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Smoke on the Neva

March 3 2007

The leader AKM Sergei Udaltsov ran from police, while police ran for Sergei Udaltsov. Chairman of the NBP and the writer of world renown "Eduard Limonov, nowhere to run did not - and he surrendered to law enforcement agencies, hoping that the turnout for the voluntary surrender to receive a maximum of 15 days under Article 20.18 of the Administrative Code (" the blocking of transport infrastructure), rather than a few years for organizing the riots. Mikhail Kasyanov, speaking in front of a couple of hundred pensioners in Metro Square Uprising, away from temptation disappeared in an unknown direction. It is said that half an hour later he saw in a restaurant with a symbolic name "Cottage" at the Duma street. And some "drugorossy" generally prefer to watch the events while sitting in Moscow - Irina Hakamada referred to the fact that it delegated to another, no less important event, and Russian leader Vladimir Ryzhkov, Republicans complained that the illness, at the very important meetings in Moscow. In the dry residue was only orange smoke Fire, photo shoots with posters and discontent in St. Petersburg, not risked in this day his nose out of the house.

By and large, the second attempt to hold a "March of Dissent" has ended the same as the December meeting in Moscow - no march failed, and its leaders, urging people to go to break a police cordon, they went without saying goodbye.

Friendly "dissenting" Media in vain tried to reassure his listeners and readers that the march took place. Even professional photo reporters have been unable to convey the atmosphere of the march. Separate groups of citizens, running from one side of Nevsky on the other - have been. Posters and Fire - also were. But the march was not. But it seems, was no longer so important. Much more important for "dissent" was the task once again show the "fangs" the current government, who had thrown against unarmed children and the elderly heavily armed riot police.

On the eve of the march in St. Petersburg on air of radio "Echo of Moscow there were calls not to be afraid of mothers bring children to the march, and the local Yabloko held a preparatory work among veterans of the Great Patriotic War, persuaded them to join the rally in support of social benefits. It goes without saying that the tapes of news agencies was reported injured woman with a small child and pensioner beaten.

Information about what actually happened with an unknown woman will no longer appear, but that's the story of the beating of a pensioner became public. A spokesman for the Other Russia's Natalya Morar from pain in his voice talking about the 70-year-old blockade, leading the movement "The road of life" who "spoke at the rally and then he was taken out from the crowd with a bloody face and was taken to the bus." Eyewitnesses of the accident indeed confirm the fact that my grandfather got cool, telling that the reason were young people with the flags of the NBP. The similarities with Nazi symbols natsbolskoy, apparently, has introduced the blockade of the old confusion. Veteran natsbola tried to wrest the flag, he certainly did not give, scuffle ensued, in which riot police were forced to intervene, whereupon the old man received a head with the shaft of the flag was removed from the combat zone to the nearest trauma center.

Coordinator DPNI Alexander Belov almost sure that all this seems like a specially-organized provocation. "We invite anyone to this event. When I was in St. Petersburg, where on every street corner handing out the newspaper with an invitation to the March of Dissent in this case does not matter who was where and how it was all a trick - he said. - In general, do it easy. Any person perceives the information, first as a truth. Of course, roughly corresponds to. then goes to the opponent and say, but this one here tells me you bastard, you have to sit down. So it started. " "There are things that require checking.If a man smashed his face, it should be investigated, "- he added.

There have been quite deliberate, perhaps even pre-planned attack on the marchers. Especially strongly inherited from the police and unidentified people in civilian clothes to those who brought with him the posters. Apparently, opponents of the "Other Russia" did not like the banners with slogans like "Kasyanov - an honest man," "Putin is very bad," Berezovsky, we are with you, "" Return the business Khodorkovsky, "" government hands off from kindergarten Santiago de Cuba, "" Bush - save Russia ", etc. The police, of course, in this confrontation took the aggressor, trying to stop the march of democracy on the Nevsky Prospect. Among the detainees, incidentally, was and ex-aide of Boris Berezovsky, the leader of the movement "Russian Time" Andrei Sidelnikov. Along with him was in the police department and organizer of the "March of Dissent", Legislative Assembly deputy Sergei Gulyaev. Snatched from his bosom a EU member rushed to the riot police, but Europe was powerless to help the Russian opposition in this fight. However, although the deputy and was ultimately defeated on the ground, but in the paddy wagon went down quietly, smiling at him focused on the camera lens.

At three o'clock in the afternoon it was all over. Those who, for whatever reasons, has not got to the police, apart from the knowledge of honest duty done. The prisoners, occupying the next sections, happy comment on the progress of events. Garry Kasparov as a child sincerely glad fights with riot police as demonstrators, believing, apparently, that finally did in Russia was like Europe. "This is a colossal success of the opposition. People were able to suppress the fear and take to the streets" - he said in an interview with radio station Ekho Moskvy, and then went to the news about riots in Copenhagen, where "squatters" - young vagrants who occupy the empty houses - opposed to forced eviction, throwing at police firebombs, overturning and setting fire to cars and garbage containers. Above the Neva River in the meantime the wind carried the remains of orange smoke. The town continued to live the old leisurely life.

Mikhail Gritsman

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