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In bed with Vladimir Putin

July 7 2006

Internet-conference of Russian President Vladimir Putin was expected with great impatience. The feeling that you, the privileged part of society, which has a direct and immediate relevance to the Internet community can ask a question to the president himself - warmed the heart of even the skeptical, who do not believe in anything, except for an added bonus in a computer game, the drop-down once a month. And because it does not matter - reach for your question to the president or not come. Index - the participation and the opportunity then to tell their descendants, as you asked yourself Putin.

Perhaps the reason most of the questions took the form of ... shall we say, not very serious. Come if you occasionally to the site Udaff.kom? How do you feel about the awakening of Cthulhu? Why do game boy is 4000 rubles. not 1000? Imagine that you - Elf. For you being chased by evil Orcs. Do you with a bow and arrow, you are perfectly shot from a bow and can kill with one shot Orca. The problem is that the arrows you have five, and Orc's after you ten. What will you do?

On the humorous questions from the president expect the same humorous responses, but the Internet community has been severely disappointed - the president did exactly the opposite. Most of the issues of extreme left-overs, but some of the most topical problems of modern youth, Vladimir Putin gave an answer.

For example, question 17-year-old Anastasia, do you remember your first sex president, Vladimir Putin openly said he did not remember the exact date, but is ready right here and now to say "when did the last time to the nearest minute. And one of the most popular questions from Russian Internet users, "Will the Russian Federation to use for the defense of its borders huge bots?" The president replied that he did not exclude this possibility, stressing that "without human intervention is still impossible. And finally, the third, long tormented Russians the question of how Putin refers to the awakening of Cthulhu (imaginary creature from the works of American writer HP Lovecraft), Vladimir Putin also responded with all seriousness: "I am generally suspicious attitude to all kinds of otherworldly forces. If someone wants to apply to the true values, then it is better to read the Bible, the Talmud or the Koran. There will be more useful, "- said the President.

But responding to other, more serious, but pretty overexposed questions, Putin allowed himself a little mischief.

For example, when an ordinary citizen of London inquired about the circumstances under which Russia will shut down the gas in Western Europe, Vladimir Putin, ahead of additional questions leading the conference, he rushed into battle.

- Can I ask you a question? How much is your necklace? About - he asked.

- I am glad to say that several hundred pounds.

- Well, well. You could not sell it for five cents or one dollar? It is unlikely that you agree with that, right?

- Since you are President of Russia ...

- President - maybe. In order to confirm a close relationship between Britain and Russia - can be. But now the man on the street is unlikely you give it for nothing. Why should Russia for a song to give their property and its natural resources to other partners, equal to us in the international arena? Russia within 15 years, supplying its nearest neighbors with gas at non-market prices and within 15 years annual cost to provide practical assistance in the amount of 3 to 5 billion U.S. dollars annually.

The undoubted leader among the questions, get support about 16,000 internet users was the question about the reasons which pushed Putin to act strange.In late June, almost all TV channels showed the plot, in which Vladimir Putin, stroll through the Kremlin and talking to tourists, suddenly began to speak with that boy and the ... kissed his belly. "It seemed to me very independent, you know, very serious. And at the same time, the child is always naked, and was a very nice boy. I'll tell you honestly, I just wanted it so squeezed, like a kitten, but there is a desire led to the gesture to which you referred. pure emotion. Nothing in this is simply no "- taken aback Putin Russians eager sensation and is already nominated a lot of versions of what happened.

In general, the president expected the new aphorisms like "wet in the toilet" or "she was drowned." But Vladimir Putin, this time "slipped". And even a plea from the lead to look into the soul of the American President George W. Bush, Russian leader remained true to himself: "I believe that George W. Bush - a decent man. And it is for me a very comfortable partner with whom you can not just talk, but can be negotiate.

So it seems that foreign and foreign correspondents have to switch their attention to the American friend, Vladimir Putin, unlike his Russian counterpart have long pereplyunuvshego Matera aphorisms Viktor Chernomyrdin.

- Hopefully a good sleep on a friendly basis

- I think young workers - especially young workers have been promised benefits the government - promises have been promised. A benefit we can not pay. Such are cases.

- In the interests of our country to find those who are willing to harm us and send them straight to hell.

- I spend a lot of time on the program of Welfare. That really likes. I like this work. " I think it's in me says the feeling of motherhood.

- Work with me to this - to think beyond his nose.

- I want to thank those present here astronauts - brave destroyers space, filing such a wonderful example of young people of our country.


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