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Alexander Dugin: "Scientologists are preparing the coming of Satan"

August 7 2007

Unlike other totalitarian sects, "specialized" recruiting people into their ranks a little wealth, the Church of L. Ron Hubbard (Church of Scientology) primarily relies on businessmen and politicians. The calculation is simple: much easier to recruit into its ranks the head of a large firm or a political party to dismiss him after his ideas to the masses. In the West, to the Scientologists have long make claims. For example, in Germany, Scientology is under the supervision of the Constitutional Court, as an organization hostile to the constitutional principles of freedom and democracy. In this case, according to the German employees of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Scientologists are collected in Germany, information about policies at various levels, hoping to use them to change their status at the legislative level.

No less urgent is the problem of penetration into the power of sectarian and Russia. Widely known story about a Russian ties Scientologists with one of the former leaders of the party "Union of Right Forces, Sergei Kiriyenko, who now heads the Federal Atomic Energy Agency. Causes fear and the presence of Scientology in the upper house of Russian parliament - the Federation Council. At least two senators - Rafgat Altynbayev and Alexander Podlesov, if you believe the media , are followers of the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard. As, however, and their fellow political party Fair Russia, Secretary of the Politburo "CP" Nicholas Levichev.

About what is dangerous cult Scientology, and what the consequences could penetrate its adherents to state authorities, said the leader of the "Eurasian Movement", the head of Center for Geopolitical Expertise Alexander Dugin:

- First, Scientology - a new form of pseudo-religion, which focuses on values such as personal success, advancement, enrichment and well-being. It is very significant that the aims and objectives of all Scientologists are strictly coincide with the "Church of Satan by Anton LaVey. In essence, and there, and there we see the same system of values: personal success, career, enjoyment and effectiveness in this life, and not the next.

But in this connection to Satanism does not end there. Church of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, was a member of the American movement of Thelema, founded in the early twentieth century, Aleister Crowley, who was aware of himself "Beast 666" and set a task to implement the revolutionary practice of "equinoctial storm." To this end, representatives of "Thelema" implemented in a variety of structures: a communist, a fascist party, etc., so that through them to influence policy and to prepare a global satanic coup.

Ron Hubbard, as a native of the Thelemic movement, took out a basic model on the effect on people. So that the Church of Scientology can be regarded as one of the areas of cooperative planetary Satanism, having kroulinskie roots and only slightly modified. For example, Scientologists have not practiced the worship kozlogolovym and kopytonogim beings, public orgies, massive eating babies, that is what is engaged Thelemites. But otherwise all the goals and objectives remain the same.

Penetration of the Church of Scientology, or, indeed, the Church of Satan in Russia and its influence on political power was in the mid-80's. As a springboard Scientology was elected Nizhny Novgorod, where he had been recruited by people who later become leaders of the liberal-democratic movement - Boris Nemtsov, Sergey Kiriyenko, etc.Due to the fact that they were on top of his political career in the 90 years of Satanic cult was almost completely under control of Russian politics. But now, after the lapse of time, the influence of Scientology on the SFOR remains very serious.

In this regard, "Fair Russia" - a phenomenon quite different order. They do not belong neither liberalism nor personal success or the value of career development, as do the classical Scientologists. But let's not forget that Crowley put his students the task implemented in all organizations and political parties, irrespective of their ideological model. So, he Crowley tried to get to Stalin in the 30 years, so in the Thelemic movement have experience of infiltration, even in a left-centrist party.

I think that Levichev and other members of the Just Russia is hardly aware of themselves that they are agents of satanic cults and prepare "a storm of the equinoxes, to ensure the coming of Satan. On the other hand, the same Kiriyenko formally disown ties with Dianetics. Although I, as an expert on cults and secret societies, I can say that there are some organizations where you can enter, but where it is impossible to get out. But even more scandalous that Levichev, unlike Kiriyenko, is not trying to distance itself from Scientology. Thus, it can be concluded that the parliamentary elections is the party professing to worship the devil. And I would not be surprised if Mironov knows about it.

Recently, we have to pay to religion people who get into power, headed by political forces. I think that the "Fair Russia" because of the involvement of Nicholas Levicheva to the Scientology church should withdraw from the elections because we are talking about the threat of political security.

As for Sergei Mironov, then I know that he is an atheist. And when it turns out that the chief ideologue of the party - a Satanist, and many of its members also represent the Church of Scientology, what kind of life they celebrate? After all, in fact all of life from God. God gives life to man, and country life God gives. And the Party of Life without God - is very similar to those satanic models: the life, career, etc..

- So maybe it is so, and went from the name of the Party of Life to ...

- To cover up this destructive nature of his views. Of course! He simply masked. Generally, a person of Sergei Mironov pretty. I only fear that his six formations, and he loves stones and ideology more than people. But this can be explained by personal strangeness. Likely Sergei Mikhailovich was in this hardcover chance ... But still need to find out whether he had passed courses Dianetics. I think this should do the FSB.

But the presence of "Fair Russia" this ideology as Levichev really worried. If Levichev - Scientologist, it means a threat to social, moral and intellectual security. In addition, it will allow observers from different countries say that Russia formally restrict the spread of Protestantism, but give the green way Satanists. If we do not know what is the church of Scientology, in the West know, and say: "That's the essence of the new Russian regime. This mode of Satanists." Therefore, Sergey, if sane people must get rid of these criminal and damaging its components.

- A Chubais - Satanist?

- I think not. According to the ideology of liberal he is, but as far as I know, he did not belong to these structures. But I want to say this: while there are certain political and government leaders who recognize that they are Scientologists, let's deal with them. And then we will deal with the secret agents of satanic cults.And it turns out that we are devaluing the idea, if we suspect of Satanism all. Maybe Chubais and satanist, but I have not heard about it. I know that Kiriyenko, head Scientologist Minatom - is an anomaly. I know that Levichev-Scientologist is the party's ideology, which goes to the Duma, and expects to take place there - is an anomaly. Chubais - is, in my opinion, too, an anomaly, but for other reasons.


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