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Alexander Belov: "We find yourself an enemy"

June 6 2006

A conversation with the leader of the Movement Against Illegal Immigration (DPNI) Alexander Belov was held in early May, the eve of Victory Day celebrations. Unfortunately, for some reason the preparation of the material was somewhat delayed. However, the main topic conversation - about the Russian history, the unity of the patriotic movement, forms and methods of dealing with the manifestations of Russophobia - by no means obsolete. Therefore, we believe that this conversation will be interesting to readers of "".

Alexander Belov, coordinator of the Movement Against Illegal Immigration:

- During the Great Patriotic War, mainly affected the Russian people, and we will put emphasis on this. And yet we are putting the emphasis that is now the real achievements that were reached during the Yalta agreement of 1943, sold or donated.

I believe that even the position of Stalin was rather soft with respect to the defeated nations. And the full nor the Soviet Union nor Russia compensate for the losses incurred by the people. My grandmother had 12 brothers, of which none of them did not return. Is about them remember? They simply forgot. And in terms of the Jewish people ... until now, even distant relatives receive compensation from the companies that use their labor, from the banks, which allegedly kept the gold of Nazi Germany, etc. But for some reason, Russia has demanded reparations from Swiss banks, although these plants have worked not only Jews, but also Russian, and banks lay the gold is not only one nation. There have been no less than gold, and our compatriots.

- Why did the Communist Party started a conversation about the Russian issue, but it quickly turned off?

- We have some profanity freedom of political views. Party to reckon with the fact that they have to give up something to gain seats in the Duma. Fighting for the electorate must declare that they are hawks regime. But if the regime is saying something, then, as a rule, most of the parties to it are considered.

There are people who are afraid to expose contacts . You understand that our presence at some events, like my speech after Zyuganov - are not accidental . It's not because I asked for - and they gave me. Simply, there is in the party are people who think nationally, to which the interests of the country, state, nation above the interests of the abstract and the abstract ideology. And there are those for which important slogan "Long live the world revolution, and we have nothing else."

- And how many in the leadership of the Communist Party?

- The majority of the Communist Party. In fact, the Communist Party - the Party of National-conservative. If you read the same Zyuganov, rarely find his quote Marx. He is well versed in the philosophy of 19 th century and in general it is nationally-minded person.

- You can say that most people in the Communist Party - these are people nationally oriented?

- Of course, it is beneficial Communist Party. National issue - it's the electoral field. If they say: "Long live the work!", Then it will attract only their old supporters. If the party will stick to derzhavnicheskih, national traditions, it will become new people, and perhaps even the young.

- Is it possible that the differences on the national question will lead to a split in the Communist Party?

- No, there is no clear some groups. Maybe there is someone about personal ambition, but most criticism comes not from within the Communist Party, but of unknown persons small left-wing fronts and other organizations in the 20-30 people who have nothing of themselves do not represent any real influence do not have.If the situation does not, they would not have been known to anyone at all.

- Your regional activists have said that before the Communist Party was based on the veterans' organizations, which contained the president's administration. But now these people are moving away, the Veterans came members of United Russia, and because of the Communist Party the only hope for you.

- No, the Communist Party in any case there are people who still remember life under the Soviet Union. And we are not ideological supporters of the Communist Party. In this case we have two completely different audiences.

- The actual number of your members?

- 3000 in Moscow, wrote a statement.

- A lot of you are not going to turn?

- We are friends with the Communist Party, the Motherland "and other parties. We do not want to take away their electorate, it is not necessary. Until we have the basic requirement that all parties involved in a program of items to combat illegal migration . And we will probably choose the "enemy" and will serve as kontrpropagandistov. This will be beneficial to all and clear.

- And if the "homeland" will be all right, then you're "home" will support?

- While "homeland" the most consistently upheld the position of indigenous peoples, especially Russian. I know they will be soon now, the project "Move the Nation", where there will be a concept that will offer a party to the Russian and the indigenous population of Russia is to withdraw from the crisis: demographic, moral - to make up for those losses, which we in these last year missed.

- Vladimir Kashin said that Russia has very good genetics and therefore need not engage in the protection of the Russian people. It surprised us.

- In principle, indeed, the Indians probably also was not bad genetics. The question is, who associates himself with someone. If you are a assotsiiruesh with the Russian people, it unfortunate that in recent years, 20,000 villages were deserted. And this is a problem! It's not just happening, but because of poor social, economic and political processes in the country. If this is not to fight, not to talk about, then gradually become empty city, and in our place just to be other people it will be a different country.


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