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"Russian March". Beware of imitations!

November 4 2008

November 4 individual members of ultranationalist groups have attempted to celebrate the so-called National Unity Day "Russian March". However, appeals from the category of "Russia for the Russian" is not our support of the overwhelming majority of citizens.

On the upcoming day actions of nationalists began to speak a few weeks ago. Organizers of marches, "promised to bring this day to the streets almost millions of supporters to show who the true owner of the Russian land. However, results of demonstrations were more than sad.

In most Russian regions, the intention of the nationalist go through a "Russian March" did not encounter resistance from local authorities, so that the "patriots" were able to pass through the main streets of cities, showing their own strength and prowess. But in fact the organizers are not able to take to the streets and half of the participants declared their shares.

The number of participants shares in Chita, Vladivostok, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg and other cities ranged from 50 to 300 people. Own shares in general also have been relatively calm, without creating any problems for police officers. Only in St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk, the local "anti-fascists" have tried to express their protest march of nationalists. In the northern capital alone "antifa" relevant slogans adorn a park bench them. Chernyshevsky, where he was to undergo a rally nationalists, and in Novosibirsk, a group of youths tried to block the movement of the column of patriots, but in the end the police had kindled the conflicting parties in different directions.

But the main events took place in Moscow, where it was announced at least three events with the same name. It was connected with the split in the ranks of the nationalists, who have not agreed which of them owned brand "Russian march". As a result, permission from authorities to hold march and rally was the People's Union Sergei Baburin. But despite calls baburintsev to the rest of "Russian patriots" put aside their differences at least for one day and go through a single march, leaders of the Movement Against Illegal Immigration, MANPADS "Rus", NDPR and several other motions decided to make a revealing, unauthorized actions, calling on his supporters to gather in Moscow Metro.

A similar idea in 2006 has already caused a number of complaints to Alexander Potkin by his colleagues in the national-patriotic movement, rightly judging that organizations such shares are not only dangerous for the participants, but also harms the whole movement of the nationalists in general.

However, the example of the "Marches of Dissent", apparently, proved to be contagious. "Marches of Dissent" collected hundreds of times smaller than humans. But due to noisy and scandalous manner in which they took place, when to provoke conflict with the police, came a lot of Western journalists, showed "poor" beaten some - due to this they were known. And now these same forces are trying to right-wing nationalists "sign" under this format, - the former associate of Alexander Potkin DPNI Alexei Mikhailov.

Actually, what happened. Incited brothers Potkin nationalists staged a riot in the first subway and were able to escape upstairs, where the shouts of "Russian forward" and "kill cops" scattered. As a result, police officers had to exert great effort to protect the citizens of Muscovites and the capital of the inflated woozy with delight hooligans.

Potkin and Co. once again showed that for them the words about patriotism no more than a pretext for samopiara, and this activity they prefer scandalous action.On the other hand, it is revealing that the influence of the leaders of Movement Against Illegal Immigration is not as great as it is trying to present themselves. Several dozen psevdonatsionalistov with bandages DPNI capable only then to throw a smoke bomb or a cowardly cry of a gateway "Russia for the Russian" are unlikely to be taken seriously by anyone except perhaps the police officers who every day have to deal with bullies.

At the same time revealing that the "Russian March" on the Taras Shevchenko embankment has collected more than a thousand people. Even more numerous promises to the official celebrations. In the end, National Unity Day - a public holiday, which does not divide people into friends and foes, but rather is intended to unite them. This is a tribute to the glorious past of our Motherland, when the militia led by Minin and Pozharsky contributed to unite multi-ethnic people in the face of external danger and division. Then they were able to defend their freedom and independence. Hopefully, it will be possible to do this now, as it had not tried all sorts Potkin and Demushkin accomplish the opposite.

Olga Nekrasova

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