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Raven crow ... or childhood disease of liberalism in Russia

May 5 2009

Watch the epistolary duels are on different sides of the ideological barricades Lancelot interesting. And if a fight come the representatives of the whole of the same camps - the doubly interesting. As a regular duelists were journalist Leonid Radzikhovsky and member of Solidarity, "Vladimir Milov.

Radzikhovsky tried with his bell to analyze the results of the Sochi campaign Nemcova and made a quite logical for a supporter of liberal ideology conclusion: error Nemtsov that for Russian voters in the first place is the principle of national pride, but because anyone who tries to forgo this principle is doomed to failure . "The Liberals will never truly understand: this is their system error. On the basis of their ideology, they always proclaim" freedom and oil - instead of guns and national pride, "- he writes. Actually, nothing subversive in terms of destruction of the ideology of liberalism in this no. This can also write a lot. Radzikhovsky miscalculation was that he began his article as follows: "What the Germans lost, and it was so obvious. But such a defeat I was not expecting to be honest: 77% - "ER", 13% - the Germans! ".

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Needless to say, not particularly in vchityvayas contents of the article to protect his patron rushed Vladimir Milov, who decided to put in place high-handed journalist. Repeating, in fact, made by Mr. Radzikhovsky theses on "voter apathy", which also put paid to the electoral ambitions of co-chairman of Solidarity, as well as admitting that "during the campaign, we found" that the issues of decentralization, or out of the upcoming Olympic games, "generally not a topic that greatly worries Sochi residents, began to denounce the enemy.

Declaring that "Democrats are much more patriots of their country compared to the unscrupulous, thoroughly corrupt, unashamedly plundered the country putinistami," Vladimir Milov, decided that "trying to master Radzikhovsky liberals oppose these concepts - outright lies" that "it is beneficial primarily Surkov, "and he personally believes" that, under his dictation, and written. " And incidentally remarked that "the voices emanating seemingly from their camp, from the representatives of" like-to-liberal "community, undermining the newly emerging shoots of confidence in Russia's democracy," "is applied to the restoration of democracy in the country perhaps more harmful than all the Kremlin's propaganda efforts. "

"Well, what are you, my dear, go directly to the individual? - marvels L. Radzikhovsky. - If that is not for you - it is written under the dictation of Surkov. You saw through me ... But you and I - too razgryz! You ( Nemtsov and Co.), why have launched a campaign in Sochi? After winning a chance there was - everybody knew. So what is the purpose campaign? REAL, HIDDEN goal? legitimate elections, to show "adversarial" and show the world competitive elections and the insignificance of the Russian opposition. Surkov Quest - there! "- he gently puts a muzzle on the asphalt of his opponent.

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"Few of the mind and the courage required to stigmatize the" enemies of the people "like me. Brand. Feel better? - Wondered L.Radzikhovsky and tells some interesting statistical details: The crisis is 9 months. 7,000,000 unemployed. GDP fell by 7%. Levada Center reported a fresh sensation - trust Putin declined. To what number? Right up to 76%! That is how had collapsed ... In the country - either you strike, no rallies or demonstrations. NO-CHE-GO. [...] The reality is. If you, Mr. Milov, not a little boy, so good it was and to perceive. And do not complain ... Who to complain about something? Me? I - perhaps. And the point? "- Ironically a journalist.

Radzikhovsky advises Milov and his ilk try to communicate not only with me, loved ones, but also with voters, "which I do not like (I can, I ask them to vote and do not beg), and you - how do you assure us - love." "Why do the Democrats have lost everything they could back in 1990 when they did not get out of the box? Surkov is guilty and his agents, why in 1999, Yeltsin's choice was not" or Putin - or the Germans, "a" or Putin - or Primakov-Luzhkov "Yes, because people perceived - even during" that "TV - Democrats as ANTIpatriotov! - Asked Radzikhovsky.

And there are well-founded doubts about the sane response. Of course, if he does come to pass.

Mikhail Gritsman

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