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Freedom of parrots! Partisans of Freedom House again in battle

May 3 2007

Non-governmental organization Freedom House has once again been among the contenders for victory in a humorous show "Full House" Full House ". In the latest annual report "Freedom of the Press 2007: A global review of media independence," Western Research Wizard pen-and-dagger once again pleased with the Russian opposition, to put our country at 165 out of 195 possible in the overall ranking of countries where freedom of speech reigns.

According to these data, in 74 countries, the media have been found entirely free in 58 - partially free and the rest - not free. Russia, as should have known were classified as "not free".

"Press freedom is like the canary in the coal mine - the head of Freedom House Jennifer Windsor. - The oppression of the media followed by harassment of other democratic institutions. And the fact that the state of press freedom continued to deteriorate, suggests that democracy will come under new threats . What are the criteria, however, guided the drafters of the report, behind the scenes. Although it would be very curious to learn the secret of cooking food information, in which Russia was a country "not free", but on the contrary, Estonia, perhaps a sample of liberty and tolerance. Appear in the system of American values, the demolition of monuments to Soviet soldiers who liberated the world from the fascist plague, and the installation of monuments to Estonians who fought in the SS battalion - is just a sign of a free and democratic country. As well as the position of state-owned media, claiming that about a third of Estonian citizens, in favor of maintaining the monument to the Liberator Soldier - thugs and hirelings of the Russian security services.

But, really angry is not worth it. Employees of "Freedom House", certainly not stupid canary in the coal mine, and quite a respectable parrots, speaking only what they were taught.

Parrots of the Cold War

"Freedom House" - a professional agency of propaganda created yet Franklin D. Roosevelt to prepare public opinion for war. And "Freedom House" scrupulously fulfill its tasks for years. But since the official ending "arms race" experts "Freedom House" did not remain without work. Even after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia remains a superpower, badly distorting the geopolitical to the U.S. plans to spread democracy in the entire globe. And since, as in States declared allies in Russia, ready for a similar price to organize a small revolution in the payment of related interest, the propaganda machine of U.S. intelligence once again came into action.

Composition of board of directors can serve as a guide for exploration. For example, it includes a former president of NDI and former coordinator of U.S. humanitarian assistance Dzh.Brayan Atwood, former president of the Presidential Advisory Council for the Exploration Thomas S. Foley, a member of the Advisory Board of the Pentagon's Defense Jeane Kirkpatrick and several other persons for special purposes. In recent years, the organization led by an expert on secret diplomacy, Bill Richardson, combine the roles of the position of vice president of the Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI), along with Madeleine Albright. And his successor in the "Freedom House" was James Woolsey, former CIA director and author of the idea of establishing the Iraqi National Congress.

James Woolsey is generally worth a special mention.For example, he was one of the creators and participants of Project New American Century "(PNAE) - Avant-garde neo-conservatives, who called in 1997: a massive U.S. rearmament in order to achieve complete superiority over the entire spectrum of weapons, to the aggressive use of American power, including military, for achieving and maintaining global U.S. dominance, the invasion, occupation and democratization of Iraq. In 2004, publicly advised Bush to bulldoze the Iraqi city of Fallujah, Bush did (Americans dropped during the attack on him a lot of banned white phosphorus, which contradicted the UN Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons, but well within the activities of missionaries democracy). Woolsey advised to invade and to Iran and North Korea. And, apparently, the expansion of American democracy in Iran is not far off.

Woolsey is also a co-chairman of the Committee on current threats, "the far-right group that became known in the early 50's thanks to a three-month television campaign of intimidation" current threat "to the U.S. from the Soviet Union. Speaking on the pages of "Wall Street Journal", Woolsey boasted that "the National Security Agency" (National Security Agency) has used its global eavesdropping system ECHELON to spy on European companies to provide a major U.S. corporations a competitive advantage.

Under the authority of Wolsey "Freedom House" played a key role in the pro-American revolutions in Georgia, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan - in the first approximation of the model was run-through clandestine support the first "color" revolutions in Serbia in 1999. Paid U.S. consultants played a key role behind the scenes in virtually all aspects of the opponents of Milosevic: quizzes organized, trained thousands of opposition activists and helping to organize a vitally important parallel vote count. U.S. taxpayers paid for 5,000 cans of spray paint used by student activists to apply campaign against Milosevic graffiti on walls across Serbia, and 2.5 million stickers with the slogan "an end", which became the motto of the revolution.

The activities of Freedom House also included a mass circulation print books Gene Sharp From Dictatorship to Democracy: A conceptual framework of liberalization, which is used as a guide youth organizations in Eastern Europe and Russia.

One of the structures, "Freedom House" is the Committee for Peace in Chechnya - prochechenskaya "charity" group headed by notorious Russophobe of the Cold War, Zbigniew Brzezinski.

Since 2002, the annual report "Freedom House" used by the White House as a basis for the distribution of international aid, mainly through the Millennium Challenge Corporation "(Millennium Challenge Corporation). Since 2004, Russia is placed at the very end rating - declared a "free" along with a truly tyrannical regimes like North Korea and Libya.

In September 2005, Woolsey resigned from his position as head of "Freedom House". Became the new head of Peter Ackerman, who led the International Center for Nonviolent Conflict (International Center on Nonviolent Conflict), the organization that assists in the preparation and supply of colored revolutions. "ICNC develops and supports the use of civilian, nonmilitary strategies to establish and defend democracy ...provides assistance in training and deploying teams of advisers in the field to deepen conceptual knowledge and practical skills in applying nonviolent strategies in conflicts around the world where progress is possible in the direction of democracy and human rights "- according to the website of the organization.

Now, "Freedom House" is headed by Jennifer Windsor, for a long time veteran of the "U.S. Agency for International Development" (USAID), such "humanitarian department of the CIA, a provider of technical and humanitarian assistance abroad. The nature of this assistance is very specific. For example, during the war in Indochina (1961-1975) USAID, was engaged in deployments of drugs and weapons to anti-communist puppet regimes during the Balkan Wars (1991-1995) assumed the supply of Islamic "armies" Alija Izetbegovic, is active in Russia and former Soviet republics.

The greater the surrender, the more we get

But, back to the report of American human rights organization. Thus, according to data presented in the report, crimes against journalists in Russia was so much that Russia will supply the 164 th place. In this case, the method of preparation of country rankings rather fascinating.

One of the main claims - in Russia killing journalists. And, based on the rhetoric of western human rights activists killed in batches. But, as Stalin said, it is important not as a vote, and believe. For example, according to the report of the American Committee to Protect Journalists from 2002 to 2007 in Russia, 11 journalists were killed. Denounce such figures, "Putin's bloody regime," it would be ridiculous. And because the Western ideological machine set to work seriously. Already in Russia if the journalists were killed much less, then you simply do not gather statistics for the 5, but for example, for 10 years. This was done by the International News Safety Institute (INSI), announce that from January 1996 to June 2006 in Russia, 88 journalists were killed . And if you take the statistics over 15 years of commercials, the numbers will look even worse.

But analysts "Freedom House" have not stopped, and included in the statistics of all journalists killed in Russia. Regardless of the circumstances of death. In all these cases, Freedom House notes that the causes of these deaths, "probably in the opinion of organizations that monitor freedom of expression, were related to their professional activities." Exactly the same technique was used and the gathering of facts about the persecution of journalists. For example, writes Lenta.Ru , the report discusses a number of conditionally sentenced chief editor of "Advocacy" Stanislav Dmitrievsky and chief editor of the bulletin "Radical Politics" Boris Stomakhin, who was sentenced to five years in real prison. Both were convicted under incitement to racial hatred, writes Freedom House, for criticizing the actions of Russian authorities in Chechnya. If Dmitriyevsky was accused of publishing applications, Aslan Maskhadov and Akhmed Zakayev, in the case of Stomakhin extremist propaganda were found phrases such as "Let tens of new Chechen snipers take their seats on the mountain slopes and thousands of aggressors fall by their righteous bullets!" and "an explosion in the Moscow subway is justified because the Chechens have the moral right to blow up in Russia, all they want." Feel like they say, the difference.

Methods of "Freedom House" may seem too severe, if not for one circumstance - the organization that was born of the Cold War, "did not come out of this state.Like the guerrillas, parrots propagandists continue to derail the train of the enemy, trying to match the rule, "winners are not judged." But they vie for a greater degree with themselves, trying to justify their activities allocated budgets. After all, if one day it turns out that America did not fight with anyone, nowhere more to install democracy, and work full-time advocates of the cold war would be useless. So the show goes on, gentlemen!

Dmitry Nosov


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