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Spy Game, or luck will come through the mysterious tunnel

May 3 2006

They say that many Russian politicians use the services of astrologers and even cancel many important meetings, if the stars for whatever reason came together correctly. Some argue that the transfer of President Putin's annual address to the Federal Assembly on April 25 to May 10 are connected with this. Not passed this cup and young politicians, to accurately track all sorts of mystical moments. For example, on Thursday, May 4, hours, minutes, seconds and date line up in a unique sequence: It will happen at exactly 1 hour 2 minutes and 3 seconds 4 th of 5 th month of the 6 th year. Such phenomena are extremely rare. According to esoteric teachings, at such moments in Earth's atmosphere offers a mystical tunnel for cosmic rays of harmony, which will have a special kind of energy "- the news flew through the pages of" live journals. "A harmony of contemporary politicians oh as missing. Fighting, arguing, friends and rasfrendidivayut each other. In short, life is boiling!

Window to Paris

Not so long ago, Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov promised to arrange in Moscow Paris, referring to student unrest in the capital of France, but his promises are not kept. Even before the ex-leader of the Motherland, "Dmitry Rogozin, very well fit into the theme with their" watermelon skin "on a bad French, mindful of the national pogroms in the same Paris. Does not let the French subjects of the Russian politicians today. Leader Togliatti branch of the party "Rodina" Sergei Lektorovich announces the May Day demonstration held in Togliatti under exotic slogans: "France de lutte, Russia de lutte, Togliatty de lutte!" (France in the struggle against Russia, Togliatti in the fight!). "For all of us an example of civil resistance, an example of civil society today is France. It was there that there are enormous protest, that's where people loudly declared their rights, namely in France we see the triumph and the victory of forces of popular opposition. And so for us today Day is a symbol of civil protest, this flag (the flag of France.) French opposition in solidarity with us in popular protest. They welcome Togliatti. "

Spy Games

A veteran Internet scouts immediately denounce anyone who tries to make the Internet scaffolding under a pseudonym.

In "Live Journal" appeared shaped terrorist. Someone is hiding under the nickname "nbp4" litters tape log of users and community of a single inscription "Putin - tapja", which translated from the Estonian mean either "a fighter", or "murderer."

How did you find particularly advanced LJ Stam, spamming involved someone hiding under the name of Ruben Iskandaryan (He Olga Kirsanov, green cat, cat, Ruben ...) "If you see this man then go ahead and hit him in the face. Many suitsidniki whom he betrayed, framed or even hid in a psychiatric hospital will thank you ...", - wrote Balaam .

"Last wiring Gelman: May 1, Kishenin rolled him 3 million. Crumbs from the master's table gallerist picks the dog-man, nicknamed" pug-dog "- so begins the article" Gelmoniada: rates are rising, "written by a certain Ivan Orlov and published on the newspaper's website," Stringer "." According to Sergei Serebryakov and Glory Grekova, Ivan Orlov's name is actually Mike Tula.And remember Sergei and Glory hypothetical Tula promise not to fill its head, not the eggs tear. Article in my view, quite strong. Though, probably, and slanderous, "- presents Victor Militarev . Indeed, Jaroslav Greeks (the man-dog) said that he knows "who is nopesal." Mishganu Tula must tear yaytsa ... and cherip Ivo will hurt pierced, "- tells what to do with the author of articles Greeks.

Political Tetris

"A well-working member of the Liberal Democratic Party Kurinovich. Looks like Zhirinovsky declared war within the Liberal Democratic Party. And given the results of the last stsoprosa, it was finally decided by 2008 to remove from the short-list of the presidential race. And Zhirik with its known sexual preferences have decided to merge now. And while the forces LDPR itself. a sort of process from the bottom, well, or from behind - writes Net-compote . - MP Kurinovich - anti-gay All Russia - like in the near future will lead a process cleared Hitler, not for nothing that he so eagerly set to work. It only remains to connect two events: a small bridge the semantic and political elder can relax in retirement among younger party members. "

Literary elite

From a creative feast went extreme writer and leader of the youth of Motherland " Sergei Shargunov . After a long hiatus he is finally presented to the public two new works: novels, "What's my name?" and "Bird Flu. Presentation of the first book, narrating the adventures of young journalists, whose maturation has the "insane ninetieth. He has to work simultaneously and in a liberal newspaper, and on the "patriotic" radio stations to participate in the movement of "Going beast," then he is disappointed all at once, it becomes a postman and is going to write a novel. On whether this book is autobiographical, Sergei Shargunov modestly silent. On his other novel - "Bird Flu" - leader of the youth of Motherland "said recently. It is known that this is a book about about the youth policy and its characters with a very radical content.

In anticipation of heavenly harmony dwells with you, Elena Boyko


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