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"The lamp Bush: Kasparov blasts America

May 4 2007

Mass protests ordinary Americans will respond to the unprecedented in its enormity of the decision of the U.S. government to ban use of electric lights. "We need a" friend of America, "" Down with the power tseerushnikov, "" America is not Bush, "activists say the U.S. created by the opposition coalition" The Other America. "

As news agencies reported, in some U.S. states such as North Carolina, Rhode Island and Connecticut, at the legislative level, consumers will not be allowed to use electric light bulb. They should be replaced by more efficient fluorescent. Experts note that innovation leads to the fact that for example, in California a few years to buy a standard bulb would be impossible.

However, according to ordinary Americans, the positive, at first glance, the initiative could lead to global catastrophe, and shake the democratic foundations of American society. The fact is that although the fluorescent lights, according to government propaganda, and consume less energy, they are several orders of magnitude more expensive than their electric counterparts. So, in order to fluorescent light could, for her need to buy special electronic Control Products (PRA). As a result, the price difference between standard electromagnetic ballasts of fluorescent light lamps, which illuminate offices, and the same devices with electronic ballast is about $ 11. "Not surprisingly, most prefer to use the old lamp," - wrote .

U.S. residents are confident that this cowardly decision of the government dictated solely by an influential lobby of the American oligarchy interested in pumping out of the pockets of American taxpayers billions of dollars. Americans have long been dissatisfied with the current U.S. President George W. Bush, plunging the country into a pit of police terror and suffocation of democratic rights and freedoms. "Bush and his gang robbed the country, enriching themselves and their faithful people, while the country increasingly is in decline" - are considered "dissidents" by the Americans.

In their view, the current White House administration has deprived them of the main - the possibility of free choice. Many people, especially pensioners, are accustomed to electric lighting and a ban on the use of traditional electric lights can not just empty the purse, but it will seriously damage their health.

In addition, it is known that the electric lamps, in contrast to fluorescent, generate heat, which is especially important at night and during the cold season. It is not excluded that the next winter may prove to many people in the North American continent last. Because of the ill-steps of the authorities and ordinary citizens at risk of joining the U.S. simply lists of Americans who died from the cold.

Despite the fact that the movement "The Other America", as such, has not yet taken shape, experts predict it is large and dynamic future. Especially in a presidential election, the support of the motion, acting under the slogan "America without Bush," could seriously change the balance of power among the contenders for the presidency. Yet "drugoamerikantsy" did not express their political preferences, noting only that their main goal - to confront impunity and to ensure free and fair elections, contrary to the will, which imposes a total propaganda machine of America.

High probability that the American opposition receives support from their Russian colleagues from the "Other Russia". It is expected that the Russian human rights activists, members of the coalition, Other Russia, in the near future to make about violations of freedom of choice of suitable applications of ordinary Americans.

Otherwise, the Russian opposition, led by well-known democracy campaigner against Garry Kasparov, which came along with Bin Laden in the top one hundred influential people in the world, Americans are ready to help in the preparation and carrying out mass protests following the example of "Marches of Dissent in Russia. It is believed the "other", "could in Russia, we can and in the U.S." and it is obvious that neither the laws of the United States nor the police water cannon will not stop them in the fight for free choice of American citizens. "Today was denied the right to choose bulbs, tomorrow will be deprived of the right to choose the president - and this position will resonate in the hearts of American consumers.

Mikhail Gritsman

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