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C Who are you, mr Garry Kasparov?

April 6 2007

Leaders of the opposition coalition The Other Russia "as a rule, very offended when they are accused of antipatriotism and promoting the interests of Western countries. In particular, the United States of America. Thus, the former chess player, the United Civil Front leader Garry Kasparov, recently, is trying to emphasize its commitment to Russia and the Russian nation.

Addressing the participants of the Organizing Committee of "Russian March" Garry Kasparov, a year before marching to the holding in Moscow "Russian March" under the banner "Fascism will not pass, suddenly discovers that the" protection of the rights issue of the Russian people became a part of modern political agenda in Russia determine their attitude to this problem - the duty of every responsible Russian politician. In criticizing Putin for the inconsistency in this matter, Harry Kimovich expressed confidence that "the success of the Russian national project depends on the creation of the Russian political a nation, does not limit itself national-ethnic framework. "I am a true patriot madly love my country and am proud of my country" - in fact, Kasparov vows on radio Ekho Moskvy, in an interview with Nezavisimaya Gazeta, the leader of the CUF with no less enthusiasm, said: "I am 25 years defended the colors of their country. I am doing today exactly the same thing. "

In general, all is well, if not an abstract "his country". If it were not frequent trips Kasparov in the U.S., where he is, in addition to meetings with officials, is pleased to speak at the meeting in memory of journalist Anna Politkovskaya, who, in the words of U.S. President George W. Bush, was born in the United States to Soviet diplomats and always "very worried about their country " . For what exactly was going through the country, Anna Politkovskaya, a leader of American citizens are not informed. Especially since Politkovskaya, according to its statement in 1990 was granted U.S. citizenship, with all the attributes like "allegiance," when every newly appeared a U.S. citizen "solemnly, freely and without any hidden oscillations refuses allegiance to any foreign State" . "My devotion and loyalty to this day sent to the United States of America ... defend the Constitution and laws of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, in the military, the military or civilian service" - reads the statement.

At Garry Kasparov seems to be an American passport. But one of the leaders of the opposition coalition The Other Russia "in the best of their abilities and also stands guard over the interests of the United States of America, being members of "the Advisory Council on National Security" (Nationaly Security Advisory Council (NSAC)) . The Centre is developing a strategy, organization shares and attracting resources to ensure U.S. security. As the newspaper "Sight" , the first days of its existence, the organization declared the Reagan philosophy of "peace through strength," calling to repeat the glorious successes of Ronald Reagan on the fronts of the Cold War.

The structure and guidance counselors NSAC includes Defense Minister (Secretary of Defense), heads of enterprises of military-industrial complex, ex-military, or senior officials of the FBI, CIA, Pentagon and Congress to meet in the Senate or the House of Representatives for the U.S. national security. In general, only 6 out of 95 members of the Advisory Council formally unrelated to service in federal agencies or Congress. In other words, all six men are not, neither the Congress nor by the security forces - whether the Pentagon, the FBI or CIA.Moreover, Garry Kasparov is the only non-American on the Council. At the same time, Kasparov is not just serving a room, being a sort of "honorary member". After the collapse of the USSR, in 1991, Garry Kasparov became the second Kimovich laureate "Keeper of the Flame", (plamenosets, the carrier of the flame of freedom), awarded annually by the NSAC. The services for which Kasparov won such high nagryd from our American colleagues, the scouts were not widely known, but witnesses to the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict, raging at the dawn of democracy "are still very ambiguous estimate of Kasparov's political role either in the escalation, the whether, by contrast, the localization of the bloody strife. At that time the position of mr Garry Kasparov, was that: "The United States and its allies should stop supporting the Moscow center and give full recognition of the republics who seek democracy, economic opportunity and independence," - says the site "Politgeksogen" .

Continues, apparently to guard American interests for the sake of world peace, Garry Kasparov today. And in their aspirations, he is not alone. Funny thing is that to forget about chess for politics Garry Kasparov, as well as many other of his associates, began after the Russian justice have emerged to claim the oil company Yukos. Attention U.S., incidentally, the fate of Yukos was quite understandable, since, for example, their accounts in the Russian oil companies had pension fund the Pentagon . So the officer of the Advisory Council on National Security, pledged to ensure the security of the United States, could not remain aloof from the events.

And more ... Liquidation of Yukos, which is gradually coming under American influence, did not stop the U.S. attempt to control the Russian energy supplies. Literally out of nowhere popped a retired prime minister, Mikhail Kasyanov, more popularly known by the nickname "Misha - 2%" outright promised to sell Russian oil to Europe at a price of $ 20 per barrel, at least three times lower than the prevailing international prices .

Kasparov, Kasyanov and his ilk are anything to talk about patriotism, democracy, freedom of speech, etc. But with all this, behind the scenes of Russian opposition leaders spoke about several other goals and objectives of the Other Russia coalition, have nothing to do with the proclamations for public use.

Mikhail Gritsman

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