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Russian go?

October 5 2006

Russian, or, as it is called, "right" march will take place in any weather and under all circumstances. If during the Soviet universal prosperity that phrase can be heard only in respect of a football match, but today such a determination does not apply to the intention to clarify the relationship with the opponent on the football field. Cold paving bridge replaces the green lawn, party paraphernalia and uniforms has become no less popular than the T-shirts famous football clubs, and the passion with which the "players" rival teams find out the relationship has intensified so much that sometimes a battlefield already carrying corpses. And even the Orthodox and national holidays, it seems, can not break this sad tradition.

Festival on the October Revolution (or, if you will, the Bolshevik Revolution), commemorated each year on the Soviet Union on November 7, after the collapse of the Soviet state has got some strange character. Faithful followers of the teachings of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin, every year, out of habit to the streets, nostalgic for a lost past. The builders of the new Russia, except that not only mat kryvshie Soviet Union, were completely different slogans, calling as soon as possible to cancel this holiday. As a result, the Russian government renamed the holiday was declared Day of Accord and Reconciliation. But the change of place terms, nothing has changed, so that no consent, no reconciliation has occurred.

Last year an attempt was made once and for all solve this problem. In order not to damage people, accustomed to the beginning of November to arrange a further weekend holiday on November 7 tolerated at an earlier date - November 4. In this changed and the format of the festival, and its name. Now, noted no seizure of the Winter Palace revolutionary soldiers and sailors, and the liberation of Moscow from Polish invaders soldiers the militia led by Kuzma Minin and Dmitry Pozharsky in 1612. On the same day, Russian Orthodox celebrate the Kazan Mother of God, so, like, the chances that a new date will get accustomed to the public mind have been good. But there are serious concerns that the Day of National Unity (namely the so-called new old holiday) is still not responding to its content. The issue here is not even that against the new date came out as supporters of the socialist past, and some pro-democracy figures of the Russian political scene. Unity is not found among those who had a year ago, first took to the streets, welcoming the new developments.

, Held November 4, 2005 Russian march seriously claim to the chief scandal years. For the first time in the past few years, Moscow saw the slender ranks of the right-radical youth, hitherto not collect any significant rallies and marches. Participants of the march faced a lot of provocation, and the Moscow government, it seems, the very not expect much will the desire to celebrate the patriotic youth, has put an unofficial ban on such events in future. Nevertheless, the results of the procession were found to be satisfactory and it was decided to continue the tradition.

On the eve of Russian march on Nov. 4, 2006, members of the organizational committee of journalists gathered at a round table devoted to discussion of the format and other nuances of the upcoming march. I must say that the change was enough.

As pointed out almost all the speakers, because that is the fact that this march is not only a "legitimate part of political life, with its ancient traditions, but also the revival of Russian civil society. Keyword - civil."We can not rely on the power vertical and wait until all decide for us, - said the representative of the movement" Russian order "Vladimir Tor. - Our common goal - to return the Russian people on the political field, that he ceased to be manipulated by hostile entities . The problem, however, was not so easy. Almost all the speakers spoke about the impossibility to create in Russia a legal political party, formed on a national basis and promote the interests of the Russian people.

However, while agreeing that the Russian state would do well to listen not only to national minorities, but also to the titular nation, there are some doubts about the intentions of the Russian people to drive into the framework of national autonomy in their own country. For example, the leader NDPR Alexander Sevastyanov complained that he had personally tried to register the Russian national-cultural autonomy along with Armenian, Azerbaijani and other national kultyacheykami, but it did not work. "An attempt to register the Russian party has undertaken the NBP, - shared his view on the real politics of Vladimir Tor. - You do not think I'm not very good attitude to" limonovtsa, so has developed, but the authorities, who had a million reasons to refuse the registration of the NBP, As one of the defining elected para program, which said the protection of the Russian population.

No cost to the round table, and without embarrassment. Alexander Sevastyanov so carried away by revealing secrets of Masonic conspiracy against the Russian people that put in the number of conspirators ... Patriarch Alexy II. "We are told that the president is talking not only with representatives of Jewish and other ethnic communities, but also meets with the Patriarch, with Zhirinovski with Babakov, etc. We believe that the Presidency on behalf of the Russian people, people of non-Russian descent have no rights," - said A. Sevastyanov. This comparison is so struck by the Secretary of the Union of Orthodox Citizens Kirill Frolov, that the man in the sprint pace expressing their views on the upcoming march and the current political situation in Russia, he left the meeting, muttered at last, that does not want to sit at a table with those who offends the patriarch. However, the move Frolova - just flowers, compared with what might happen on November 4.

First, Russian March is not only nationwide event - the regional stage of the Russian march to be held in St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Syktyvkar, Krasnoyarsk, Vladivostok, - but also international. Told the leader of the Movement Against Illegal Immigration, Alexander Belov, their desire to participate in the procession had already made a number of foreign organizations. In particular, in the same day, talks were held with the famous American figures "skin movement, the leader of the organization" American Patriot "Preston Vidzhintonom. He, incidentally, is not the first time, is visiting Russia. One day a friend and associate of such well-known European politicians like Jean-Marie Le Pen (National Front, France) and Nick Griffin (BNP, UK) came at the invitation of "National Socialism" (Hull FNL). Almost agreed to participate in the march of representatives of national-patriotic movements from Serbia and Ukraine, as well as from the Israeli party Bead artseynu "(" For the Motherland "), represented by its leader, Avrom Shmulevich. There may be delegation from the shots in the last election in Germany's far-right "National Democratic Party."

On the other hand, there are quite significant losses. Thus, the organizing committee did not include representatives of "Eurasian Youth Union (ESM), which became the organizers of last year's march Russian patriots."I have no applications from them have been reported, most likely, they participate in the march will not be accepted", - said Alexander Belov, adding that the leaders of Eurasians, Paul Valery Korovin Zarifullin and do not feel towards him warm feelings, because during last year's March Against Illegal Immigration earn good money on ECM, putting them in the columns of its people for 300 rubles per man-unit.

"That's ridiculous! This man provocateur, I can tell that he was on the content for a long time until it became ice nonsense" - commented words DPNI leader Paul Zarifullin, explaining that the ECM with DPNI nothing general was not, and never will. Anyway, the last Russian march DPNI them simply self-seekers. "The authorities in Moscow put it to us this pig, combining two applications. We had a student conference, where we elaborated on our position: the Movement Against Illegal Immigration No joint march we will not hold, but the mayor's office for whatever their reasons, combined these applications, because of what There have been a series of scandals that have accompanied this march. - "P. Zarifullin. - Movement Against Illegal Immigration - an organization established to constant provocations on the territory of Russia. Behind them are political strategists, who are guided by runaway oligarchs. These are doers troubles that have been created for the organization ethnic conflicts in Russia. Now is the bow of the Orange forces, the Bolsheviks, liberals, including those from the Movement Against Illegal Immigration. And you can see how the liberal press supports this movement. In addition, Paul Zarifullin firmly stated that his organization would not only hold a Nov. 4 the march, to participate in which invited activists movements

"Young Russia" and "Young Guard", but is ready to face DPNI. "We believe that giving DPNI pacing the Moscow crime, especially in a situation that is emerging now, and when so heated antikavkazskie mood. There is a possibility that all this could lead to riots. DPNI And if these sentiments will be maintained, then we will arise on their way ", - said the leader of the ECM, expressing the hope that this time Moscow authorities, knowing the extremist and provocative nature of the Movement Against Illegal Immigration, will not allow him to conduct any marches.

However, Alexander Belov, and other members of the Russian march talk about the inevitability of the march. According to the leader of the Movement Against Illegal Immigration, the Moscow mayor's office filed two applications - one on the march, the other from a group of citizens at a cultural event - the national gathering in the celebration of Kazan Icon of the Mother of God. "I admit that the Moscow authorities may prohibit the Russian march, but they can not prohibit religious holiday. Marsh on November 4 will be held in any case" - said a cut Vladimir Tor.

How will this confrontation and would get a wall to wall so different Patriots - can only guess. And if the last march, in the words of the leader of "Russian Public Movement" by Konstantin Krylov, to change the situation in the Russian patriotic movement, forcing all to reckon with Russian nationalists, it was going to happen a new fracture. That's just it goes to merge, and the quarrels and squabbles among the patriotic organizations, transforming the national-patriotic movement in yet another manifestation of political public relations with all the ensuing consequences.

Igor Kulagin


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