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Dmitry Rogozin: "Never say never

December 4 2006

A few days left before the Congress, "Congress of Russian Communities". The organization, founded in 1993 and designated as references to "imperial-nationalist", was conceived not as a political party, but as a human rights organization, established Russian communities. However, the policy, as from a wallet and the prison escape was not possible - virtually since its founding, "Congress of Russian Communities" mired in scandals.

There was disengagement from one of the spiritual fathers of KRO, General Alexander Lebed - Dmitry Rogozin has forgiven his chief co-operation with Boris Berezovsky, but not simply entering into power. There was a conflict with another leader of the AOC Sergei Glazyev, a long time to combine their activities in the AOC plans to seize the chair in the "Democratic Party of Russia." As a result, the first could not stand such perfidy Democrats, accusing Glazyev of double-dealing.

Despite the claims of non-political character of the organization, leaders KRO periodically attempted to pass into power. But in the parliamentary elections in 1995 the chance was missed, as planned, together with the Communist Party coalition of national-patriotic forces and did not work for well known reasons.

After 2003, the organization has been frozen, and if not expulsion, Dmitry Rogozin to the post of leader of the party Rodina, perhaps, the "Congress of Russian Communities" and then be in a state of lethargy. However, unwilling to stop his political activities Rogozin has decided to revive an old project, trying on this basis to create a second "home." At least, from the previous CDF remains very little and the organization Rogozin will build anew. Today we know that the basis of a new Congress will make the former members of the party "Motherland" and the activists of the Movement Against Illegal Immigration. " For more information and immediate and long-range prospects KRO in an exclusive interview told State Duma Dmitry Rogozin.

- Dmitry O., could not enumerate the organization wishing to participate in the congress?

- Will not participate organization, and people. People can not enumerate all, as expressed a desire to come to Moscow, about 800 people. So we suddenly have a problem with the hall, because we were able to provide only a small space. Therefore, most likely, we confine ourselves to the 200-mi delegations.

- Recently you encounter strong opposition from political opponents. Note the fact that during the congress you will have to wait for surprises?

- If there are provocations, we are always ready for them. But I hope that everything will be fine. I just do not see any sense for our opponents to disrupt the congress social organization. But if they wish their actions make us popular, I do not mind. There is already preparing for that at the last moment we have to move venue of the Congress, as some strange organizations, such as ATP, has long pochivshie in Bose, suddenly decided to become active and to hold their conventions in the same day with us in one and the same place.

- But is it gives them some priority?

- Of course, since the ATP - is part of the authorities. I do not think, of course, that they were given a special assignment to oppose us, most likely there is an element of initiative, to curry favor with the Administration of the President.

- Will the new organization is different from the old KRO, what are the goals and objectives of the updated KRO?

The main goals and objectives - is to create the largest human rights organization, which could raise questions of the right to life of the Russian people and, of course, Russia's right to exist.

- We have now a lot of human rights organizations. In your opinion, they are not human rights?

- We have a professional human rights activists, who defended the rights of individual citizens, but did so fairly selectively. It does not recognize the right to defend the whole nation and even more deprived of the rights of Russian. For example, in 1995 in Chechnya, when Kovalev, a well-known human rights activist who preferred to look at the Russian wounded soldiers through the embrasure of the Government House in Grozny, standing next to Dudayev.

- KRO in the first years of its existence is primarily a task - the protection of the rights of our fellow citizens to organize themselves and their national and cultural identity. In principle, the problem has been fully implemented because they were formed by Russian organizations, the Russian community. Even a full-scale youth movement emerged in Latvia, which fought for the right to keep Russian school. And my assistant, Alexander Kazakov, who is now chief adviser to the movement "Local" (local "- the political movement of young environmentalists suburbs, operating under the auspices of the regional administration), Riga was a head of the defenders of Russian schools.

- In other words, the activities of "local" now directly with you somehow related?

- Yes, they contacted us. For example, we recommend "local" use the experience DPNI control illegal immigration in the markets. I think this is generally a useful thing, when positive, accumulated DPNI, actively used by pro-government organization.

- Remain in whether the "Congress of Russian Communities" Sergei Glazyev, who, as I understand, resigned as chairman of the organization.

- He now heads the AOC. He just asked me to head the organizing committee for the preparation of the congress, but that does not mean that he came out of the KRO - he remains in the leadership of the organization, we are going on shares to manage the construction.

- How do you feel about the plans Glazyev to join the "Fair Russia", for which you cherish, as I understand it, not the best feeling?

- One does not contradict. KRO will not be an alternative to a political party . On the contrary, we believe that the active members of the Russian socialist movement should take part in the activities of AOC, and other organizations.

- That is, can we say that "Congress of Russian Communities" will be a powerful building block of the "Just Russia"

- I would not narrowed, because KRO-scale problems that are raised on the agenda, any more valid today party. This is the task of any social movement - to be broader and more representative political party. It is not our task to participate in elections, and this means that we are not subject conjuncture of political confrontation between the government and opposition.

- Talking about confrontation. In 1994 you had organized the assassination - in your rifle. Could tell a bit more detail what happened?

- I never used the fact that the attempt on my life in order to get political success. It was an example when one prominent Democrat, the 90-ies, organized a crossbow.But so badly did that as a result of the investigative experiment turned out for the time he ran 50 meters from the car to the nearest edge, a normal person would be able to smoke 18 times. Therefore, after this story, I realized that all sorts of stories about the assassination creates an unhealthy excitement and give instruction to potential adversaries. Therefore, I try to not talk about it, and all that is possible to tell, I said in my book.

- Are not you afraid that the enemies would like again uchudit?

- No, I'm not afraid, I have a job like that.

- Will you cooperate with the organization Ivashov "Union of Russian People"?

- Yes, of course. We have invited their representatives to the congress.

- And do not fear that a conflict may arise. After all, one of your colleagues Nikolay Kuryanovich in peak Leonid Ivashov created his "Union of Russian People" ...

- I do not understand this. I just know these people - and invite them. And so what they have there is organization - not so fundamentally.

- In a conversation with us representatives of another opposition coalition The Other Russia has repeatedly expressed the desire to see you in their ranks. As far as the "Congress of Russian Communities" is ready to cooperate with them?

- Since we all want to cooperate. And as for whether we want to cooperate with everyone - this is the second question. Is there such a thing as universal human values that differ from the class and national. When our land attack green creatures, then we will be ready to fight for our land together with all peoples of the world, including activists of the "Other Russia". So, never say never. "

- Thank you.


Unfortunately, around the Congress AOC has created an unhealthy excitement. And a very active part in this process are made by ... Orthodox-patriotic media. So, last week EA "Russian line" with anger come upon a number of publications, printing, in their opinion, "sensational" details of the forthcoming congress KRO.

Part of the accusations got the newspaper Nezavisimaya Gazeta, which reported that "the Congress invited the leader of the Movement for a decent life" Sergei Glazyev, Duma faction of the Motherland "as a whole, the leader of the Movement Against Illegal Immigration, Alexander Belov, and members of Other Russia's Mikhail Delyagin Georgi Satarov. Contrary to this information, the publication quoted Rogozin, Mikhail Delyagin was invited as a former member of the ideology of the party "Rodina", "our like-minded" and not as a participant in the "Other Russia", "The presence at the congress of representatives of the liberal opposition , including Satarova - impossible. "

However, do not believe journalists are patriots, and "like-minded" Rogozin Mikhail Delyagin, attributing his words ... " A web-agency hastened to declare that AOC "will bring unwanted government and opposition will be more than the" Other Russia ", - writes" Russian Line ". Meanwhile, just quoted comment Delyagin, given them the newspaper Vedomosti, published also on a personal site Economist: KRO collect unwanted authority and would be more opposition than the "Other Russia", I'm sure the former "rodinets" political analyst Mikhail Delyagin .

It appears that some proponents of national-patriotic ideas they want to see in Rogozino only themselves, consciously vymaryvaya of ex-leader of the Motherland, "the words and ideas that are alien or distasteful to themselves. And I want them in such a case he Dmitry O.? Is not it easier to join the less odious figure, dutifully reproduces all that would not have advised him to well-wishers?


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