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China attacks Russia after 15 years

September 6 2006

In the past decades has radically changed the military doctrine of China - rather than defensive-oriented attrition potential aggressors, it was offensive, more mobile army with connections designed to help small, local wars. The biggest army in the world - the PLA (People's Liberation Army of China) has been reduced from 5 to 2.5 million people. Full swing re Army of China, which is 80% equipped with Russian weapons.

Running for several years now, the reform of the Chinese army is aimed primarily at large fighting capacity and improve technical facilities. Reduced the number of officers and their functions transferred to those lower in rank. According to the law in China in any army unit to be about 30% of the soldiers, members of the Communist Army of China (CPC). In some parts of the elite number of Communists is 40%. In general, the PLA remains true to the precepts of the great leader of the communist dictator Mao Zedong, who in 1969 said in an editorial of a major Chinese newspaper Renmin Ribao: "This army has always fearlessly going forward. She is determined to defeat any enemy, she herself never submit to the enemy. The PLA has always been and will be fighting unit. Even after the victory throughout the country, it will continue to combat squad during the entire historical period, as long as there will not be destroyed classrooms, and the world will be the imperialist system. There should be no confusion or hesitation. Do not be afraid of difficulties, not to fear death! We will certainly liberate Taiwan! ".

According to American military experts, the technological backwardness of the Chinese Army from the U.S. ranges from 15 to 20 years. It is obvious that overtake America in the war against China does not succeed, fail to even catch up, whereas in relation to the Russian Army of China already has significant advantages: high combat, a large number, as well as it has already recognized the Russian officials, even the arms of Russia production of the Chinese army equipped with more and better than the army of Russia, as nearly all the war news from Russia, China buys, spending on it according to official figures of 30 billion dollars a year, according to unofficial all 40-45 billion

Compared with neighboring countries, China strengthened militarily already hard enough, that became a cause for concern in many countries. Japanese parliament, the country - traditional geopolitical opponent of China in the Far East, last year amended the Constitution to allow significantly increase defense construction in the face of the growing "China threat."

China has a claim to the territory around the perimeter of its borders and is a wise expansionist policies. If Taiwan's position in respect of the Chinese leaders for 40 years and has not changed (Beijing considers Taiwan a territory belonging to China), in relation to other adjacent areas being different in intensity and tactics of special events. In the 35 millionth state Nepal, located in the Himalayas, are successfully operating the armed Maoist insurgency, which has several times brought the country to the brink of civil war.

Mongolia does not pose any threat to China, but the steppe and desert area quite unattractive in a material sense, and can only be a springboard for deployment of the Russian offensive in East Siberia and Far East. The territory of the DPRK can be captured by China after the overthrow of Gdańsk fragile communist regime or in the case of threat of North Korea nuclear weapons. China might annex North Korea under the pretext that the country possesses nuclear weapons and therefore in a state of anarchy is dangerous for the world community.

p align = "justify"> It is also interesting that the U.S. against Taiwan's frankly washed his hands, making the recent announcement about the sense that the "rescue of drowning - the handiwork of drowning" and inviting Taiwan to buy weapons from American companies by 15 billion . dollars. America makes the same mistake that European democracy, which allowed Hitler to 1941 bit by bit to capture the whole of Central Europe, as well as the appetites of Germany's war machine was warmed up, it is impossible to stop. It is obvious that no matter how many weapons Taiwan is not purchased, this small island can not stop the war machine of the huge Chinese. Capturing Taiwan is already predetermined and inevitable, as China can not count on a huge high-tech and advanced manufacturing facilities in the country.

America is very beneficial to involve China in any large-scale war to weaken this country, power is growing alarmingly, and Americans understand that Taiwan will have to sacrifice a good purpose: the ease with which the island of Formosa fall, will be a factor that will strengthen the appetite of the Chinese military and they do not hesitate to start a new one, have more serious war. Taiwanese invasion is not the ultimate strategic goal of U.S. foreign policy, the U.S. goal - to push China and India, or Russia in a major conflict, which finally will be able to somewhat weaken the military power of the Chinese "dragon".

For an attack on Taiwan, China already has all legal grounds. In early 2005 the National People's Congress (parliament PRC) passed a law which refers to the possibility of using military force against the rebellious island. " The law was passed unanimously. The meeting ended with a standing ovation. The document is a clause in which it is the case of China will begin the armed conflict with the island - "if all the conditions for peaceful reunification are exhausted." The only deterrent - the existence of the treaty of Southeast Asia (SEATO), which was signed in 1951, the U.S., Australia and New Zealand, on which in the case of Chinese aggression in Asian countries parties to the treaty should take joint action against China, including military . This agreement was signed during the complete devastation in China when the country did not possess nuclear weapons, and is unlikely to present allies will decide on the war against the mighty modern China.

Qualitative growth of China's military power is the main military threat to Russia in the coming decade. It is obvious that a few years, China will solve all problems with the territories on its perimeter, and the question of the invasion of Russia would be only a matter of time. China will not stop even the threat of Russia's use of nuclear weapons, because many times the Chinese army made small forays against the Soviet Union in the days when the Soviet Union already had a military nuclear capability, the more so because, according to recent data, China itself has a large stock of nuclear warheads.

Furthermore, China did not just claim to the Russian Far East. These "native-Russian" land actually became established only during the Second Opium War of 1856-1860 years. In which Britain and France jointly defeated China and Czarist Russia cunningly took part in the division of the spoils, to get hold of huge territories of the Far East, where in 1861 and was founded by the seaport of Vladivostok.

After the settlement of internal problems and the expulsion of the Kuomintang to Taiwan in the late 40-ies of the XX-th century, China began to consolidate their power under the leadership of the communist government, and border conflicts have occurred in China with almost all countries with which it borders. In 1969 there were Soviet-Chinese border disputes on the island Damansky (on the Ussuri River) and Kazakhstan (Lake Zhalanashkol). Also in the 70's, China was at war with India and Vietnam in border areas.The permanent mission of Chinese army during the civil war in Burma and Korea confirmed the reputation of China as the country's aggressive and dangerous to its neighbors.

Passing at this time of the Russian-Chinese military maneuvers in the Shandong peninsula caused the joyful correlations Russian government media, and although the scenario is supposedly anti-terrorist nature, it is clear that these exercises are a rehearsal of the invasion and capture of the island of Taiwan. Chinese interested in exploring the power and capabilities of Russian weapons to its purchase and use. All the assurances of the Russian military that China - our eternal partner and ally of funny, because only very short-sighted people may consider a partnership of equals: Russia army totally unfit for action and our country is virtually helpless against the belligerent eastern neighbor. Russia has several years to re-equip and train its army - and if we do not do that in a few years we can lose up to one third of its territory.

Joint exercises, as intelligence operations

In world history there are many examples where a joint military exercise, perceived by one side as allied cooperation, were considered by the other party as an intelligence operations. Such a cynical pragmatism came into practice in the XX-th century, when political relations between the countries freed from the medieval nobility. Textbook example of how the teachings have become the pre-war intelligence doctrine of the USSR and Nazi Germany, during which the Germans are well acquainted with the technique and combat capability of the Red Army. During the post-Perestroika years, Russia has already spent about 6 exercises with the U.S. under the code name "Torgau". Exercises were held in Germany and even in the suburbs. They can be regarded as a sluggish intelligence operations. It must be noted that classical military intelligence, there is always an event long-term and systemic and joint exercises may be nothing more than an episode.

Scenario of China's victory in a nuclear war with Russia

1) The Chinese leadership is hiding in an unknown direction (presumably in an underground bunker).

2) China does nuclear strikes against major cities in European Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, etc). Russia is demoralized, perhaps beheaded (partially die leadership of the country and the army).

3) Russia strikes back in major cities of China. Are killed many Chinese, but China's army is combat-ready.

4) The Chinese army using conventional weapons captures Siberia and Central Asia.

Jaroslav Greeks

Comment military expert:

Tsyganok Anatoly D., Candidate of Military Sciences, professor, member - correspondent of the Academy of Military Sciences, head of the Center for Military Forecasting, Institute of Political and Military Analysis

China will be a dangerous military opponent of Russia in 15 years or less. In the case of the collapse of Communist China, by analogy with the Soviet Union, many of the areas can declare itself an independent state, as has happened several times over the turbulent history of China and may expand or claim to the territory of neighboring countries.

In the breakaway region of China - Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous District (XUAR) - an explosive situation after the Orange Revolution and the events in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, the more that 25% of the inhabitants of this region are Uzbeks and 25% - Muslim Uighurs.

Joint military exercises with China against the national interests and security of Russia, the more a demonstration of the capabilities of our strategic bombers.

olitika Russian foreign policy is shortsighted leadership - our leaders prefer the money now and not think about what will happen to their children who have to deal with China in the future. Russia sold China the planes with 2-umya spare engines. This does not make anyone in the world as suppliers of military equipment to develop business preferred aftermarket spare parts.

In 60 years in the Soviet Union was to hold a secret military experiment on the experience of reflection wave of attacks the Chinese Army, the main skill is in those years was a huge number of fighters (up to 5 million) Soviet small arms air-cooling can not be physically stop the huge Chinese army and the withdrawal was unambiguous in polbzu use of nuclear weapons in the event of a major conflict with China.

Higher foreign policy of the Russian leadership and the General Staff is that the Chinese make a friend, to persuade a potentially dangerous neighbor. That is what is aimed to create a new military alliance - the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), which also include Iran, India, Pakistan and Mongolia. The first allied initiatives SCO - support for Karimov in Uzbekistan and the allies agreed to support China and held in XUAR anti-terrorist operation in case of major unrest there. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov promised in the near future trilateral military exercises with China, India and Russia.

China has adopted a program of creeping expansion into Russian territory - by Confucius - if not by force, intelligence and cunning. This is what we are seeing in the Russian Far East, where alarmingly growing number of Chinese migrants.

I think China to Russia is possible only as the latest threat to graduation:

1 - Muslim extremism

2 - unauthorized launch of missiles

3 - drug trafficking

4 - China

At the recent exercises in the Shandong peninsula Russian military experts across a tabletop map of Chinese. They are painted yellow: the whole of Siberia, Kazakhstan, Central Asia - in China, these areas are considered to Russian captured more than 300 years ago.


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