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Irina Hakamada: "The Kremlin drove Rogozin, and he went towards the" Other Russia "

September 6 2006

When a politician starts to deal with social issues, it always attracts public attention. Especially when it comes to mass "sick themes" - pensions, housing and utilities. Unfortunately, the fervent speakers in this respect often bred violent demagoguery than offer a specific "recipes". And as to offer some reasonable way of social protection - is generally from the discharge of exotics. Irina Hakamada - just such a positive example.

How to protect citizens so that they in favor of nouveau riche is not evicted from their apartments in prestigious areas? Popular politician believes that people need to unite in homeowners' associations (HOA) - that way they will gain real power and protect itself from various attacks by the powers that be. " Hakamada is ready to explain and clarify the owners of apartments various subtleties of effective self-defense. Already, she has been actively working on this and a number of other critical areas of social protection of Russians, including compensation for the monetary contributions of 1991.

In September, Irina will hold a series of roundtables, which will sound an objective and truthful analysis of social problems, and will offer concrete ideas on the formation of civil society in Russia and improving the demographic situation. In anticipation of an active and busy social and political season Irina Hakamada gave an exclusive interview to «Yoki.Ru».

- In the past this week's meeting of leaders of The Other Russia "decided to consolidate the various aspects of specific people, but no one is fixed. I left early - "loose".

- What direction would you like to follow you consolidated?

- I am interested in social policy: payment of contributions in 1991, the situation of persons with disabilities, especially after the monetization of social benefits, pension reform, which would ensure that pension money allocated by the enterprises, work and make a profit. Interested in the problem of housing construction, which has tormented everyone.

- Do you have a particular recipe on the solution of housing issues?

- It is necessary to quickly create a Homeowners Association, to find the responsible people and take all their property. Otherwise, people will be cast out, to represent the house in disrepair, push out citizens from the center to the outskirts. In general, would be complete chaos if you do not take matters into their own hands. So you must act fast enough.

As for buying more apartments to be built, then there can not be on the safe side. And people should understand this. In this case, it is impossible to protect against unscrupulous businesses. Therefore, in such matters should be more careful in general. I would buy ready-made housing - secondary or primary. Too many have defrauded co-investors.

- What kind of feeling you're left with a meeting of leaders of the "Other Russia"?

- With the feeling that first came on the one hand, representatives of a free civil society, on the other - the political forces that are really outside the Kremlin. They may be right or wrong, they may be leftists, radicals, but also brought together people with different views who are willing to be independent of government and fight for the future.

- And they just did everything with the Kremlin are not related?

- Exactly. Everyone who came - nothing. If they were related, they would not come because they got to catch it.

- So it turns out that if Yabloko and SPS did not come, they are connected with the Kremlin?

- Anyway, Yabloko and SPS have refused to participate in the "Other Russia".But a representative of the St. Petersburg's "Apple" Artemev was the lawyer ATP Prokhorov was.

- For some of today's activists "Other Russia" is the most promising as a politician?

- Do not want to answer this question, so as not to tickle someone's vanity. The main thing - that they were all together. There's a lot of bright people: Anpilov, and lemon, and Kasyanov, Kasparov, and Ryzhkov. Each in his own vivid, but lead the people none of them can not, but all together.

- Former leader of the Motherland "Dmitry Rogozin believes that really can unite the opposition, Mikhail Khodorkovsky. How do you feel about this opinion?

- I do not know. In my opinion, every prisoner of conscience is always those who can unite the other responsible people. From this perspective, the figure of Mr Khodorkovsky is passionate nature. And really, who can unite them, I do not know. Just my opinion, its honor and conscience. Khodorkovsky - the Prisoner. And as a prisoner, he can unite the opposition, because people always feel sorry for those who sacrifice themselves.

- What Rogozin suddenly spoke about Khodorkovsky, is not whether there is a step towards his "Other Russia"?

- Wronged Rogozin initially formed independent, then it was completely within the Kremlin administration, then became too bright and aggressive. Hands Rogozin kill other opponents of the Kremlin - hands Rodina killed many of the democratic parties, including the ATP. In the 2003 elections Rodina constantly sling mud is ATP. Not so much the Communists, just how many "right-wing forces." Watered from morning till night, taking away our votes.

Now that the owner, who cherished Rogozin, his own and drove. Kremlin drove Rogozin, and now he is moving toward the "Other Russia".

- Rogozin moves toward the "Other Russia" that it drove the Kremlin?

- Yes.

- You said that all the activists of the "Other Russia" can only be all together to lead the nation ...

- Of course they can. Only if they can agree on a program of national consensus, that is, to put his program are the values that unite them - and Rogozin, and Limonov and Anpilov, and Kasparov. And where the divide, they do not discuss it.

- Can Rogozin agree with all the other activists "Other Russia"?

- I think it's quite a clever man. And if he learns from his mistakes, then you can always find a compromise. If you draw conclusions and to find compromises, all the skaters can benefit.

- What are your personal political plans in the near future?

- There will be several round tables on social issues, including analysis of programs to improve fertility. I've been doing social policy, I have the same "Fund of Social Solidarity! Information will be posted on the site.


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