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Man with ruble or SFOR issued judicial squeak

July 3 2008

Thursday Supreme Court RF rejected lawsuit Soyuz Rightist Forces to CEC abolishing results past Dec. 2 2007 elections Duma. After unsuccessful attempt compromise CEC liberals newly have ponder about own fate. More precisely, about its financial component.

Requirement Party typed on elections 0,96% votes at minimum passing barrier in 7% cancel voting results looked over strangely and ridiculous. Absurdly looked even thought that Party counted get more than happened last December. I suppose that liberals themselves are not too hoped to catch the tail of luck, even if they managed to win over the CEC. But to cancel their debts to the state, Clem "right" owed about 170 million rubles for providing airtime and newspaper space, and return the election pledge of 60 million rubles quite could.

Claims outlined in lawsuit "rightists" were so absurd that even their colleagues oppositional front from CPRF also having several questions to agency mister Churov resolutely disavowed idea SPS leader Belykh unite two writs into one. Actually, as reasons to cancel the vote the Liberals have indicated that their alleged campaign materials were illegally seized by law enforcement officers that was probably the cause of their defeat. Estimated the plaintiffs, before the voter did not reach some 40 million copies of information materials.

The exact number of "confiscated", however, remained a mystery for themselves the opposition. In an interview are those most notorious 40 million, the court said about 32 million, the statement of claim the final figure is stopped at around just over 36 million copies. But oppositionists preferred not noticing plank in own eye, searching speck y opponents.

On this occasion, the "right" played in the courtroom the whole tragicomedy, had caught the Central Election Commission of rigging the evidence. The reason was all of a sudden attraction to review correspondence CEC chief Vladimir Churov, the plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation in the European Court of Human Rights. Then the "right" and made a seemingly sensational statement: "The figures in the answer Churov differ at times, and sometimes - on orders from recognized by the courts - said the leader of the PCA. - For example, one of our material seized, he pointed 9,000,000 copies, while the CEC itself, at its meeting acknowledged that it is 20 million. " "The address of Mrs. Milinchuk and the European Court left lying under the signature Churov" - almost jumping for joy ATP lawyer Vadim Prokhorov. "According to our data, the response document Churov contained inaccurate facts: confused or deliberately distort some facts and figures. And if we prove that Churovu - one of the most influential figures in Russia - will have to resign," - makes no secret of triumphant satisfaction leader ATP Nikita White.

Representatives of the CEC, with a puzzled looked at his opponents. "The position of the CEC is that the current judicial decisions confirmed removal of 17 million copies. Another 3 million copies had been delayed out of court - said in an interview NewsInfo Deputy Chief of Legal Department of the CEC Alexei Kissin. - As for the figures of 9 million copies of which are mentioned in a letter to the Central Election Commission to the European Court, then it was just about already seized material, which was confirmed by judicial decisions at that time, when a letter was sent.

According to a representative of the CEC, "clearly we can say that the Union of Right Forces is not prepared to participate in elections, and scandal."Alexei Kissin recalled that early in the campaign for elections to the Duma that the representatives of the PCA applied to the Central Election Commission, a statement that the name of the party spread false materials. The CEC in turn appealed to the Interior Ministry. But already during the ATP checks began to distribute materials with exactly the same content as those which they called fraudulent. "As a result, some regions were seized materials ATP. Exclusively in order to determine their authenticity. In some cases, courts have ruled that the materials were removed illegally," - he explained.

By the way, White and Co. are not too willing to flaunt the information that most of the seized goods has been returned to the party in the prescribed manner. In PCA, however, argue that the agitation they returned too late and they de not yet bring information about themselves to the electorate, but as rightly said Alexei Kissin, "removal of materials from the ATP could not cause a distortion of the will of the voters." "The actions of law enforcement officers found illegal only in the Moscow region and Perm region. What's that - the whole of Russia?" - Outraged Representative CEC Irina Grishina.

Indeed, it is difficult to imagine that getting the calendar with a picture of White, Gozman, Nemtsov and Chubais some retired immediately pulled to the polling station. And if I tore, but only in the cellar for rifle. In fact, many leaders in the regions of ATP narrowly escaped lynching by the hundreds of agitators, which the party promised to pay for a job ... After winning the election.

But what some party officials have put it in your pocket - still an issue. After the 2003 elections in the PCA erupted powerful corruption scandal: inner Commission as one of the reasons for the defeat in the elections revealed inappropriate and inefficient use of funds. Observers interpreted this simple and clear: plundered.

The events of recent months have shown that the history of the Liberals learned nothing. Throughout the campaign from the regions of complaints managers of local offices unbelted PR from Moscow, sent to raise the rating of the party a strong hand of Anton tanks. And so what we are doing hand tanks in Moscow ...

More on the way to the top of the campaign the "right" notified "subektovye commission" on the production of 151 million agitok. Ultimately, however, "according to notifications received in the CEC," party "was produced 76 million copies printed." We do not understand what the purpose pursued the Union of Right Forces, when he said the same agitmaterialy and the CEC, and three or four regional election commission, "- is perplexed Alexei Kissin. But is it any wonder such a trifle. Where as interesting that the cost of" confiscated "printed materials (those 40 million copies), if we start from the existing market prices, much higher than Official election budget of the party. The "right" in its financial statements do not indicate seized copies, because, in their opinion, they are not officially considered to be manufactured.

Pravda.Ru cites the example of an incident in Podolsk printing plant, where the Liberals, as they say, have lost about 31 million agitmaterialov. However, acts of acceptance is confirmed by the existence of only 5 million copies, including 3.6 million pocket calendars and 324 thousand posters. Where did the remaining 26 million copies. "Confiscated" products also remains a mystery. There are two more or less plausible version. Either the products were manufactured, but the parties did not have time to sign the act of acceptance and work, or, more likely, the material was published only partially, and after removing the printing press did not simply print additional copies.

AK is not surprising that the Supreme Court decided the statement of representatives of the ATP to invalidate the elections to the Duma to leave without satisfaction. Now ATP to determine for themselves: either they will begin work in the genre of civilized political parties, or finally get used to the role of either a clown, then a victim of its own impotence.

Sergei Makarov


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