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Dmitry Rogozin: "Leader of the Opposition may become Mikhail Khodorkovsky"

September 4 2006

Ex-leader of the Rodina party, Dmitry Rogozin, back to the "big" policy. Returns with a new book - "Enemy of the People," a new social movement "Russian Research Center", new ideas of a united opposition. On this and many other things with Dmitry Rogozin spoke correspondent

- Now there is a lot of parties and movements that claim to be the unifier of the patriots of Russia. Almost simultaneously, have the party "For the Motherland" Party "Rus", etc. Not afraid that you create a social movement is lost in comparison with other similar organizations?

- I do not even head starts to ache from all this. There is a general feeling of awkwardness and underdevelopment of everything that happens in the political sector. This is a puppet theater Carabas-Barabas, a sort of design-driven people out of the presidential administration, who invent for themselves some kind of scheme, and offer an alternative to destroying the people to vote for this mess. I am ashamed of everything that happens in the whole country.

As for my social movement, then everything will be taken very seriously. Create an organization that would not fall under the influence of the Administration, would not set ourselves the problem of compulsory voting, but with all of this will be the center of all the patriotic forces. I think that is already October can talk seriously about this topic

- Irina Hakamada once said that soon the whole policy will go to a public level. You, too, think that way could influence the social situation in the country?

- This is the case, I agree with Irina. Today, the real policy moves in the informal social organizations. In this case, however, there is a risk of growth of extremism among youth. For example, the explosion at the Cherkizovsky market. This is not the Chechens blew up, this is Russian so began to blow.

- Speaking of extremists. Your colleague, a State Duma deputy Yuri Saveliev, speaking with his version of events in Beslan, suggested that the explosions were triggered at the school accomplices of terrorists in the city.

- When there is no power, stuffed a large number of agents provocateurs. They exist in any environment, as disease-causing microbes appear and begin to multiply when the body's immunity is weakened. So here and here. In Beslan, there was no power, there was no crisis management, there was no definite plan of action, therefore, could appear, and the third, and fourth, and fifth power. I have no doubt that the instigators were. And so what? Enemies of Mother Russia a lot.

- For a long time there is talk of establishing a joint opposition to nominate a single candidate in the election. Is it even possible creation of a motley coalition?

- There are enduring values that should protect all decent and honest people, regardless of their ideological beliefs in the economy, foreign policy, etc. Should be an independent judiciary, freedom of speech, freedom of the opposition. Based on these values can co-ordinate their work united opposition of liberals and patriots.

- Now as a candidate for president of Russia serves Mikhail Kasyanov, who had actually presented his electoral program in the article "Empire of liberty." As far as the present position of the ex-prime minister coincides with your beliefs?

- There is a definite game between the administration and the liberal opposition. Kasyanov understand that unlike any patriotic candidate, the liberal candidate will still be allowed before the election. He needs to express themselves, so he suggested "an empire of liberty", which reminds me of the idea of Chubais 'liberal empire'.Maybe this is coincidence, but nevertheless, the appearance of the article - the recognition of the link between Kasyanov and Chubais. Clearly, these two words - "Empire" and "freedom" - are important for Kasyanov. Thus, he wants to link patriotism with a liberal electorate. But, in my opinion, there are more PR than content.

I think that as the leader of the opposition could well come Mikhail Khodorkovsky. He will be able to do this when out of prison. So even in the eyes of those who do not like the oligarchs, who served his term tycoon, will have the moral right to express their point of view, act as a catalyst ...

- And yet, whether your personal involvement or participation of a new movement in such a coalition?

- All of us - citizens of Russia. And if these people have reviewed their past mistakes, are willing to cooperate for the sake of a free, democratic and prosperous future of Russia, why would not resume business with them? I do not mind.

- The festival Kinoshock in Krasnodar selected film "Orange Love" is, in essence, promotes the idea of "orange revolutions". Interestingly, this film was included in the competition program of the man on the recommendation of department, headed by former Culture Minister Mikhail Shvydkoi. Do not you think that the summit is a group of officials, shall we say, not supporting the current president?

- Shvydkoi sometimes manifests itself very poorly in terms of manners among the elite. He - an artistic figure. He wants to be in the limelight and loves the absurd things that chained him to the attention. Now much more important to understand more. We must recognize the existence of the Ukrainian state, accept the fact that we exist as a separate country. Take 10, 20, 30 or more years, but sooner or later we will join. But to this was painless, as a natural process, it is necessary to understand the specifics of the Ukrainian mentality, it differs from the Russian. These were two brothers. One of them is more violent, the invader who has mastered Vladimir Rus' and walked away. And the other brother was more the farmer, more economic, a zealous - he stayed in the Ukrainian Black Earth, has experienced the bitterness of the Polish, Swedish and other interventions - and survived. This is the Ukrainian character. And do not understand its specificity, to think that all the fault zapadentsy or Americans - it means just sign in their own powerlessness. I think it is necessary to understand the phenomenon of victory "orange". Understand why the traditionally pro-Russian central Ukraine voted for Yushchenko? I do this and do now.


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