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"Eggs," Vekselberg is in danger!

June 6 2006

Summer political season - is open. But unlike past years when the citizens of Russia to take a break from the political passions, this year they will not be bored. In Tolyatti the local branch of the Rodina party celebrated the arrival of summer protest. Certainly not against the very summer, and against attempts to Viktor Vekselberg purchased the property TogliattiAzot with the Raiders - people who are illegal, including by force, seizing a variety of businesses.

On this and many other Yoki.Ru talked to the head of Togliatti "Homeland" Sergei Lektorovichem.

- Sergei, what led you to undertake this action? Than a change of the host company prevents you personally?

- Purpose Vekselberg - a huge chemical empire, which TOAZ assigned the role of the parent company. Vekselberg bought the investigative team today, confiscating documents and initiating a criminal case at all any significant chemical enterprises of Russia. Togliatti, Volgograd, Astrakhan, Kirov, Orenburg - that geography raider activity Vekselberg. This cunning, rich and cynical enemy, to fight which is only possible together.

Luzhkov's quote: "So far not accepted the laws that essentially denied to workers engaged in such deeds, the very possibility to carry out acquisitions, - said Yuri Luzhkov. - Stop the operation of enterprises, convert them into other structures, and thus pull down the entire fabric of the economic system of Russian regions and even countries. "

ToAZ - forming enterprise, its capture would be a serious blow to the infrastructure of the Komsomolsk area of our city, can lead to a halt investment in social projects, etc.
From the media: "The visitor in Togliatti with a sword, the sword shall perish!" Let everyone know about it! "All we are concerned about the situation around such serious works as TogliattiAzot. Our city will not give offense to ToAZ! Black raiders in the city place! - chanted Sergei Lektorovich. - Who are the black raiders? Endow ties, took the briefcase, a lawyer and try to capture the enterprise, finding certain loopholes in our imperfect legislation - continued Sergey. - We openly protest against the fact that structures close to the oligarch Vekselberg, trying to capture our factory! "

- Looking at the colorful posters, the question arises: You have not yet had to face accusations of custom-made nature of the action?

- While not yet encountered. We monitored the press after the event - all only positive feedback. The plot went on a 5-channels, which in terms of results we also evaluated positively. Of course, if the command is given by our adversaries, then there will be dirty and publications. As for the posters, believe me, it's not as expensive as detractors might imagine.

- What is happening now in Togliatti homeland? Have there been any more shares than the general organization of living? What are your future plans?

- Works. Since May, we launched a campaign under the slogan "Defend his small home." The first link in this action were to protect the residents of our city, whose rights are violated by the sealing of illegal buildings. We provide them with legal, informational and other assistance.

- In April of this year, between you and the regional leadership of "Homeland" conflict arose when you have declared an impostor ...

- The conflict was not, there was, say, a misunderstanding between me and the leadership of Samara.In my opinion, it has become possible as a result of Mr. Eremenko, who did his best to destabilize the party in the region. We had hoped the intervention of federal leadership in addressing the difficulties encountered and the restoration of justice. Now everything is fine. Legally, the situation is not resolved, but de facto it is we who represent the "homeland" in the Motor City.

- How to evaluate the region events in Moscow? In particular, the change of party leader and as a consequence, the emergence of rumors about the imminent demise of the party, the abolition of the Institute co-chairmen of the Duma faction, Dmitriy Rogozin desire to create public patriotic movement.

- I do not deny these rumors were, and this has negatively affected the image of the party. Again I stress that I believe all these rumors were triggered by the activities of Mr. Eremenko. At the moment, the background information in the media is very favorable.

With regard to changes in the leadership of the organization, I personally believe that all changes are positive. I heard about the creation of Dmitry Rogozin, a public movement "Russian Defense League" and I think that everything that is beneficial - it is useful.

- Face "Homeland" in Togliatti with the political opposition from other parties and organizations?

- Our business is based on construction, so the conflicts we can not be. Rather, we can speak of political competition, and the fact that some figures are not entirely honest methods of combat. For example, now there is pressure on all fronts, just to keep my lead in Togliatti, "Motherland". According to many experts - we will be able to collect over 20% of the elections to the regional parliament, which causes concern for United Russia.

I can say that in Togliatti is the union of patriotic forces. We actively cooperate with trade unions the "Unity", with the Committee of civil resistance to the Communist Party and others. ATP Yabloko make some gestures in our direction, but we regard their willingness to cooperate, as insincere. Personally, I believe that the activity of ATP is aimed at destabilizing the situation in the country.

- Is it possible in the Samara region the union of democratic forces in opposition "Motherland"?

- I do not see that in the Samara region representation liberal parties have made some efforts to unite, rather the contrary. In the elections of course, they can gain 4-5% of the vote, but no more.

- If you go to the polls, do not fear what you have to re-start is plenty of blame to nationalism? Sergei Lektorovicha often accused of involvement in the radical movement of skinheads, as well as the participation of a few years ago in a group beating a man.

- Quite possibly. This is a common technique of "black PR." I'm young enough and is not connected business interests. Accordingly, no leverage, no compromising on me by our political opponents not to fight us very hard. So, as a method of fighting with us, some of these "well wishers" to spread rumors about my "involvement skinheads", accusing us of some excesses.

This is nonsense. Yes, in my youth I have had run-ins with Caucasians, but not on a national basis. Look who we have now traded in the market and owns the slot machines? So when I heard that a Caucasian is actually a guest of the city, in fact, offends a Russian woman, I could not pass idly by. I had to explain it in understandable language for him who she was and who he is. I'm from do not refuse.And by the way will also continue to do, thank God, health is not offended. Is Nazism?

So everyone should do. We have a National Alliance, and now among the Togliatti rodintsev there are representatives of almost all the indigenous peoples of Russia. We all consider ourselves to be patriots of their multi-ethnic country.

But in general, to "discredit" I am calm. He always made ineptly, and people just feel this falsehood. The more I throw stones, the more people in it do not believe it.


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