theory of Judeo-Masonic conspiracy. That there is no interest. Friends, you all have read, perhaps, this story. Do you think that Russia's GQ, who interviewed Litvinenko in particular have much in January 2005, began to tire his readers that recyclables. Instead, we In September an exclusive prison diary of Khodorkovsky in October - a chapter from the unpublished memoirs of Mikhail Kasyanov. That's curious. "

It is obvious that this scandal is clearly went for the benefit of specializing in glamor edition. Indeed, the prison diaries of Mr. Khodorkovsky, who did not prohibit anyone, did not arouse much interest among a wide range of readers and journalists. But the alleged prohibited article on writing which the author seems to have spent too much time rewriting an earlier interview he himself has become an event of which reported on both sides of the ocean.

Arina Semenova

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