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Sex tourism under the auspices of human rights defenders

May 4 2009

In the case of an American businessman, human rights activist and philanthropist Andrew Mogilyansky came the denouement. Accused of organizing a network to provide sexual services, which were involved, including minors, the US-Russian citizen has pleaded guilty.

"The accused in a criminal case of the so-called sex tourism, in a proceeding in the court of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, USA admitted his guilt in Russia in 2003-2004, unlawful sexual acts with girls, orphans, the age of sixteen," - official representative of the Investigative Committee of the Prosecutor of the Russian Federation Vladimir Markin.

Mogilyansky organized several dens in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Girls were recruited from orphanages and disadvantaged families. The main condition - no older than twelve years. The youngest enjoyed the highest demand. Fabulous money to pay for shooting involving children.

The case that has received a great response in both the U.S. and Russia, aggravated by the fact that the role of a pedophile brought man who knew how human rights activist, philanthropist and a philanthropist.

After the capture of Dubrovka he created the International Fund for victims of terrorist attacks "(International Foundation for Terror Act Victims. Speakerphone Last Action Fund - Beslan.

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To the fund received millions of dollars. Most of all donations collected Mogilyansky just in 2002-2004, when the parallel suit in St. Petersburg "pedofilny" business. Site stock still hangs report collected and spent 1.136 million dollars. Here are just having serious doubts that the money in full came to Beslan. According to American law enforcement Mogilyansky "invest" the money in pedofilny business in order to obtain "percent of the profits, which, incidentally, was considerable. For example, in 2006, his income was 5.3 million dollars.

After the tragic events in Beslan, there are many "enthusiastic philanthropists" involved "in fundraising for the affected children." On numerous online forums you can often find messages with the current account, which should list the donation. Compassionate people also were many and they are before using the offer, and studied at least the online representation of charitable foundations, and personalities of its staff. And here at Andrey Mogilyansky everything was in order. He managed to attract the number of famous people. Such as cosmonaut Yuri Romanenok, producer of the musical "Nord-Ost" Georgy Vasilyev, Natalya Shchedrin (friend of the deceased Olga Romanova, which first entered the north-east and demanded the release of hostages), etc. Vasiliev and Shchedrin, incidentally, were engaged in the Fund collects donations in Russia and the subsequent distribution of funds. So how decorative it was their participation in this performance can only guess.

Of course, it was not a fund-invisible, and some families actually receive financial aid, which shall immediately inform journalists and visitors to the site in the future and provide some credibility to the "benefactors."

"People heap, but nearly all are sitting in the States, and who distributes \ will distribute the money on the ground - is not clear exactly. They gathered 30K dollars on the Nord-Ost and well up to Beslan. 300K - it's not 30K.Astronauts in as honorary members of management - is good, but a clear pattern of - is better. Preferably with a detailed description and video of what is happening "- expressed his doubt one of the civilian investors. However, he and his ilk doubters remained in the minority.

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Is of interest and the person of another member of the Board of Trustees of the Fund's Andrei Senchenko (In 1997 and 2000. He is also Vice-President for Europe, the company "IFEX Global"). Foundation website aforesaid gentleman presented as a member of parliament of the republic of Crimea, whose responsibilities include fundraising and communications with the press in Ukraine. Meanwhile, biography dealing with the advancement in the Crimea today Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc Ukrainian philanthropist could be the subject of a crime novel.

The first business scam Andrew Vilenovich associated with the sale of free vouchers to Artek through controlled Senchenko travel agency. His business partnership with A. Mogilyansky started in the 90's in the Ukraine. Merchants Group, which also includes Mogilyansky Senchenko and delivers all sorts of goods into the country (from herring to firefighting equipment acquired from A. Mogilyansky led by American company "Ifex Global LTD"). The "businessmen" to actively use the scheme of fictitious bills and bubble content of the statutory funds of the enterprises. In addition, he A. Senchenko was involved in fraudulent land and, without waiting for the criminal case, he waved to Switzerland, after transferring to the accounts of foreign banks more than $ 3 million. However, the criminal investigation was not carried out for unexplained reasons, so that in 2002 A. Senchenko returned to the Ukraine, continued his socio-political and business activities under the guise of BYT
Considerable help in advertising the Fund Andrew Mogilyansky have included in the Board of Trustees of the organization president Fotki.Com (one of the biggest specialized Internet services for public storage of personal photos), Dmitry Don and operator of the forum Privet.Com (site for Russian immigrants in the U.S.), Boris Zverev, who officially engaged in payment processing and support forum of the organization. Of course, that the information on the activities of International Foundation for Terror Act Victims appeared regularly on under their control Internet resources.

Verdict against Mogilyansky be imposed by the court in late July of this year. What the verdict will be difficult to predict. Originally Mohyla faced up to 20 years in prison, but the data they confess can greatly mitigate the sentence - from 6.5 to 8 years in prison.

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But if this story will come to an end, the question of provoprimenimosti of such funds is more than current. The story once again showed that under the label of charity or for the protection of human rights often are crooks, expose which can only by chance.

Arseniy Stepanov

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