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"Motherland" has given a roll

May 7 2009

Volgograd experts argue that the roll of the statue of Mother Motherland on Mamaev Hill in Volgograd is close to the critical state. Media are sounding the alarm: the repair of the "miracle of Russia required 220 million rubles, which in the federal budget is not, and if they appear, the money must be stolen.

The story of the sculpture of the incident is repeated each spring. And each time the "experts" warn of a critical point allowable roll, which can withstand the 85-meter monument. According to the director FGUK "State Historical and Memorial Museum" Stalingrad Battle "Alexander Velichkina, horizontal displacement of the top of the sculpture is now was 211 millimeters, or 75% of the admissible calculations (by the monument in a project called the tolerance is critical sculptures in 272 millimeters) . alarming and status of groundwater, which rose to 4 meters and actually came to the base of the monument.

Incidentally, a year ago, a team of experts "Volgogradgidroprovodstroya on results conducted on Mamaev Hill geodetic studies concluded:" The Motherland "deviated by 212 mm. A year earlier, the examination recorded a roll of 206 mm. However, neither in 2007 nor in 2008 with Mr. Velichkin did not have any fears for the fate of the pride of Volgograd.

"State of the main sculpture is satisfactory and that there is no doubt. Her roll in the normal range, crack growth does not occur," - he says in an interview with RIA Novosti . And, speaking of the possible problems, soothes: "Now we check the three elevated water tanks, which are located behind the monument," Motherland ". There is a suspicion that one of these tanks flows and water goes to the foundation of the sculpture. [...] Today we can can not install go from groundwater under the main monument, the water passes through the retaining wall of the memorial. Where does the water is not clear. We will make hydrological surveys and to conduct all necessary investigations. We think that the problem is one of the tanks. "

It soothes and readers Volgograd Internet portal , explaining that the reasons for concern, "there is a year-round monitoring of the statue," "made great restoration work within it, even the new ropes, that once, despite the presence in the project forgot to do, and those found "etc. With regard to groundwater, then, if water logging continues, the opportunities and challenges. It is in the distant future, maybe in 50 years, the sculpture should be translate into a solid material.

By said Director of the Volgograd branch of the Institute of Energy Structures Gennady Mazhbitsa, Motherland heels almost from the day of installation and the process is at a rate of 1 - 1.5 millimeters per year. The same is said and leader of the group of climbers, memorial service, Sergey Shiryaev: "Sculpture is constantly fluctuates and deviates slightly from the guideline. Maintain balance helps a lot of rope - 117. Serious damage to structures not yet observed. each year, but it" falls to 1 2.5 mm and, alas, inevitable process. We have in stock a few years to find a technology support. Possibly be translated "The Motherland" in a more solid material. For example, decorate the statue of bronze, and then remove the remnants of the reinforced concrete foundation.

Experts are quite skeptical and claimed critical point roll. "The draft of the statue is irreversible dangerous roll in general is not specified.There are no analogies to this construction during the construction of the monument-ensemble does not exist. Therefore, the expected stability of the structures Vuchetich very approximate, based on an acceptable roll ... high silos. This explains the well-known figure - 272 millimeter deviations from the vertical axis "- explains Mr. Mazhbits.

So the problem is, by and large are not in danger of collapse of the monument (although it can not be discounted), and in matters of financial support for repairs.

As mentioned above, no problems with the reconstruction of sculpture, Mr. Velichkin: the work was done, money is properly received. According to him, the Federal Agency for Culture and Cinematography of its obligations in 2008, has fully complied with. Museum-Reserve "Battle of Stalingrad" has been allocated 164 million rubles, so that the main problem was that this money "to implement, learn."

Apparently, the "development" was going in the wrong direction. As it turned-up held a press conference, the concrete shell sculpture cracked in some places, the soil under flooded monument to the sole reason, but the observation of the rising 2-3 meters of groundwater is not, as maintained by monitoring the status of the monument does not help, because there is a reasonably accurate measurement technology. In general, states A. Velichkin, at the beginning of recovery, "Motherland" to 220 million rubles, and to begin to fund the preparation of design estimates, integrated engineering and surveying, geotechnical and hydrogeological studies, which take a year. "Once the picture becomes clearer, will develop recommendations to restore and improve the elements of sculpture. After that, to be established restoration project. It is expected to begin in 2012 - told Velichkin.

In general, to that same "development funds": the announcement of the tender for the project, then at the contractor's construction companies, etc. Once the effectiveness of "tender" work rated FSB officials in Volgograd region, which revealed evidence of theft of money for reconstruction Mamaev Kurgan. Detectives have established that in 2004 during the implementation of targeted investment program, financed by the federal and regional budgets, a permanent tender committee under the administration of the Volgograd region held an open tender for selection of a construction organization to implement the reconstruction of the monument-ensemble "Heroes of the Battle of Stalingrad" on Mamaev mound. In accordance with the decision of the tender commission the construction was entrusted Volgograd JSC "Energy Sector". During the implementation of the state contract manager CJSC Energy Complex "Polyakov inflated the cost of granite slabs, purchased for facing the pedestal of the main monument" Motherland Calling ", and by providing financial documents, lied the customer works. In particular, the overestimation of the cost of granite slabs amounted to 3 million 9 thousand 574 rubles. Polyakov money, of course, has ordered its sole discretion.

In general, from natural disasters, "Motherland," yet somehow manages. But here is to resist the bureaucratic paper-kryuchkotvortsu absolutely can not.

Arina Semenova

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