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"We will be cutting ...": Moscow Flood wave of mass unrest

June 6 2007

Each share of "Other Russia" coalition of opponents multiplies among non-politicized citizens. After the events of April to the law enforcement authorities in Moscow have been a number of applications with a demand to punish those responsible for organizing the riots. Planned opposition on June 11, "March of Dissent" is certainly multiply the number of protest against the lawlessness "disagreement."

Meanwhile, First Deputy Head of Press Service of the Government and the Mayor of Moscow Mikhail Solomentsev said that the city authorities would not allow for unauthorized "March nesoglanyh. "Taking the decision to allow rally in Novopushkinsky park, the city authorities were guided by the fact that such events with a small number of participants should not infringe on the rights of Muscovites, including motorists. Overlap the central streets of the city to a small group of protesters managed to pass him, just unreal, "- said Solomentsev.

He said that going to the meeting organizers of similar events, the authorities of various Russian cities "are faced with provocations and inappropriate behavior, and these events cause a large number of complaints from residents and motorists." Solomentsev warned opposition leaders that attempt to hold a march against the law "with all the ensuing consequences." And in the future, he said, the capital city administration would reconsider its attitude to these claims and given the small number of participants of shares and their aggressive behavior, will offer for the shares of more distant places.

Dissatisfaction with the inhabitants of the action "drugorossov 'cause not only in the two main cities - Moscow and St. Petersburg but also in regional centers. Last March of Dissent "in Voronezh, spawned a series of petitions from residents of the city. For example, one of the townspeople, because of the unauthorized march could not perform the task of leadership, because the roads were traffic jams and all transport routes have been suspended. " Demanding compensation for moral damages, in a statement he says: "In connection with the failure of the job, I received a reprimand from the Head of the evening I had high blood pressure and I have not slept almost all night."

Several petitions submitted to the courts in Samara, after passing the "march" on May 18. City residents believe that the rally participants have violated their rights and freedoms and demand compensation for moral damages. Sassy of opposition angered local veterans, organized for the presentation "drugorossov" their picket. People passed the war took to the streets under the slogan "Do not you dare insult our victory," "Race Against Russia - Russia does not need," "We do not need another Russia." As stated by the organizers of the rally, the rally "dissent", which was held simultaneously with the summit of the European Union, is intended to "tarnish our country in the eyes of foreigners."

Living in the same city at the time of holding such shares do not think about politics - they are more concerned with their own security. "There was just a frenzied mob of angry people, who chanted various slogans obscure, including the anti-government content. I felt a little more, and this procession spill into violence against the residents of Moscow, just watch from the side of this mess ..." - describes the April events Yuri Frosini. "Participants hayali government, foul language, behaved hooligan, throwing bottles, cans and litter. Thereby provoking a conflict situation. It sees our young people, and we, the elderly and veterans. Can such hooliganism to leave without punishment" - outraged the other witness in Moscow, "March" Semchenko AG

yrvavshiesya of riot policemen cordoned off the area, "limonvtsy" and other young activists from the shock of the opposition behaved in the heart of the capital almost as invaders. And residents of the central regions have plunged into the atmosphere in 1917. Is that the shots heard were not. Unplanned historical digression Muscovites did not come to taste - pretty bad for their own health. Here is an extract from the statement of Alexei Ivanovich Zhuzhulina: "I was on Petrovsky Boulevard. Towards moved a large crowd of young men who shouted, waved flags, burning torches. Some were in the hands of bottles and cans of beer. Fearing clashes with them, I went to lawn and waited until the crowd pass by. ... One of passing came to me with the words: "Man, why are you standing, went with us to fight with Putin." Then he heard the cries of "Ahead of the elements," "We will be cutting," "We must break !. I believe that such behavior is unacceptable. Please take steps to prevent similar events. " Hardly Alexey these minutes thinking about politics.

"Of course, in the interests of a few dozen citizens should not cause inconvenience to tens of thousands of others: the obstacles to their freedom of movement, work. Otherwise it would be contrary to the sense of Art. 17 of the Constitution of Russia, - the lawyer of the Moscow Society for the Protection of Consumer Rights Anton Niedzwiecki - no doubt will be a question of guilt of certain individuals whose actions led to the infringement of the rights and interests of many citizens who are late for work, business and private meetings, relaxation. The amount of compensation for moral harm, if the Court granted the petition, will be determined depending on the degree of their guilt and the nature of the victim caused by the physical and moral suffering. "

Western democracy, which equals "disagree", similar actions are also not welcome. And it is quite understandable. It is unlikely that the recent events in Germany, where on the eve of the summit of "Big Eight" radicals destroyed a few cities have pleased the inhabitants. Now the Germans have criticized the government for what the authorities failed to protect them from violence. A similar attitude to "dissent" and in other countries. In France, for example, 72% of citizens in favor of tightening the rules for holding rallies and demonstrations. Society needs to carry out protest actions in specific places, where they will not interfere with the normal life of the city. However, the West is unhappy with their "dissent" at the same time welcomes the holding of similar events in Russia.

In our country, the reality is that dozens of applications dissatisfied "dissenters" of the citizens are still without result.

As explained by lawyers, the matter is that two provisions of the constitution contradict each other. "On the one hand, the Constitution says that everyone has the right to assembly, marches and rallies. And if he wants to express its attitude to the event to the authorities or to something else, could organize a mass event or participate in it - says the first deputy chairman of the Commission of the State Duma's legislation Valery Grebennikov, - On the other hand, everyone has a right to walk the streets and be free from the obligation to look at the dirty street, remaining after the various marches or rallies. But these street actions violate his rights " .

For such a congested road, crowded and besieged by tourists megalopolis as Moscow is especially important. "Obviously everyone wants to perform in Moscow's Pushkin Square, and to march on Tverskaya Street. But Muscovites are well aware that even if a couple of hours shut Tverskaya Street, then get up from the Leningrad prospectus and the Leningrad Highway. Many kilometers to the additional congestion.All machines that are now so tight and the flow of their way to the Leningrad prospectus, will be forced to wade to it some side streets. Of course, making it difficult to move there. People will lose a lot of time, will receive additional stress. And for what? "- Said Valery Grebennikov.

Regulator in a conflict of interest has to speak the local authorities. And the problem they have is not simple - to satisfy the right to freedom of expression and freedom of movement, security, normal rest. Authorities are trying to find compromises, but the opposition to cooperate do not go. "The protesters say they want that kind of center that they saw more people and, consequently, more people learned about their positions. Let me not agree with them. Not less than men in several other places. There is also a great chance to be seen and heard. Another thing is that "picture" for the television would not be as attractive, "- says Grebennikov.

The Other Russia said that, despite the ban, will carry on June 11 in Moscow did not rally and march on Tverskaya Street. Full implications of this is difficult to predict. But one thing is clear - the army of the opponents of the opposition once again filled up with residents of downtown and motorists. And not for political reasons.

Andrey Trifonov


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