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Kasparov is preparing the second Kondopoga?

October 2 2006

The one-day visit of the leader, the United Civil Front and the moderator of the "Other Russia" Garry Kasparov in Yakutia showed: Kissed by the U.S. State Department and the other Western benefactors "opposition" are going to seriously hill one of the richest Russian regions.

True, met Harry Kimovich in Yakutsk more than cool. Activists of the Young Guard of United Russia "Picket" drugorossa "placards with inscriptions telling" Kasparov, your mate, "" Harry, you're a pawn in someone else's game "and so on. They were supported by activists in Yakutia, a popular youth organization" Our country. "Local media, including commercial, visit Kasparov also not paid attention to, considering his political ambition is not worthy of public interest.

Garry Kasparov no one bothered to hold a rally on the central square of Yakutsk, where local activists plan to gather Kasparovskiy UCF 2-3 thousand people. But to gaze on the capital gathered on tour, as calculated by Kasparov himself, only 200 people. And it was mostly activists of the so-called "Popular Front" Yakutia-Alrosa. "What is the" front "and who tacitly supported in the republic not a secret. His few activists promote the idea that the things in order in Russia's largest diamond company is striving shady business structures Moscow fully dominate the natural resources and to deprive the republic of Yakutia's largest revenue in its budget.

And in the square, and in the House of national culture "Archy", where Kasparov with the fans then moved, the idea was voiced in all its glory, though unproven. "Under the current regime mineral resources, such as the Republic of Sakha, go to the center. Republic get only a small part of them handouts," - said Kasparov, gathering wild applause of the citizens. "Federal Center almost succeeded in establishing control over the company Alrosa. If this process succeeds, the republic will cease to receive tax dividends. Robbed her in favor of the center" - another standing ovation by the same group.

In principle, a trip to Yakutia Kasparov and his speech there in front of very small fans nothing sensational there. Harry Kimovich as a diligent student, simply executes the instructions of world famous organizer of "color revolutions" - the U.S. 'National Democratic Institute "with Madeleine Albright at the head. Namely, trying to make a discord in the relationship between the federal center and the voters in the regions, making it quite primitive and unproven.

Interestingly another - in Kasparovskiy events in Yakutsk was attended almost exclusively by the representatives of the titular nation is talking about and photos on "Kasparov.Ru. The local journalists the impression that the moderator of the "Other Russia", playing on the theme "Alrosa", wants to bring in such a significant region of the Russian nationalist sentiment and configure the local population not only against the federal government, but also Russian.

For an alarm with good reason. After the dramatic events in Kondopoga Karelian branch Kasparovskiy FMG issued a statement which was agreed not only with Harry, but with his foreign curators. FMG (and hence the "Other Russia") supported the unrest in Kondopoga, finding them "living creativity of the masses," "spontaneous protest of the people against the bureaucrats and corrupt officials. How can we understand this is essentially a policy statement, kasparovtsy support street struggles in other regions of Russia.

It is worth to remember that in the spring of PR adviser Garry Kasparov, Marina Litvinovich trying to cause unrest in the republic of Tuva, awkwardly arranging a buzz around the alleged derogatory remarks by Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov about shamans. Then voiced threats "representatives shaman public" to bring the streets crowds perturbed Tuvan youth. But a fire of unrest in Tuva, which could easily escalate into ethnic clashes, could not, because even the narrow-minded people, it became clear that Ivanov spoke not against shamans, but against the charlatans of pretending.

Kasparovtsy clearly not averse to turn Yakutsk second Kondopoga and put him on the street crowds of young Yakut, who will defend "their diamonds" from the treacherous hands of Moscow. Only in the success of this venture, there are already considerable doubt, as the leadership of the republic is fairly convincing job, and explains to citizens, including young people, that bringing order to the Alrosa is beneficial to all.

Yelena Sakharov


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