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The spy who loved nobody

June 4 2007

For a Western audience, this charming guy with a southern face features - the singer of freedom, a fighter against injustice, a preacher of the American model of democracy, a kind of Robin Hood, a defender of civil rights and liberties. "When in 1985 he tore the world championship from the Soviet grandmaster Anatoly Karpov, is regarded as a victory for youth and reformist spirit of the musty Soviet sports committee and its supporting the Communist Party and KGB. After that, Kasparov's entire career has turned into a battle with the government ..." - Kasparov writes about the British "The Times" in 2005. And again: "Mr. Kasparov stood in opposition to Russian President Vladimir Putin, in his time with the help of organized now extinct Democratic Party of Russia, and now he is - one of the leading members of the" 2008 Committee ", which brings together many Russian liberals."

We will be lenient to the author, may not be aware of the fact that in 1991, when "was organized by the now extinct Democratic Party of Russia, Putin worked in the St. Petersburg City Hall, and Russia was one of the most challenging periods in its history, which, By the way, proud of the "many Russian liberals, gathered around Kasparov. Moreover, the spring of 1996, Garry Kasparov became the confidant of the candidate for president of Russia Boris Yeltsin. And this step plunged into politics chess player, has publicly sworn to leave the country when the Communists came to power, was perceived as a liberal audience for granted. But here's the thesis about the opposition of freedom-loving reformer Kasparov, the KGB is hardly the only product of journalistic ignorance. The Western press has studiously avoids this side of the biography of the former chess player, Kasparov, and he himself does not like to think of what he owes the State Security Committee.

Darling of fortune

Harry Kimovich Kasparov was born in 1963 in Azerbaijan, in Baku an international empire, where, under the supervision of the second secretary of the CC (from Russian) Azeris ruled, vzyatnichali and stealing, and Jews and Armenians, dust-free working, getting rich. " At birth, the boy received the name of Weinstein, but in 12 years took his mother's surname Kasparian - the Russian version of "Kasparov".
Small Garik grew up in luxury conditions. Brother of his father - Kim Moiseyevich - Leonid was married to the sister Vezirova Abdurahman - Soviet Ambassador in Pakistan, and second secretary of the Komsomol Central Committee, headed in the times of Gorbachev's Communist Party of Azerbaijan and became actually the first face of the country. Close relative of Harry's father was a former captain of the Baku KVN team, now known television director Yuli Gusman, which, in turn, was very influential father - a professor of medicine, who led the IV General Directorate of the Republican Ministry of Health, which serves all the Azerbaijani elite. Even Heydar Aliyev had been treated.

Yes, and my grandfather Harry Moses Weinstein was a very eminent composer. "I was amazed that Garik open road on which others could only dream of, and only much later was able to learn about this powerful kinship support. Suffice it to say that he was in the age of nine was sent to an international tournament held in France. Yes, Garik was very capable of rapidly progressed. There were then other guys are not inferior to him in skill! "And if it did not give him in his time such a" green light "would not help so much - his talent could, and wither," - remembers the first Kasparov's chess coach Oleg Privorotsky.

A young talented player, who was to become a "fighter against the regime, rather meekly surrendered to the mercy of the authorities.In this case, it is not only about membership in the Communist Party, although, according to a prominent journalist Alexander Roshal, at age 19 joined the party or Pavka Korchagin, or social climbers, or such as Kasparov - he wanted and party helped him to become world champion. "

The Grand Chessboard

Background Karpov and Kasparov has become a classic of chess. But only superficially. "I'm going to prove that the match Karpov and Kasparov in 1984-1985 was staged by the Communist Party and KGB. Karpov and Kasparov - liars and dealers - said the former world chess champion Bobby Fischer. - Anyone who pre-prepared for the match and the increasingly playing a contractual party, - a liar and a trader. Kasparov, I called - a criminal! Kasparov - the personification of evil. "

"The benefit of Karpov and Kasparov benefit informally and behind the scenes match - since they are" on the one hand, "- writes journalist Victor Toropov. Both players worked as a group of aides, representing the different clans. Karpov put the Soviet nomenklatura, Kasparov also took care of The State Security Committee. In particular, the security system of Kasparov scouts from the camp of the main competitor provides a special oversight of the Kasparov KGB lieutenant colonel from Baku.

Here's how it describes the process of cooperation, former coach of Kasparov, Alexander Nikitin: "For the first time Harry went abroad with" accompanist "(talking about the participation of Kasparov in the biggest tournament in the Yugoslav town of Niksic in 1983) It was Victor Litvinov, KGB lieutenant colonel. He did not was neither a professional trainer or a "head-coach," as he called his mother, Harry. This was done to address the Heydar Aliyev, shot up to the top of the Soviet power with kegebeshnogo springboard. " And more. "Today we are accustomed to blame the KGB. Do not, however, think that people who worked in the KGB, were monsters. Those with whom we dealt were cordial and competent people and has a high intellectual level. Representatives of the organization worked in all sports federations. Sport as an element of culture should reflect the success of our system ...", - says Nikitin.

For Kasparov's successes followed, and they want promoted, and a former chairman of the Azerbaijani KGB, the first secretary of the Azerbaijan Communist Party Politburo member Heydar Aliyev. According to researchers, namely the protection of Aliyev allowed Kasparov to win the champion's crown. At least, the same scandalous party nothing but a battle of the party elites can not be named. Karpov led with a score of 5:0 and to win he could win just one point, but a chain of strange events to the cancellation of matches, the cancellation of the meeting, which began baiting Karpov led to what became a champion Kasparov.

Another interesting episode in 1983, when Kasparov's not released on the semi-final Candidates match in America, where he was to face off with Viktor Korchnoi. Kasparov thought that this was done out of fear of the party nomenclature in a career, Anatoly Karpov, whom he, if successful, would deprive the world title. The young chess player complained to Heydar Aliyev, who obtained permission to conduct the match. Kasparov won that meeting.

A new stage of life and career began with the Kasparov-known and tragic events in Baku in 1990. The liberal press with pleasure quotes Kasparov story about how during the Armenian pogroms in Baku, he drove at full speed the car, taking out the mother, but ignores the fact that Kasparov himself, in general, not threatened.

on the testimony deserved coach of the Azerbaijani SSR Chess Chapaya Sultanov, in certain tense days in Baku Kasparov no problems - with their loved ones, he could at any time to leave Baku wherever wanted, but having a close relationship with the KGB and wanting to dramatize the situation in Baku, he chose a different path. " Head of department "Z" of the KGB, Vladimir Lutsenko and head of department Valery Khmelev write: "The family Kasparov, for example, Harry and his wife, mother, grandmother, our guys first, secretly taken to a sanatorium KGB Bilgah." Then, again with all the precautions , brought to the airport and a special flight (It was a shuttle flight, Baku threw Special Forces. - Auth.) on the TU-134 was sent to Moscow. " But riding out of Azerbaijan, Kasparov abruptly changed their political orientation.

Wild Wild West ...

No accurate data when it Kimovich Harry turned his eyes westward, toward the United States. But taking the anti-Azerbaijani position player made a huge contribution to the collapse of the Soviet Union. In the United States clearly understood that Karabagh - is beginning the process of disintegration, which will lead to the disintegration of the USSR. Therefore, July 19, 1989, the U.S. Congress unanimously demanded that the Soviet leadership "of the Karabakh issue, which takes into account the will of the population of the province." Congress approved a resolution expressing U.S. support for the aspirations of the people of Soviet Armenia for a peaceful and fair settlement of the dispute over Nagorno-Karabakh. The same solution was delivered and the U.S. Senate on Nov. 19, 1989 in Moscow, a police chief Murashev, a close friend of Garry Kasparov, has allowed the Armenian separatists to hold any rallies and pickets in various parts of the capital. All Moscow was glued posters: "Freedom to Karabakh". " And all who tried to defend Azerbaijan, were subjected to obstruction.

The very same Harry Kimovich at all corners shouting that "... in Baku were killed just because you were an Armenian," after he left the Armenians in Baku became a dead city "," Baku will never be civilized city, since its development, he is obliged to local residents "," Azerbaijan has put himself to the world isolation, and for a long time, "etc. Then Kasparov its call: "The United States and its allies must stop support for Moscow's Center and give full recognition to the republics, who are looking for democracy, economic opportunity and independence."

Kasparov had to work appreciated by his new friends overseas and in 1991, akkurat after the collapse of the Union, Harry Kimovich became the second winner of the award "Keeper of the Flame", ("plamenosets) annually awarded" by the Advisory Council on National Security "(Nationaly Security Advisory Council) by persons who are particularly distinguished in the field of democracy promotion. And it immediately include in the membership of the Council. And Garry Kasparov is not just the only non-Americans among the 95 members of this council, but in fact the only civil person on the background of their new colleagues who have a particular relevance to the U.S. Congress or the American secret services, whether it be the Pentagon, the FBI or CIA. However, even the question of whether Mr. Kasparov was a "black sheep" in the Council, aimed at developing a strategy, organizing events and bringing resources to ensure U.S. security.

One way or another, but a weighty part of his time, Garry Kasparov held in the U.S., where he has a beautiful house in the style of 20's in Manhattan, where he is a staff columnist for the influential "The Wall Street Journal", where he enjoys the esteem and respect among the hosts and visitors to the White House. Kasparov's idea of his life have been and are money and power, and to achieve its goal of a chess player and member of the opposition is ready for anything.Exactly the same as when he gave gave him a start in life, Azerbaijan, just as it applies to sheltered him in Russia.

Keeper of the Flame

In his articles and interviews in the Western press Kasparov does not hide his distaste for Russia, urging the U.S. to urgently intervene in the internal politics of Russia: "We set ourselves the goal to keep the basic pillars of democracy and ensure the legitimacy of the presidential election in 2008. We also need for this assistance Western countries, which today seem content to turn a blind eye to the way Russia is moving toward a "managed democracy" ... "The United States and Britain have sacrificed many lives to bring democracy to Iraq, but no risk to wipe the smile off the face of Putin , opposing his attempts to do away with democracy in Russia, "... The West may take action against those who put Putin in power and who now helps him to keep it" ... "Washington is still underestimating its influence on Russia's internal affairs. The sharp anti-American rhetoric and anger directed against" imperialist ambitions, "the U.S. is hiding a lot of respect for economic and military might of America."

Of course, Kasparov said that U.S. interference in the internal affairs of Russia needs first and foremost by the United States. Here's how to describe the priorities of the U.S. against Russia ex-player: "Now, when the institution of a free press de facto eliminated (which passed almost unnoticed by the U.S. State Department), and the power of the former KGB, now called the Federal Security Service (FSB), grows , Russia is increasingly flooded with a wave of anti-American hysteria ... In a new electoral list of the Communist Party to life leader Gennady Zyuganov - certainly not a friend of the United States - joined by two other Nicholas: Kharitonov, proud KGB colonel, known for his calls to return the statue to Lubyanka Square Dzerzhinsky, and Kondratenko, former governor of Krasnodar region, on a background of anti-Jewish and anti-Caucasian sentiment which Jean-Marie Le Pen (Jean-Marie Le Pen) would look a liberal ... in Washington is a false opinion that as long as America maintains its "war on terror "relative" stability "and relative" democracy "in Russia, where there are relatively willing to cooperate president, should not cause concern. It seems forgotten by the credo, with whom Ronald Reagan (Ronald Reagan) won the Cold War:" We must not retreat from his belief that freedom is not solely the prerogative of a fortunate few, but the inalienable and universal right of all people. "In short, a repetition of the scenario in 1991 in all its glory. Only now it was not the disintegration of the USSR and the disintegration of Russia, still a threat geopolitical and other U.S. interests in the world.

"There are people who are born citizens of the world, - the State Duma Natalya Narochnitskaya. - For them, the birthplace of there - with lower taxes ... they have no sense of belonging to their own homeland, they identify it with the state. If the state is constructed not so as they like, they divest it. " So American History X may not be the last in the fate of Kasparov. In a world of many more powerful intelligence, eager to get into their ranks pliant chess. For example, Israel. In an interview with "The Jerusalem Post" Garry Kasparov calls living in Israel of immigrants from Russia to speak, to attract Western attention to the dangers posed by the Putin regime in Tel Aviv had long been acting Chess Club, named in his honor, and the Israeli press writes, that "being half-Jewish, Kasparov, if he will threaten, can expect to receive the status of a citizen of Israel."

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