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Russian shekels for nationalist and Orchestra

November 4 2007

Nothing extraordinary in this day of people who call themselves Russian nationalists, no one expected. Even the Nationalists until the end did not believe in their abilities and opportunities, which eventually also affected the nature of the past on Nov. 4 "Russian march".

"Right March" in 2005 aroused the public, do not expect to see legalized march of skinheads, a real shock. Representatives of liberal parties and movements, even honored to organize anti-fascist rally to demand ban neo-Nazi organization. However, next year the situation has changed. After the events in Kondopoga name DPNI thundered across the country, while in the camp of political analysts talked about the connection between the Nationalists and the president shares the National Strategy Institute Stanislav Belkovsky. "Movement Against Illegal Immigration, of course, will undergo further transformations of mass and is unlikely to continue in its present form. But the nationalist forces in the transformation of power in 2007-2008, will play a big role - in this case there is no doubt," - he prophesies. And, oh, a miracle, the ratio of defenders to the "neo-Nazi" has changed radically. After provocation, organized DPNI during November 4, 2006, they not only expressed their outrage, but ... supported the constitutional rights of "chock fighters" to carry out public activities. The organized DPNI roundtable "Civil society and protecting the rights of Russian people" was met with applause congratulatory telegram to the leader of The Other Russia, Garry Kasparov, a co-chairman of All-Russian Civil Congress Georgy Satarov repented for a signed appeal to the Moscow authorities to ban "Russian march".

Yes, strictly speaking, he "Russian march" has become not a procession of Russian nationalists, and public relations director of the Movement Against Illegal Immigration Alexander Potkin (Belov), a taste for public speaking. But if participation in the project Belkovsky DPNI turned to its leader, some improvement in material conditions, the series DPNI significantly thinned. Former associates of Mr. Potkin noted his fondness for fancy cars and dinner at the prestigious Café, which does not correspond with the way the authorities persecuted opposition.

Proznav about Second Life, "Russian nationalist", most national-patriotic organizations have expressed inability to cooperate with the Movement Against Illegal Immigration. Some did it for ideological reasons, others - without receiving the promised piece of the pie overseas. However, the pathological greed Potkin was known long ago. Carefully collect contributions from members of the Movement Against Illegal Immigration, Potkin of the so-called "black cash" to pay salaries to only a few focal points. The rest of the plow, they say, for the idea.

In short, for the next 4 November Russian nationalists came disassembled. Instead of one march, only the official application was held in Moscow 4 events under the name "Russian march". Of course, that neither the strength nor any other cumulative effect (except that the brigade drummers in colorful robes chained lustful looks marchers) are not significantly different. For example, at an event organized by the Movement Against Illegal Immigration on the official data of the Moscow mayor's office had gathered about 900 people. Nationalists were lucky that the embankment was not too broad and disjointed columns nationalists were stretched pretty well, creating an optical effect of mass. And to reinforce this thought along the column ran DPNI activists by declaring that the march came 7,000 people. But it was completely in vain.

Most came to the share of people left with her before the start of the march, without feeling any desire to march under the slogans of "eternal a Jewish yoke" and the conversation that "the Jews in Russia had sold and we had nothing left"But even more astounding nationalists led those present in the "Russian March" American and British flags. Organizers explained that this de, nationalists from America and Europe came to pay their compliments to Russian traditions, but people from both avoided the plague of foreign guests, so that the flag outside the NATO foreign powers were fluttering proudly over the heads of Russian nationalists, as compensation for shouting "Sieg Heil! " and "Death to the Jews."

So move FNL leader Dmitry Rumyantsev, who led off with a share of his supporters, stating that they were "Russian march" of its HC-column, and at the meeting they should do nothing because "nothing new they can not hear, did not show something out of the ordinary. Speech, the speakers were pretty monotonous, so have decided to wait until the play nationalists burst into guffaws of laughter when one or the other, he often forgot that he wanted to say by pumping his statement unchanged, "Glory to Russia!". To the barricades had not been asked, and, as explained in his speech Alexander Potkin, first they must conquer Constantinople, then to help make Europe a white, then have to begin to capture the Kremlin. Customers of this plan is a sequence of completely satisfied, especially because the plans included nationalist section of Russia on a number of territorial entities. Nationalist leaders have repeatedly said that would not be opposed secession from the Russian ethnic republics such as Tatarstan, and the rest of the territory they have already and will establish a real Russian power.

But judging by how things are, the total area of the "Russian land" will be little more than, for example, the principality of Monaco.

Less than one thousand supporters of the ideas of "nationalism, Potkin" of the 12 millionth of Moscow and the seven millionth Moscow region - there can even seem a giant state of Monaco. Approximately the same picture with the "Russian March" and other Russian cities: St. Petersburg, came no more than 500 people, about fifty supporters of the nationalists demanded that "Russia is for Russian" in Veliky Novgorod and Irkutsk, 100 people rallied in Samara, another hundred NDPR and LDPR supporters marched in Maikop, etc.

So the Movement Against Illegal Immigration and friendly leaders of organizations can be plenty to cry about the victory of the ideas of nationalism in Russia. If these, one may say, Russian, a day of national unity are proud of the organization of the march of obsessed with "a Jewish yoke" old men and young bykovatoy, then stay away from such "winners" stands out.

And another thing. Until recently, all major activities of "professional Russian, surprisingly to the processes taking place abroad with domestic fugitive oligarchs. Once the Attorney General's office has performed with the domestic requirements of the extradition of Boris Berezovsky, or Leonid Nevzlin, in Russia, immediately raised his head blrtsy for the rights of the Russian population, then the headers InoPressa shouting about the threat of "Russian fascism" and talked about the heavy share of the Russian Jews who are dangerous to stay in this country. Meaningless for the majority of Russian citizens march long ago turned into a horror story for the foreign media. This, in fact, is his unique and real purpose.


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