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Russian Nationalism: dizziness from success

January 6 2007

Summing up the past year, local human rights defenders seriously alarmed at the rise in radical nationalism and xenophobia in Russia. Analyzing the events of the second half of 2006, specialists of information-analytical center "SOVA published their findings in the report, whose name speaks for itself: "Autumn 2006: the flag of Kondopoga.

Human rights defenders "Owl" is not the first year dealt with the problem of nationalism in Russia, but the events of the second half of 2006 have caused them great concern, since in their view, the situation has been deteriorating rapidly, and resistance to manifestations of radical nationalism as part of the State and by society clearly inadequate, and many of the problems obviously in need of serious public debate.


First of all, surprise defenders caused crime statistics based on racial hatred. Thus, compared to the same period of 2005, a decrease in attacks on foreign nationals: according to official figures from the hands of the nationalists suffered at least 94 people, 9 of whom died, while in 2005, suffered no less than 109 people from which killed 21. A total of 11 months of 2006 were affected at least 439 people, 44 of whom died. "Figures like the spring of 2006 - surprise - says the report. - Fall is traditionally a peak of racist violence: a time of arrival in Russia of foreign first-year students who do not know Russian language, is not ready to attack and not knowing how to recognize danger. Simultaneously this time return skinheads (mostly schoolchildren and vocational school students) with the holidays. The reason for the growth of tolerance defenders explain ... reticence of such crimes from the media. In this case, human rights activists blame the journalists, for whom "racist attacks have become so commonplace that it no longer regarded as an episode."

Kondopoga: vertigo from the "success"

But, of course, the main event last fall became the events in Kondopoga - and not only in its public response, but also in its far-reaching effects, with the very different level. " The authors agree in the interpretation of events: the bullying of visitors of a local restaurant "Chaika" sparked a mass brawl, known pronounced "gangsters" with Chechen bandits, which resulted in killing two and injuring six people. "All this, coupled with the complete inaction of the police led to mass rallies and the burning of property for days living in the city of Caucasians," during which "suffered at least eight people with Caucasian appearance. In this case, human rights activists say pravoradikalam this time managed to lead a protest spontaneously, and put it in the "active phase". The report also highlights the fact that the success pravoradikalov accompanied the utter failure of the authorities and law enforcement agencies such as the impact on the situation.

However, the report's authors believe that an easy victory for the Movement Against Illegal Immigration has played the role of free cheese in a mousetrap. Nationalists have emerged "clearly dizzy with success, because of which the" xenophobic potential "of the population was clearly overvalued, and the ability of authorities to mobilize the contrary, is undervalued. Thus, failure to DPNI attempt ended in the wake kondopozhskogou success factors exacerbating the conflict in Salsk (Volgograd region) and Volsk Saratov region."In Vol'sk even came head of the Saratov Branch of the Movement Against Illegal Immigration and part-time local Cossack Ataman Andrei Fetisov, also one of the regional newspapers published a series of distinct antikavkazskih articles clearly aimed at the further escalation of the conflict (domestic fight in the restaurant, which was attended by Armenian and Russian inhabitants of the city ) - the report says. - But, fortunately, the regional leaders of the Movement Against Illegal Immigration is clearly lacking any charisma, or talent Belova. Repetitions Kondopozhsky events in Volsk not happened. " Then for six weeks on the site DPNI were several attempts to provide a number of domestic or openly criminal fights as a "new Kondopoga, but they were unsuccessful.

Failed and an attempt to try on a shirt xenophobic Movement Against Illegal Immigration at Moscow students. Action "student protest in Moscow on 14 September, which was organized formally made a certain" group of students, perturbed Caucasian lawlessness "was raspiarena next liberal media. However, except for shares of activists DPNI no one appeared. On the number of shares of hard to judge: virtually all of its members had been illegally detained by police - writing the report. - According to various reports, we can conclude that it potentially could take part about 300 people. And it is not clear whether classified this action to success DPNI. "By reputation Belova was dealt a severe blow: a series of neo-Nazi online communities he called it" an agent of law enforcement, and backdating was seen just as a provocation aimed at identifying students' right-wing cells, "- says the report.

Ended in complete failure and "Russian march". According to the speaker, compared with last year's parade, autumn march in 2006 failed to meet goals. First, he showed no popularity and the consolidation of the nationalist movement, but quite the opposite - a split in it. Do the organizers of the event, new ambitions, probably, once again escalated the struggle for leadership - not to forget that most of these organizations formed to "fyurerskomu" principle. This threatened schisms that, in fact, confirmed later.

"In this situation, the organizers initially much more profitable to go to such actions, which do not prohibit the march would be impossible - the authors wrote the report. - As a result of the march organizing committee - consisting of an entire group of Duma deputies - was included Dmitry Rogozin, who was himself on the myself lately is "taboo" figure for all levels of government, and especially - for Moscow. Then, the organizers have to direct blackmail Moscow authorities, at first simply threatening riots, and then announced his intention to paralyze the Moscow subway; site DPNI appeared and personal attacks against Luzhkov, said the speakers, stressing that such escapades are not characteristic for DPNI.

As a result, he "march" on November 4 by and large, the event did not - the report says. - His relatively few members joined a rally sanctioned, organized by the People's will "Sergei Baburin. In total, the rally was attended by about a thousand people. "Organizers and participants of the rally repeatedly gave rise to a completely lawful detention - say human rights activists. - That there is only a statement Belova, which increased by two megaphones, replete with foul language - is a legitimate reason for administrative detention. But there were still shouting racist, anti-Semitic and neo-Nazi posters, Nazi salute - all this may well be stopped by police on an absolutely legitimate. "Minus the march can be considered quite serious reputational loss Belov in the eyes of at least some of the skinheads. On the "agent provocateur" with his hand still actively discussing the post-student rally on Dobryninskaya, and after "metroshantazha (announcement of the march directly on the platform of the subway station" Komsomolskaya "), these arguments have intensified with renewed vigor. Quite a large part of neo-Nazi Internet community the idea of meeting at "Komsomolskaya" was perceived as the idea of a "second Bloody Sunday": the inevitable when the crush of human life on the subway would give the authorities a pretext for massive repression against the neo-Nazis, with full approval of public opinion, which quite rightly, in this situation would place the responsibility for what happened in the neo-Nazis. Belov directly named Gapon, and later, in mid-November, re-energize the discussion of "Jewish descent" DPNI leader, his "work on intelligence."

Countering radical nationalism

Nevertheless, human rights activists say are clear public policy successes in combating xenophobia and extremism. Thus, for 11 months of 2006 made at least 25 such sentences for crimes motivated by ethnic hatred, which convicted 80 people.

Especially the experts Sova Center and sentence against editor of the newsletter "Radical Politics" Boris Stomakhin, unlike a number of human rights, considering the allegations made by law enforcement authorities to address B. Stomahin, lawful. "Stomakhin actually conducted openly xenophobic propaganda against ethnic Russian, has expressed solidarity not only with the Chechen separatists in general, but with the terrorists (in particular, at the time of capture of the Nord-Ost"), urged President Bush to bomb Moscow, etc. " - the report says.

Thus, increased prosecution of racist crimes defenders attributed to the positive trend. Although delyut footnote that "with respect to pravoradikalov mostly used extra-legal mechanisms for combating xenophobic acts, and illegal practices, which seriously impedes their (pravoradikalov) the actual prosecution and provides them with an aura of victims of police brutality."


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