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"Corruption fighter" realized for the three

October 3 2006

Today, on the initiative of the Communist Party in the foyer of the State Duma of the signing of the so-called "Anti-corruption pact". While the Communist escapade only joined the Union of Right Forces and Yabloko. Interestingly, if the Communist Party was represented at the ceremony itself, Comrade Zyuganov, the Democrats have sent managers easier. ATP represented Boris Nadezhdin, and Yabloko - Moscow City Duma Deputy Sergei Mitrokhin.

As you can tell from the text of the Covenant unconvincing, its signatories are prepared to fight corruption wherever we can. In addition to their ranks. Humor of the situation is that the Communist Party, and ATP, and Yabloko, featured in the sensational report of Boris Kagarlitsky "Storm Warning", which stated that specific examples of the incredible corruption in political parties in Russia.

What is interesting - Kagarlitsky nothing sensational has not provided. He only brought what was published about corruption among Russian politicians in the public domain, and that was not judicially overturned. In concentrated form, the picture turned bleak.

While in court on Boris Kagarlitsky gave only the Communist Party. Moreover, not all cited in his report corruption charges, but only on certain episodes relating to allegedly belonging Zyuganov abroad, villas, yachts and plants. So at least some moral right to initiate the "Anti-corruption pact" Communists have.

Although the more significant moments of "Storm Warning" Communist Party prefers to keep silent. For example, about the presence of the party faction citizen Kondaurova, very robust design at one time worked at Yukos and oversee communications tycoon convicted of the left opposition. Or on the last head of Gosplan Maslyukov, who "doplanirovalsya" before that summer of 1990 trade mafia with full warehouses organized the legendary "tobacco crisis."

And as Yabloko and SPS, then they are numerous public corruption charges just try not to notice . Although the issues in these "democratic" parties remain.

In the "storm warning" stating that at the beginning of the Yabloko were such odious business person as Khodorkovsky, Gusinsky and Berezovsky. Naturally, members of the party "Immaculate Grisha" at various levels did not forget to protect the interests of their sponsors. And not only domestic but also overseas. In the State Duma is Yavlinsky's supporters lobbied for favorable conditions for the western capital of production sharing agreements. The result of this cynical policy of the party left even one of the founding fathers of Yuri Boldyrev, expose corruption in the environment Yavlinsky in his books.

We issue of corruption "apple" leadership surfaced again in connection with the immensity of the environmental scandal in Sakhalin. Last but not least thanks to the "apple" politicians, Western companies were able to operate there so brazenly that caused enormous damage to the unique nature of the region. Apparently sensing the prospect of unpleasant questions at today's press event, Yavlinsky and Ivanenko and decided to send Mitrokhin - a famous artist, to do in this situation face in the style of "My yours do not understand!"

The same concerns are likely explained by the absence of SPS leader Nikita Belykh. Press for nearly six months can not get from him the normal comments about contained in the "storm warning" charges in the inner corruption. Simply put, the group Kagarlitskybvinila liberals that they had plundered the 2003 pre-election budget. And its the same.

Even Boris Nemtsov has recognized the reality of what happened, saying it is true that "stealing only 10-15 percent, which is still unpleasant. So is not it worth the PCA figures before to join with the "Anti-corruption pact" to cleanse their ranks of thieves and crooks, but at the same time and make public the report of the commission Remchukova where, as we say, well painted, who, like many in the PCA in 2003 was moved to the left? Including the former press secretary to Liberal Elena Dykun now actively spud budget Mikhail Kasyanov.

More than strange responded to our request for comment on today's event Boris Nadezhdin. "I just can not talk now," - a gloomy voice, he said by telephone. "You are at the banquet?" - "I'm under the table ...".

A master Nadezhdin did not surprise us. "Anti-corruption pact" resembles a bad anecdote. Rather than deal with specific allegations of corruption, politics do stupid PR, forgetting about the basic truth of "On the cap fits, wear!".

Yelena Sakharov


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