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Ukraine and Russia: the Cold War, or ...?

June 5 2006

Does not fall another round of tensions between Russia and Ukraine. Today it became known that Russia was expelled from the deputy chairman of the Democratic Party "It's time" Sergei Yevtushenko. Ukrainian politician, who is also advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and executive director of the Institute of Euro-Atlantic cooperation, this morning, landed at Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport, but was detained at border control, after which he was told to refuse to stay in the territory of Russia.

As we talked on the phone a member of the Political Council of the People's Democratic Union, Ivan Starikov, Sergey Yevtushenko, border control, but suddenly he seized the passport and asked to go to the premises. A few minutes later in walked the Colonel of the FSB who told Yevtushenko on his deportation from Russia.

"I was this was an unforgettable impression! - Ivan Starikov said. - I attribute this to the fact that Yevtushenko, one of the leaders of the Ukrainian" Pora "(Sergei Yevtushenko is the deputy chairman of the Democratic Party" Time ", is an active member of the Orange Revolution in Ukraine. In March of this year, Yevtushenko has already been deported as "undesirable person" from Belarus, together with several other members of the "Pora". - approx. aut.), but I am a member of the Presidium People's Democratic Union, hence such an inadequate response to his arrival, although the purpose of the visit was not related to politics, he came to us for a seminar where I was, for example, preparing a report on agrarian reform. " According to Ukrainian media itself Sergey Yevtushenko, he was invited to Moscow People's Democratic Union, led by former Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov to "discuss issues concerning civil democratic forum, and democratic cooperation."

Especially Ivan Starikov said the fact that the deportation took place on the eve of Yevtushenko Group of Eight summit, which will be held this summer in St. Petersburg, and this, according to Russian politics, could greatly damage the image of Russia. "I do not know what 30-year-old politician could threaten the integrity of the constitutional order of Russia ... I think some of the zealous members of the FSB should get on the head for his actions" - gloating Starikov.

Meanwhile, two days earlier, Ukrainian authorities have denied entry into its territory to Russian MP - State Duma deputy Konstantin Zatulin. In this case, the security service of Ukraine believes that "the activities of the Director of the Institute of CIS countries and the Russian State Duma deputy vice versa, is the equivalent almost to terrorism and creates prerequisites for wrongful acts that infringe upon the territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine, inciting ethnic hatred" .

Accusation to a public official of a neighboring state, more than terrible. Especially because Zatulin, he said, "did not take part in protests against the U.S. or entering the Norwegian ship with an American cargo at the port of Feodosiya. As he said on Radio Mayak, where he arrived in Fedosov, then "before the seaport held a rally in which the congregation expressed a desire to be friends with Russia over Crimea is not NATO troops and Russian holidaymakers. "We, I and my colleague said that we are grateful for the feelings they have - explained Zatulin. - If it's called" creating prerequisites for illegal actions, then it is doing today, Foreign Minister Tarasyuk.One minister, who has called on June 2 only my name as a surname to blame for what's happening in Feodosia, Crimea, and, generally, in connection with protests against NATO. "

State Duma deputy from the LDPR faction Nikolai Kuryanovich sure it only shows one thing: "the political wisdom of the leaders of the Orange Revolution, not because it could lead to confrontation, literally on all fronts - political, diplomatic, economic." "Long-standing historical metastases zastarevshie disease getmanovschina continue to blossom to full flower. And I think that happens a repetition of history. After all, few people know that Bogdan Khmelnitsky not particularly eager to conclude a treaty with Russia, and did so only under pressure from the people. So, we can say that the signing was forced to voluntarily act. So that the historical occurrence of this event can take place, "- shared with its forecast for the future of N. Kuryanovich.

In Feodosia, meanwhile has been the ninth day do not stop the action against the training of Ukrainian-NATO military exercise "Sea Breeze-2006" and the host U.S. troops on the peninsula. The city continued to arrive and the militia is not excluded that it will soon attempt to sweep the area from protesters. And although, according to media, have not yet seen any obvious aggression against American soldiers, past experience discomfort from staying in friendly Ukraine. For example in Alushta, the U.S. military servicemen were forced to leave the cozy rooms of the local nursing home, as the staff establishment refused to serve warriors. Sexy boycott of the Yankees announced the local prostitutes, but who still went to work, a hall for their services space prices.

This is not the first conflict between Ukraine and Russia since the election victory of Viktor Yushchenko. Split into East and West Ukraine, the danger is said during the presidential elections, this time seems to have any chance of realization.

Crimea in general is very different from the mainland of Ukraine. Most of the population prefers to speak in Russian and permanent rallies for the right to recognition of Russian as a second state continuously shaken Crimea. And in winter this year, the Crimean youth organization "Breakthrough" made a demand to the Crimea to Russia, as Ukraine had violated the agreement on Black Sea Fleet. January 19, 2006 about 70 representatives of the "breakthrough" in the post "Chongar" on 122 km of the highway Kharkiv-Simferopol put 6 bags of earth, between which stuck several border pillars yellow-blue and white, blue and red colors. The result of this action was that the leader of the "Breakthrough" Alexei Dobychina charged with public calls to change the state border of Ukraine "by joining the Crimea and Sevastopol to the Russian Federation, and a few days after the action, from the Ukraine was the deportation by the political scientist from the Institute of CIS (direkotorom which, recall, is Zatulin) Kirill Frolov. Mr. Frolov made in his address explained the allegations that he had previously written about the facts of the recruitment of Ukrainian fighters in the CIS countries, including in Chechnya. "The Security Service of Ukraine is struggling with its own Orthodox people and the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church," - he said at that time.

The chances that this conflict will be resolved - very little. Problem is resolved with the presence of American soldiers in the Crimea, there is another problem. For example, with the gas.Last winter, Ukraine and Russia experienced in the truest sense and perenostnom Cold War. So the statement by Gazprom on the possible disruption of supplies of gas can be seen exactly as it is profitable to Ukraine.

Ukraine is doing its utmost to NATO. Ukraine is trying to show his statist viability. Ukraine is trying to neutralize the remnants of the former, since Soviet times relationships. Ukraine is doing its utmost to get rid of the stigma of his younger brother. The most interesting thing is that Russia and some, in general, not against it. But not all of the methods used by the Ukrainian government to implement their goals, lead to a peaceful solution to the issue. For example, one of the most acute problems - make Russian a second state language, Ukraine is trying to solve the original: vzvalivaya the blame on Russia, which, allegedly, deliberately provoking a conflict. This and all other ills. As usual, much easier to find an external enemy, than to admit their own guilt. Russia hinders pride as the country great, feels his strength. Ukraine, as a small country, clinging to their small but very personal independence.

Igor Kulagin


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