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Revolution junked - May 7, 2007

May 7 2007

During the Great Patriotic War, the German fascists often went into battle against the regular troops of the Soviet army and guerrilla groups under the guise of local residents - women, elderly and children - who were driving ahead of him. Today, the Russian opposition is successfully copied this experience, exposing themselves ahead of women, children, pensioners, disabled and even ... drug addicts.

Opposition political strategists have long understood that playing on a reasonable, good and eternal - the revolution will not do. Revolution - it is always filth, vulgarity, and the destruction of all humanity, play on emotions, a sense of impunity and permissiveness. And if all this season with beautiful words "revolutionary romanticism," "Spirit of Freedom", "new rebellion", the influx of young so early, considering that adult aunts and violate their civil rights, forbidden to drink vodka and fuck in doorways, Shiryaev in cafe for a cup of morning coffee, in short, have a good time in life to the fullest.

"Kuri marijuana, love their girlfriends. Worked, did not work - and money go," sang the American hippies turning kosyachok for kosyachki. But America will quickly come to their senses by giving violent youth in a safe direction, but the Russian followers of the hippie delayed U.S. kosyachki too deep.

One of the founders of the now banned National Bolshevik Party of Eduard Limonov, even surpassed his idol - Charles Manson Communards from California, who organized with their orgy of sex slaves, carnage, a kind of a statement of one of the foolish de Sade's novels. "Brotherhood of man, man's freedom from mechanical work. Sexual comfort. The right to war. Gang bang, drugs, sex-communist paradise" - writes political analyst Leonid Radzikhovsky of life embodied in the ideology of Limonov. Eduard Limonov, is not puzzled by some complex socio-economic formulations. Pornography for it - "it's the eroticism of the poor." "I do not see anything to worry about. Crimes would be less if there were more cheap dirty magazines" - sure Limonov. That is wank on health - and life will improve. All the troubles and crises from the fact that the authorities have banned a man buried in the dirty magazines and forget about everything else. Consequently, we must eliminate that power. "They prevent us from living," "Down with the police state!" - Screaming gays, drug addicts, prostitutes - and unite under the flag of opposition movements, whether the NBP or the "Other Russia", adopting the idea of Limonov.

The latest achievement "drugorossov" - attracting to its ranks of supporters of legalization of drugs. In defense of the participants' hemp march ", which was charged with disorderly conduct and promotion of drugs, has made human rights activists and political figures, suddenly appreciate all the charm of marijuana smoke. "By itself, subject of legalization of soft drugs is acceptable for the Russian society. Young people have a right to such demonstrations, rallies and marches of hemp," to draw attention to this issue. Many Democratic politicians - especially young people, support the idea of public discussion of linoleic problem and its adequate solution. This is - an element of democratic freedom. Proponents of legalizing hemp have the right to vote, and to prohibit their mass actions simply by definition can not - it was thus eliminated one of the degrees of freedom "- the head of the movement" For Human Rights Lev Ponomarev.

Russian "konoplyanschiki" emphasize that the idea of "hemp marches" came from the U.S., which apparently automatically should emphasize democracy and the correctness of this initiative.. Meanwhile, the actions of American authorities against the local "konoplyanschikov" to be more violent. History marches began with a small group of people who came to the demonstration with a girl who was sitting in a wheelchair. Marihuanschiki argued that the girl is HIV-positive, and marijuana helped her to grow stout. Since virtually all "hemp marches" were held with the participation of disabled persons, which the participants march pushed ourselves right on the batons. U.S. authorities did not stand on ceremony with "konoplyanschikami - their meetings were forbidden, and the participants arrested. Consistently advocated the ban rallies for legalayz in Washington Park, New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, have been clashes in Baltimore, when the Adviser to the Mayor, despite his reputation as the enemy's "war on drugs", said the government would continue arresting patients marihuanovoy therapy in Washington demonstrators were not allowed in the Department of Health, the entrance to which was blocked ...

In fact, the opposition of the "Other Russia" is immaterial to the defense of someone to speak, as long as "against Putin." And there could not care less. For cannabis, however, it is not true.

Arina Semenova


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