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Ivan Starikov: "In ATP there was" left turn "

December 6 2006

In the political space of Russia one of the main news continues to be the result of ATP in the elections in the Perm region. Experts believe that their laurels for the nursing home fire was atypical for the right creative - he did not focus on the interests of business, and on the needs of retirees. It was a struggle for increase of pensions became the main slogan of the campaign of ATP.

It is curious that White became the face "of the pension issues" in the promotion of the right. But until recently, he assured the public that is firmly on a liberal platform, and no "leftism" will not eat its corrosion ATP. He even introduced a mass party slogan "The left turn is forbidden", which quickly styled with a road sign. By the way, this picture is a button online journal of the White, located on the official party website.

In general, in fact it turned out that for the sake of the results in their native leader ATP away from his own liberal positions, being in the community of the Left. At this "a pivotal theme" site «Yoki.Ru» conversed with a liberal politician, a member of the Federal Political Council RNDS Ivan Starikov.

- In the Perm Region Union of Right Forces has shown excellent results. But if you look at the ideology of his campaign, it seemed rather "left" than "right". The concern was the increase of pensions, and other ideas, more inherent leftist. This is despite the fact that nursing home fire as one of the party slogans put forward the idea that the "left turn is forbidden. It means that the leader of the ATP still allowed this most "left turn"?

- If you remember, a year ago, my assistant and associate Sergei Zhavoronkova excluded from the PCA for the fact that he brought the flags of ATP by the March of Dissent ", organized by Garry Kasparov. The pretext was such that at this event were the flags of National Bolsheviks and the Red Youth Vanguard. It was after such a demarche ATP I left the party.

But less than a year, and the Union of Right Forces on November 4 he took part in antifashistkom event with the same Vanguard of Red Youth. It was at the Swamp area. And the leaders of the PCA, in particular Gozman, even when performed. Not that simply carrying flags, and were there along with representatives of leftist organizations. And, quite radical type AKM. A year ago Zhavoronkova excluded from ATP only for the fact that he carried the flags.

I said that in view of what is happening in the country, is inevitable union of right and left forces in the creation of association of the right and the left opposition. Then colleagues argue with me, but time has proved that I was right.

So, of course, in ATP occurred a left turn. Certainly, the ideology of ATP becomes more pronounced social orientation. With this, including and related to the success of the party in the Perm region, with whom I congratulate his former colleagues and associates. I stress that their success is assured thanks precisely to this maneuver. I am therefore convinced that this is the direction the party will evolve, and this means that the party will be the future.

- Maybe now you come back now in the ATP?

- I will see what will happen next. After all, within the party has two directions: there is a nursing home fire, which from my point of view is set quite pragmatically and realistically assesses what is happening in the country, and there Gozman - his first deputy.

If White wins, it means that the party has a chance. If you win Gozman, it means that the party had no future. But in the Perm region, Perm on the ground is defeated Nikita White.

- But does not the White protege Gozman?

- No, he was a protege of Anatoly Chubais.I think Nikita understands that the future course of maneuvers with the Kremlin and the attempts arrangements - it is a bad way. Therefore, the faster the White breaks out of the warm embrace of his first deputy, the greater the chance that he will succeed.

- That is, White already has proven itself - without Gozman and Chubais?

- He was just concerned about his political career and understands that if it blindly to voice ideas, Leonid Yakovlevich (Gozman - Ed.) And other such persons, the personal success he will not. Recall Gozman believes that by 2017 "right-wing forces" need to forget about the elections and relax.

- How much will togoda Gozmanu years? In 2017?

- Last year, he was 55. That tally. He will be 67. It's all clear.

- So, now it executes the order of the Kremlin?

- He has absolutely no interest in the success of the party. He does not care what happens to the PCA. He is primarily concerned about preserving himself in the lists of RAO UES, since it is a solution to their personal problems.

Elena Leonkova

Oleg Artyukov

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