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Do not wait!

December 3 2009

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin spoke to the Russians live. It was already eight "straight line". And, it seems, is not the last. Answering the questions of the residents of Krasnodar about whether Putin is not going to leave politics and stay at your pleasure, the prime minister said: "Do not wait!".

Say, thereby Vladimir Putin arrived at the patient corn public opinion interested in the Prime Minister's plans for 2012, to say nothing. Moreover, it is on it as follows ottoptalsya, promised to think about their participation in presidential elections. "I think, time enough yet. Each of us is in place today must do their duty, to work effectively. And depending on how you would be the situation in the economy, the situation in the social sphere, will take appropriate action on the election campaign in 2012 but today is only in 2009, "- said Putin, adding that" early thinking through election campaigns officer denies the possibility to make correct and useful solutions. "

Poured oil on the fire and the current president, who is at this moment in Rome: "Mr. Putin said he did not rule out this possibility, I would also like to say that I do not exclude such a possibility."

However, to speak about a split in tandem is still premature. "We have known for many, many years and many have worked together, together, we finished the one university, studied with the same teachers, who laid us not only knowledge but also principles. These general principles allow us to work effectively today," - said the prime minister answering the question about relations with Dmitry Medvedev.

Another thorny issue on which many were waiting for an answer, has the role of Joseph Stalin in Russian history, and Stalinism, as a phenomenon. Please assess Stalin sounded in the block of the program, which chooses the prime questions that wants to answer. "I left this question, because I understand his urgency. A lot of debate in society. And there is an ambush - say positively, some will be unhappy, you say negative - other", - said Putin.

According to him, "it is impossible to assess in general." On the one hand, it is clear that "from 1924 to 1953, the country, led by Stalin, has changed radically, transformed from an agrarian to an industrial country, has won the Great Patriotic War. However, this positive, which was, however, reached an unacceptable price. " First and foremost, it is, of course, repression suffered by millions of our fellow citizens. "And this way of governing the state, achieving the result is unacceptable. It's impossible", - Putin said.

Not bypassed by Putin and the situation in law enforcement. Recently, this topic has become a truly "hot" - it's visitors to Moscow and executed major supermarket Onkar, and another, no less scandalous major, but from Novorossiysk, declare an intent to transfer 150 hours of compromising their superiors. All this led to a violent public reaction that has not slowed down to take a number of political forces, requiring almost no dissolution of the militia.

"Smeared black paint all police officers," Putin said "unacceptable." "People have an important function, and sometimes actually risking their lives not just in" hot spots ", but also on their positions on a daily basis," - said the prime minister.

In Ukraine, our friends have had this experience - they have dismissed it, what we call the Traffic Police - road service, but nothing good will come of it: and bribery have increased, and order on the roads has become even less when those functions were transferred to other units are not ready for such work ", - said Putin proposal to dissolve the traffic police.

Nevertheless, the problems in the field of law and order there. "Unfortunately, we face out there with people who break the law and instead protect the lives and health of the people themselves and inflict irreparable damage to life and health of our countrymen, - said Vladimir Putin. - This is, of course, is unacceptable. And society as a whole, and the Interior Ministry itself must actively combat these symptoms, and once people are in uniforms violate the law, they must be severely punished for these violations. "

However, there is another side to the coin, when convicted of real crimes of people put up as political martyrs.

Responding to a question, "when released Khodorkovsky, Putin explained," is not the problem of when and whom to let go, but the problem is that crimes of this kind we have not happen again. " "It is in this case of economic crimes. Incidentally, the bankruptcy of Yukos' initiated by Western creditors, Western banks. And this failure has been done in full accordance with Russian law," - said the prime minister, while noting that realized from the sale of the assets of Yukos' funds went into the formation of the Foundation Housing. "If once the money had been stolen from the people, to give them directly to the people of this", - Putin said.

The Prime Minister also recalled the criminal component of this case. So, according to Putin, no one remembers that in prisons is one of the leaders of the security services company, Yukos, Alexei Pichugin, accused of committing assassinations in the interests of the company.

"We had them attached to his office in Moscow next store" tea. "Headed by women is a commercial small business. They called, asked to give. Do not give - the killer shot her right on the landing in front of her husband. Mayor Nefteyugansk, where implemented primary production activities of Yukos, which he demanded from the company? pay taxes. killed. Those people who used the head of security for the killings, the couple began to blackmail them, demanding a share in the business. killed. It is a proven crime proved during the investigation and trial. Let's not forget about it, "- said the prime minister.

Putin almost an hour beat last year's record of communication - the current broadcast lasted more than four hours, during which the prime minister said more than 90 citizens' questions. "This is an interesting and useful event for me", - Putin has told journalists after the "straight line". Press secretary of Prime Minister Dmitry Peskov, in turn, focused attention on the fact that the outcome of the "direct line" to the Russian government will be given a number of requests. "Traditionally, a number of instructions executed on the various formats of communication with citizens. I am convinced that the same will be and this time, the more raised a very wide range of topics. Premier promised to deal directly with a number of issues," - said Peskov.

Arseniy Stepanov

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