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Ukrainian extremists are preparing to seize the western Russian territories

May 3 2007

Ukrainian nationalist organization with the hope of looking at the actions of the Russian opposition, transforming the country into a boiling cauldron of contradictions. UNA-UNSO activists sends its officers to the Russian "Marches of Dissent", and their colleagues have already announced competition for the best project of the division of the Russian empire into nation-states. "

"The need for dividing the satanic empire into nation-states is obvious to anyone who thinks a little above its essence. This is speak and write not only we, the Ukrainian nationalists, but also representatives of other nations. In particular, similar thoughts can be found in the interview, Doku Umarov, President Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, and article of Muslim Tatar publicist Urals Daniyal Tulenkova Ukraine-Tatarstan - Axis of stability and order "placed on our website - says the official web site of All-Ukrainian organization "Trident" in the name of Stepan Bandera "Banderivets" . - So editorial team announced a contest for the best project of the division of the Russian empire into nation-states, safe neighborhood. " It also determines that the project should include a map and an explanation to her at one of the proposed languages - Ukrainian, Chechen, English.

The idea of the dismemberment of Russia and Ukraine, adherence to a number of Russian regions have long been wandering among Ukrainian nationalists. On this score there is even a theory about the actual borders of Ukraine, voiced in the words of Ukrainian national anthem, "Not Yet Perished Ukraina".

"Let us, Bratt, in bіy bloody vіd hsiang to Don
In rіdnіm edge panuvati not Damo nіkomu;
Chorni sea slit vsmіhnetsya, dіd Dnipro zradіє,
Slit in nashіy Ukraїnі dolenka naspіє.

"From Xiang to the Don." On the map it looks like the following. San river in Poland begins near the Polish-Ukrainian border and empties into the Vistula between Krakow and Warsaw, 150 kilometers deep in the Polish territory. On the other hand Ukraine shall terminate on the Don, 180 miles east of present-day borders. This means that in its composition except for parts of Poland must enter the Kursk, Belgorod Voronezh, Rostov half, part of Lipetsk and Volgograd regions. And for this, their native land, Bratt Ukrainians are ready to engage in bloody battle.

In the case of the outbreak of hostilities, the Ukrainian nationalists, and there are sympathizers in Europe, USA, Russia and ... Chechnya. Not for nothing other than English, plans to dismember Russia are waiting for the Chechens with whom zhovto Blakitnaya-nationalists have developed long-standing and friendly relations. "Dudayev was and remains a symbol of uncompromising struggle for freedom - even with the imperial monster, before which shook the whole world," - said in an interview to the Chechen rebels "Kavkaz-Center" the leader of the SBI, "Trident," the colonel Vasyl Ivanyshyn. Head of Ukrainian Nationalists not only sympathizes with Chechen women in their fight against Russia for independence, but also positively to the idea of creating a society of Ukrainian-Chechen Friendship Society. "We are now separately to counter the imperialists, which significantly reduces the effectiveness of our actions. Together, more could be done in the national liberation struggle of each of our nations. It is necessary now, it will always promising," - he said.

Leader of "Bandera" and sees the problem - to activate on the Russian territory, "the national liberation movements of peoples enslaved by it." Moscow knows this, but why not just exterminate the Chechens as the vanguard of the anti-empire movement, but also eliminates the national autonomy in a matter of urgency, converting them into the territorialTrying in vain: it can delay but not stop the collapse of the empire "- he says.

There is a Ukrainian and Chechen separatist allies in the Russian Federation. Thus, the leaders of the opposition form the Other Russia has repeatedly expressed, for example, for the separation of Chechnya. "All the same, no common life between Russian and Chechens in the republic will not be in the next few generations," - said the leader of the banned National Bolshevik Party, Eduard Limonov. "Every nation has the right to secede from the Russian Federation. We must be ready for that in the case of leaving Putin in Chechnya will immediately start a new war - writes activist" Other Russia ", the journalist Yuri Shchegol'kov. -" Other Russia "by the mouth their leaders are very clear and strictly should be answered on the law of nations and peoples to self-determination. My answer to that question is this: The Russian Federation is ready to grant independence to the territorial entities, the people who vote for secession from the Russian Federation in the referendum. Chechen Republic and the Empire - is such a litmus piece of paper. fighting for the territorial unity of the Russian Federation - good riddance to Nashi. admits the possibility of civilized way and get this or that nation independence - waiting for the March of Dissent ", - he writes.

Inciting separatist sentiments in the regions and other actions aimed at destabilizing the situation in Russia that could lead to cancellation of the elections and, consequently, will be an occasion for mass protests on the type of Ukrainian Maidan - it's what counts, "Other Russia". And in so doing, it is actively helping the nationalists from the former Soviet republics, who intend to seize under the guise of a piece of Russian territory.

Dmitry Nosov


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