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Fair Russia to import into Russia of illegal migrants

September 5 2007

More recently, the speaker of the Federation Council and leader of Just Russia, Sergey Mironov, wanting to please domestic patriots, made "against the increase of migration flows in Russia." "Tales of a shortage of manpower can tell anyone, but this fairy tale," - Speaker of the Federation Council said firmly. Meanwhile, as it turned out, Mr. Mironov and he knows how to tell stories, as heads of regional offices of the Fair Russia was not against the use of illegal immigrants in their business.

Most recently, in Togliatti was completed a criminal investigation against members of the group involved with the delivery of migrants to the territory of Togliatti, legalized for them false documents and finds a job at JSC "Komsomolsk meat, which is headed by First Deputy Chairman of the Board of the regional branch of the Just Russia in Samara region, Mikhail Rodionov.

During search operations law enforcement officers went to a certain Inomzhon Abdurakhmonova who is wanted internationally on request of Uzbekistan. During a search of his rented apartment was found 25 health books, time sheets with a list of foreign names, forms, payroll records, lists of "foreign workers of JSC" Komsomolsk meat, as well as passports of citizens of Uzbekistan. During the conversation Abdurahmonov confessed to police that he worked "senior" to foreign nationals in Togliatti JSC "Komsomolsk Meat" (CMC), has regularly received in the accounting business for them to pay, as well as a monthly gathering of 2,000 rubles each foreigner and transmit the money to a certain Alexander Khamidov, which was their "roof" . According to investigators, Khamidov settle the question by obtaining the migration card and registration of migrant workers in Togliatti. When migrants expire documents, in violation of the law on the border with Russia, they did not leave, and paid 4700 rubles Abdurakhmonova, who passed the money along Khamidov with documents. After a while in the hands of workers turned out passports with new migration card and registration in Russia.

One of the detained illegal immigrants told detectives that the personnel department of meat be photographed for passing on the premises, but the employment contract they have never been concluded, the work permit in Russia no one from the administration of plant did not ask, and lack of medical books is also not an obstacle when applying for a job.

Criminal prosecution in this case the headmistress of the personnel department of JSC "Komsomolsk meat" during interrogations complained that the foreign labor force was a necessary measure, because the hard work for a small fee, local residents do not want to go. Meanwhile, the "middlemen" were told that paying drivers from Uzbekistan, which carried people to work in Russia, $ 150 for each person, and pay illegals ranged from 7 to 10 thousand rubles. Given the same all the attendant costs of the illegal migrants, the costs of administration of meat per person grew even one or two thousand rubles, thus accounting for 8-12 thousand rubles, which corresponds to the average wage in the area. And why the Russians do not agree to a quite decent conditions are difficult to understand? Is it because of that illegal immigrants do not pay tax deductions, and indeed, in the end, they can simply pay by threatening to send back home?

It is obvious that paying the illegals (and they are the company employs over 50 people) is quite good money, the administration of meat, apparently, yet saves significant.But it's not so much in it, and that the General Director of JSC "Komsomolsk meat Mikhail Rodionov brought to justice has not been since, according to official information, was unaware of the work of migrant workers in the enterprise.

However, according to the Russian State Duma deputy Nikolai Kuryanovich, this certainly could not have been the director and must meet the full extent of the law. "Unfortunately, in the pursuit of commercialization and profits, some managers started up the winds, thus placing at risk the safety and health of our citizens - Kuryanovich said, noting that the director may be held both administrative and criminal liability if it turns out that the consumption of manufactured goods to people in a meat factory was damaged. "This, incidentally, can be anything - from dizentiriynoy sticks to infection Kock. Chain reaction may be such that will beleaguer the entire region, "- he added.

The MP also noted that the Director of the slaughterhouse must not only punish to the fullest extent of the law, but also to give this matter the most transparent, to make him a political process "to prevent a repeat of this, or at least minimize such incidents in the whole country .

Assessment Nicholas Kuryanovich myasoproizvoditel feels local gables, mini-oligarchs who all is allowed. "Surely he lure and local officials, law enforcement, which allows him to feel at ease and carefree." And indeed, as the journalists of Samara edition of "Time" , by running the version that Rodionov "not aware" of his attempt to withdraw from the strike and not to give opponents a businessman to use the scandal at the plant against the policy Rodionova, who intends to go to the State Duma on party lists, "Fair Russia".

Rodionov is also considered a lobbyist for the interests of FPG "JUICE" (Samara combined capital), a company pretending to get political and economic influence in the region, and which is suspected of having links with fugitive Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky . According to experts, "CSR" has long been trying to put under control profosoyuznye organization in the field (in particular, the recent strike at AvtoVAZ characterize it as an attempt to counteract the controlling JUICE AvtoVAZ Rosoboronexport), holds in city and regional administration of his henchmen (illustrative case with the appointment of First Deputy Mayor Syzran former chief accountant of the "JUICE" Tatiana Pilinoy). No exception, and political parties. In this case, "Fair Russia".

How to believe a lawyer Oleg Cossack structures behind Rodionov, sooner or later anyway would remove Viktor Tarkhov with office management, "Fair Russia:" The current mayor is not particularly to manage them and so no longer hosts in politics, although officially the leader " . In this case, the role of a leader is just moving Mikhail Rodionov, at one time proposed to the list of "CP" candidates of the "juice." "With Rodionov juice would be easier to negotiate than with Tarkhova, especially given the rift between the mayor and the company. Focusing on Rodionova, SOC could take control even over a single political force in the region - branch of" CP ", stresses the newspaper" Time ".

amarskaya area is likely not the only example of how regional financial-industrial groups (and in some cases, organized criminal groups) are trying to enter into power under the banner of the party claiming to be the second, and potentially the first political force in the country. It is unlikely that the leader of the Socialist-Revolutionaries, "Sergei Mironov, can not understand that his most trivial way to use. But can not understand and that refusing to cooperate with local oligarchs lose the last chance of getting at least some support in the regions. Indeed, as shown by opinion polls, the country's population still believes "Fair Russia", "helpless and harmless at the same time a political force," "without effect on the situation in the country."

Arina Semenova


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