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Khodorkovsky, whom they have lost

December 4 2009

Questions about the future of the former head of Yukos oil company, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to ask a lot. So on Thursday the head of the government had to satisfy the curiosity of those who are interested: when released Khodorkovsky?

"When I was in France, I also asked this question. The well-known person involved is in custody under a court sentence. And the problem is not whether, when and whom to let go, but the problem is that crimes of this kind we have not happen again" , - said Putin.

Many wonder why Khodorkovsky has not fled to Israel with Nevzlin? Some say that simply did not have time, others argue that, say, the head of Yukos had nothing to fear. And he really was not.

Once asked:

- Are not you afraid of the reaction of the authorities on their actions?
- No - answers with a laugh - "If they put me on Red Square, immediately landing U.S. Marines.

Marines overseas, of course, in the Kremlin were not observed, but the news of attack on the Russian government from a number of foreign governments and non-governmental organizations demanding the immediate release Khodorkovsky from custody, is still going on.

And there's another question: what is a good thing did Khodorkovsky to so zealously protect it for the past few years?

This information, incidentally, is not closed.

In 2001, Yukos CEO in all sincerity said: "We're really the first time entered into a partnership with the West, which is going through hard times, and can help him by offering partnerships in maintaining the stability of the global oil market. If a" reasonable price "will be installed they will not go beyond 17-18 dollars for more than two months. If not, then drop to $ 12 and will hold on to this level from 6 to 18 months. " What could there Kasyanov with his "fair price" of $ 20 ...

In the spring of 2003 in Washington, in his conversation with Condoleezza Rice openly stated that he came to formal political power, he will complete nuclear disarmament of Russia. This operation, of course, would require a substantial amount of money, of which the shareholders of Yukos hoped to receive at least $ 100 billion "in trouble": the organization of nationwide publicity campaign, etc.

The fact that Khodorkovsky really wanted to get a full state power, no doubt. For several years, Yukos through affiliated structures (and sometimes directly) bought parliamentary vote, has financed the political parties and individual politicians - in general, preparing the ground for at least create a powerful lobby in state institutions.

These and several other similarities dictated by the desire of the West to make of Mr. Khodorkovsky sufferer for the idea. In this case, however, all forgotten what it was accused executives of Yukos. But this is not only economic crimes, which resulted in the citizens of Russia have suffered multibillion-dollar losses. Not accidentally, Vladimir Putin, speaking of the resulting sale of the assets of Yukos, Drugs, said that they went "not just the budget, and were directed, for example, the formation of the Foundation Housing. "If once the money had been stolen from the people, to give them directly to the people of this" - said Putin.

"No one remembers, unfortunately, that in places of deprivation of liberty is one of the leaders of the security company Yukos.Do you think that he acted on his own, at your own risk? He had no particular interest. He is not the main shareholder in the company. It is clear that he acted in the interests of and as directed by their masters. How to act? There's only proven murders - five "- continued the Premier.

Among them, for example, the murder of director LLP trading company "Phoenix" Valentina Korneyeva. Unfortunately, the building of the shop "Tea," which she owned, was next to the office of Menatep, which at that time housed offices of Michael Hodorkovkogo, Nevzlin, Platon Lebedev and other executives of the bank. But when the bankers decided to expand, they suggested Korneeva for next to nothing to sell them to area stores. businesswoman, of course, refused. and paid with their life. The principle of "no man - no problem" has for future oil tycoons sort guide to action.

And then the unknown shot Nefteyugansk mayor Vladimir Petukhov, who spoke openly against Yukos, accusing the company of evading taxes to the city budget. "Hospital (which brought the seriously wounded the mayor. - Comm. Aut.) At the time resembled a train station - says widow Petukhova Farida Islamova. - I remember, came to control Yuganskneftegaz Gilmanov. His face was grief and tragedy. For them, as cat was chief financial officer of Yukos Simanovsky. His eyes shone with joy. "

But there were also a businessman Sergei and Olga Gorin. Sergei, while fellow Yukos security chief Alexei Pichugin, "knew too much" and was killed along with his wife. There were many others who survived only by sheer luck.

"It's proven offense, proved during the investigation and trial. Let's not forget about it, - said Putin. - But, of course, the fate of every human being in prison in any event be subject to existing in Russia legislation. In accordance with this Law, the government will act. "

Arseniy Stepanov

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